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LeoneTV is YumaSonic2016's alternate YouTube channel, mainly used for episodes of his AGK series Angry German Kid Adventures: Night Edition, YouTube Poops (Like YumaSonic2016), and more. This channel will also be used if Taito's main channel has 2 Copyright and/or Community Guidelines Strikes.

Angry German Kid Adventures: Night Edition

Angry German Kid Adventures: Night Edition is an altered and uncut version of the original Angry German Kid Adventures series by YumaSonic2016. While the episodes are the same, there is more offensive language, bloody violence, sexual scenes, dark humor, mentions of religion, and other adult themes not seen in the daytime counterpart.

AGK Episodes Only Available on LeoneTV

  1. Sent to Hell - What Kind of Nightmare am I Living in Right Now?!
  2. The N-Word Pass - What The Hell is With This Epidemic?!
  3. OH MY GOD! This Girl So Sexy Feels Like I'm Gonna Pass Out!
  4. Nightmare Adventure! Feels So Much Like We're In Hell!
  5. NO! JUST NO! - Is This Sick Dude a Pedophile?!


  • Angry German Kid Adventures is an AGK series to be watch those at least 14 years old. However, because of the heavier content, Angry German Kid Adventures: Night Edition is to be watched by those at least 18 years old.