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Leopold's Keyboard is Leopold's weapon of choice in most Angry German Kid parodies. It is also the focus of his anger, and often ends up at the end of each episode in pieces. Leopold has owned several keyboards in his many misadventures.

List of Keyboards

Standard Keyboard

The Standard Keyboard is the most common keyboard seen in Angry German Kid parodies. It is most often seen at Leopold's desk, or at his school, and is the most basic form of keyboard that Leopold uses. However, that's not to say that it isn't powerful, as it is usually his standard weapon. It is also the keyboard that suffers the most damage in AGK parodies.

Demon AGK's Keyboard

The Demon AGK's Keyboard is a more powerful version of Leopold's standard keyboard that appears in TheDrapocalypse's series. It is wielded by the evil version of Leopold, the Demon AGK, and appears to be a black variant of Leopold's keyboard. It can fire beams of dark energy as a special attack, but this requires a short period of charging. It is only ever seen when Leopold becomes the Demon AGK, or when Leopold and the Demon AGK fight seperately from each other. In the latter situation, if Demon AGK's keyboard is dropped, Leopold can pick it up.

Blue Orb keyboard

The Blue Orb keyboard is an extremely powerful keyboard. It appears in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series when Leopold gains the power of the Blue Orb, and transforms. As the Blue Orb, and its corresponding keyboard are infused with the energy of Groudon, the Blue Orb Keyboard can only be used when the user is powered up by the Blue Orb itself. It is said that there is a more powerful version of the Blue Orb Keyboard, but it has yet to be seen.

This keayboard also appears in BlueNewton's series in episode 16, 28, and 31-34. In AGK the Movie 2 (Comic Edition), Leopold battles Dark Leopold (known as Anti Leopold or his powerful form) with his powerful keyboard. His keyboard was more powerful to battle Dark Leopold. His Blue Orb transformed to the Megaboard when Leopold grabbed 2 Staffs: Wind Staff and Lighting Staff to collect the 4 staffs from Dark Leopold being super aggressive with the staffs. However his Blue Orb Megaboard can shoot a lazer and having increase of 25% of speed of dodging and attacking the enemy quicker.

Morph Keyboard

The Morph Keyboard is Leopold's most current weapon in pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series. It is based on Jak's Morph Gun but with a keyboard. This keyboard was created by Jak to fight against the Seven Hells. It contains 4 different mods: the Scatter Keyboard (Scatter Gun), the Keyboard Blaster (Blaster), the Vulcan Keyboard (Vulcan Fury/Barrel) and the Peace Keyboard (Peace Maker).

Omnikeyboard Millenium 2099

Omnikeyboard Millenium 2099 is Leopold's new melee weapon created by Peter. Unlike the other keyboard, this keyboard has a Handle attached to it and has lightning aura. It is based on Ratchet's Omniwrench Millenium 12 only the keyboard differences. The name is also a combination of Ratchet's Omniwrench and Leopold's Keyboard.

Mini Burst W. Cannon Keyboard

Mini Burst W. Cannon Keyboard is a keyboard created by Sion Eltnam Atlasia. She gave this to Leopold with a unique treasure prize to rescue Sion from Haruhi Suzumiya hand. The Mini Burst W. Cannon just project weapon of Last Dance Keyboard. One ability of this keyboard can fire any Shock Wave Cannon or Mini Burst Wave Cannon. This weapon can't use Wave Cannon if you don't press "6-6-6" in Delta Driver or EX Driver during it's use. This keyboard mostly appears in Nein Cat's Angry German Kid Series.

Super KeyPower

The Super KeyPower is Leopold's current melee weapon from season 2-6. This keyboard is appeared on GeneBernardinoLawl's Angry German Kid Series. This keyboard give the Leopold some powers like "Dragon Fire", "Powerful Wind", "Blue Water".

Keyboard Master

Keyboard Master is an indestructible and customizable weapon which made by Hermann Fegelein in the year 1999. The Angry Kids including Leopold Andreas Slikk use this as the main weapon during combat with enemies and the non-AKs are using this for a temporary period (except Adrenaline21 and Johnny Fort Spieler). Also, the Keyboard Master gives Leopold to transform into various such as Sharp, 2nd and Final. This keyboard appears on Adrenaline21's AGK Series with a standard keyboard design and has similarities to Super KeyPower of GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series.


  • The number 2099 in Leopold's Omnikeyboard might be a reference to Marvel 2099 Comics.
  • The name Morph Keyboard is a combination of Jak's Morph Gun and Leopold's Keyboard.
  • The name of Mini Burst W. Cannon Keyboard is a reference to R-Type Final Wave Cannons list.
  • The name of Keyboard Master is a reference to Keyblade Master of Kingdom Hearts series.