The Leopold Tribe are an ancient group of Leopold Clones who appear in Ikesmash97's video called 'Mario Head goes on an adventure'.

Armed with Standard Keyboards and sometimes spears, the group live deep within a cave in Germany. Their sole purpose is to guard a powerful keyboard, which supposedly contains an evil god, and prevent this keyboard from being stolen and used.

A single Leopold Clone in the Leopold Tribe is referred to as a Leopold. Leopolds seem to get bored very slowly, unlike the original, but when they get hungry, they are shown to resort to cannibalism.

Mario's Head breaks in and steals the keyboard. In the process, the evil god was released, sending the Leopolds running for their lives. One Leopold jumped down an incredibly deep pit right before the cave exploded.

Other Appearances


  • All Leopolds are physically identical to Leopold Slikk.
  • All Leopolds wear surprisingly well-kept shoes and clothing, although it is never explained how or why they have them.
  • The background where Leopold Tribe lives is from the first stage of the game Metal Slug 5.
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