Leopold is the well known Angry German Kid through YouTube by making parodies of him, in his daily activities, Leopold usually playing games, going outside with Jack and Johnny, and studying as exception from other AGK series.


Leopold has his spiky yellow hair, peach skin, blue eyes, black belt buckle with white at the center of it, gray jeans and white snickers. Leopold has many clothings depending of the form.

  • Proto-Form: Leopold's eyes turned into light blue, his glasses looked round, he wears only gray T-Shirt and shorts and barefeet (Only happened on Episode 3-5, afterwards, Leopold never use this form again).
  • Original Form: has been described from above
  • Unreal Tournament Form: This is Leopold's favorite which this form based on his favorite game, Leopold wears a black helmet, green armor (both chest and legs), green jacket and gray jeans (as Original Form) but he doesn't wear his glasses.
  • 2nd Form: Same as Original, except his T-Shirt remodified into black with white diamond motif on it.
  • Sharp Fom: The 1st time that Leopold uses jacket since his UT Form included it.
  • Supreme King Form: ???
  • Golem Form:???
  • Spy Form:???
  • Final Form: ???
  • Classic Form: Leopold wears his blue T-Shirt with checker motif on it.


His birth

Leopold was born on 16 September 1995 after marriage of Harold and Gladys and Leonidas' birth at months ago. 3 year later, Leopold himself met a neighbor named Johnny Fort Spieler to interact.

Prior to Original Trilogy series

On December 1998, Johnny left Germany because of his dad's promise to meet his uncle until he went back to Germany during 12 years.

After Johnny's disappearance, Leopold met another neighbor who also an "Angry Kid" on YouTube named Jack Randolf. Later, he befriended him and went to the same school as their usual lives.

Original Trilogy

In Episode 1/Chapter 1, Johnny has returned from Ireland during 13 years and both of them meet him to befriend with, later they're still doing their old activities until they make their own crew and meet Adrenaline21 on Episode 6/Chapter 15,

Adrenaline21 later joined into their crew after his defeat because of their misunderstanding. On Episode 7/Chapter 17, Leopold's crew meet "Ass-Golf Shitler" guy from Downfall universe has escaped from School for vacation because of he's too tired to become a teacher.

Later, in 2011 World, Hitler returns into the school after being imprisoned for child abuse during 3 months on 2017 World and he introduces the newcomer into both Leopold, Jack and Johnny. After the introduction ends, Spencer, Ronald and Kaeru sit around them, then Leopold ask to Johnny to jumpscare Hitler with his gadget antics. Hitler makes punishments after Leopold, Jack, Johnny, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are making fun of him in the class by handcuff with the raffia rope (Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru) and doing the chores of an empty dirty class (Leopold, Jack and Johnny). Fegelein/Togdude comes into Hitler and ask, Hitler answers "No". After the day of tormented for Leopold's crew, both Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru join into Leopold's crew by going into KFC.

Leopold's crew will be continuing their activities until Episode 18/Chapter 66.

In Episode 18/Chapter 66, Leopold's crew are discussing about the scroll which Supreme King resides on the cursed scroll which make Johnny curious and he let them leave him alone, shortly he turned into Supreme King of Antics by touching the cursed scroll. Johnny challenges Leopold's crew into the battle and being defeated by Leopold's new "Unreal Tournament Form" at the end. Johnny feels sorry for touching the scroll and Hitler is behind this crime to the scroll become cursed by writing something evil while Leopold's crew aren't there also Johnny himself become more obidient to Hitler unlike Fegelein. In animated, the scroll itself disappears and turned into a power ball.

Their fight with Hitler occurs at Chapter 68-70. Hitler's defeat remarks as victory for Leopold's crew, and he goes back to Fuehrerbunker but some of Nazi members have recruited Togsy to accompany him.

In Chapter 71-75, A mysterious thing named Nova has been called by Hitler and Togsy to become their friend by helping them to defeat Leopold's crew and conquer the world. Nova has 1 promise to both Hitler and Togsy, "If you want to defeat Leopold's crew, just sneak into something that his crew can't see, then you can defeat his crew that means your victory.", Hitler and Togsy accept their friendship with Nova, then they going into their hideous mission (a Team Rocket reference from "Pokemon: Best Wish!" series which theirselves much serious upon personality instead of comedic).

In Chapter 76, Harold wants himself, Leonidas, Leonard join into Leopold's crew by leaving Gladys with permission to go World Tour.

In Episode 21, Leopold's crew meet James, Steve and Jade at the beach to introduce themselves then join into Leopold's crew, later in Episode 22/Chapter 77, Togsy is in the top of skyscraper and jumpscares Leopold if he comes into the hotel, Togsy escapes after his defeat which Leopold calls him "What a coward...". After Togsy's defeat, Leopold has nightmare injected on his dream which he chased by Togsy, Adolf Hitler, Sonic.exe of Doom, BND of Doom & Barney (animated), he escapes from his nightmare villains but he turned back when Togsy is the remain, defeated again and back to normal.

Next, is Episode 23-24/Chapter 78-80, when Leopold's crew split up into 2 teams by Johnny's team going into the forest while Leopold's team going into Zootopia (animated)/New York (comic) City. Johnny's team is on the forest to investigate what's something scarier things come up while Leopold's team is on the city to find the criminal by chase it. After their split up team missions ends, Johnny's team going back to Berlin while Leopold's team still on the conflict (in comic, his family being imprisoned because of cops' misunderstanding, while in animated, Judy wants Leopold's teammates give back the case.)

Prior to Final Mix series

In GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Movie: Road to Power Up & Final Mix,

When AGK Movie: RtPU&FM ends, Leopold, Jack & Johnny are doing their "Stupid Quiz" in Leopold's 2017 Model Laptop while Alvaro's voice can be heard when Hitler has left Togsy because of their bad teamwork since Arc 2 happened...

Final Mix

Shortly, after Adrenaline21 and Alvaro make their "Human Chess" rule, Adrenaline21 wants Leopold goes back into his adventure by rejoining the remaining crew members while Alvaro, he has Togsy, Victoria and his army of Draconoids. Both of Team Red and Team Blue are trying to win the "Human Chess" game until the victory belong to.

In Episode OVA 5, Team Blue has defeated all members of Team Red to much of Alvaro's surprise. Spencer returns in this series as supporter to the Team Blue, Adrenaline21 sends out of Vanessa, Alisa and Cauliflo to go fight against Alvaro, they lose to Alvaro because of his large amount of HP but they successfully drain his HP into 50%. Next, Adrenaline21 sends Leopold, Johnny and Jack to fight with Alvaro, the result is Alvaro's HP drained into 1%. Finally, Adrenaline21 himself to defeat Alvaro. Both of them have 1% HP which Alvaro use "Seal of Curse" towards Adrenaline21 while he has great evasiveness. Before Adrenaline21 finishes Alvaro, Victoria comes up and she pleases to Alvaro to finish Adrenaline21 but...


In AGK: FM~The Movie~

True Ending

After Valkyria's defeat by the help of Leopold's army from another universe, Leopold wants himself back to his "Gym Trainer" job by leaving his crew forever until he's marry with someone but Jack and Johnny don't want Leopold leave the crew by the last promise they have which Leopold's crew will see the sunset and they'll be accompanying him while the gym is empty, Leopold accepts Jack and Johnny's opinion and go together as their unforgettable memories.

In Extended Edition, Leopold is now married with someone on the year 2021 and back to the gym with Jack and Johnny because of their friendship is unforgettable.


*Note: This is considered as non-canon to this series but in AGK Movie: RtPU&FM, is considered as canon which Leopold's crew have ended their adventures after Nova's defeat.


What he likes

What he hates

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