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LeVar Brown (A. K. A. Freight Train Brown) is the father of Cleveland Brown from the Cleveland Show. He is one of Leopold's enemies from Atarster's AGK Series, so in Episode 15: AGK's Birthday, LeVar decides to ruin Leopold's birthday, and he dressed like Thomas O' Malley. LeVar decides to kill Leopold's friends, and he also decides to fight with Leopold. After the fight, LeVar Brown got arrested by ruining Leopold's birthday. In Episode 31: AGK Escapes Out From Jail (A. K. A. AGK VS LeVar Brown Again), LeVar wants to escape from jail, and to kill Leopold, so he used his pick axe to dig out from jail. When he saw Leopold, he decide to fight with him, during the fight, LeVar transforms him self into his true form, but after Leopold hits him with his keyboard, he turned back to normal because his true form was worn out. After the fight, LeVar is going to finish Leopold, but the car came, and hit LeVar up into the sky. He also made cameos in Episode 87: AGK VS. Bubsy Again & Episode 89: AGK VS. Kazuya Mishima Again. LeVar Brown is voiced by Atarster. 


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