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Lara Croft with pistols.

Lara Croft makes an appearance in xx4REXDARKHUNTER4xx's AGK Season 2 Finale "Hitler's Revenge". The story goes off with Lara Croft trying to take down Adolf Hitler. She ends up at the train station "Sector 4, Blockland". Soon, Jake Randolf, Leopold Slikk and Harold Slikk meet up with Lara Croft at Sector 4, Blockland. They form up an alliance and get on the train that heads for Land of the Dead. She soon gets captured along with Harold Slikk by 2 of Hitler's Soldiers.

Atarster's AGK Series

Lara Croft makes her first appearence in Episode 5: AGK's Grandpa, so she shot an arrow to Barry Slikk after Leopold fights with him. She is friends with Leopold, Noah, Ratched, and Dante. Lara appears in some episodes, she is voiced by Microsoft Mary. She is voiced by Emily Mason since AGK Episode 5: AGK's Grandpa Remake. 

Lara Croft as she appears from Atarster's AGK Series. (without pistols)

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