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The Laundr-O-Mat is a laundromat that Harold goes to wash his clothes at at about 2:30 AM after work at the Warehouse. At the back of the laundromat, there are two vending posts for change money and the soap trader. Harold uses them for money to put in the washer and dryer, and a soap trader, which Harold uses to get soap to put the soap in the washer every 3 minutes. At the rear end of the laundromat, there seems to be a door and a dryer. That door there leads to the owner's maintenance room. On the outside of the building, there are energy drink traders. Harold never interacts with the trade machine. Each dryer has a timer interval for money. Here are the intervals


1 cent - 10 minutes

5 cents - 5 minutes

10 cents - 15 minutes

25 cents - 11 minutes

99 cents - 16 minutes

1 dollar - 25 minutes

5 dollars - 30 minutes

10 dollars - 35 minutes

15 dollars - 45 minutes

20 dollars - 57 minutes

50 dollars - 67 minutes

100 dollars - 34 minutes


  • Harold stays in the laundry after work.