Leondra Slikk, (born January 27, 1993, aged 14 ) is Leopold's grand-cousins. Her mother is Lilly Slikk, her father is Hertold Paul Slikk. Leondra is the sixth youngest of the Slikk Family, alongside Rodger Slikk. Leondra Slikk is known for being a "sly fox", which means she sometimes talks to Leopold.

Andreia Slikk (born July 9, 1998, aged 11 months) is Leondra's little sister, Leopold's, Leonard, and Leonidas's cousin, and Lilly's little daughter. Leondra Slikk is primarily known for Harold's niece in the Slikk Family. She likes playing with Andreia, listening to music, rumaging in the room, etc. Anyways, she is the post protogonist of Leopold. Leopold doesn't track much attention to her, but she is the same age as Leonidas.

Leondra is known for drawing caricatures of herself and emotions. In the AGK World, she is known for pissing off Leonard, Leopold (sometimes) , and Harry. Her friends are, Leorich and her frenemy, Kaeru Otoko. Leonidas, Leorich, Leoharlt, Leon, Karl, Erik, and Leopold are side men of her.

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