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Leorich Slikk is one of Leopold's siblings in Useful's AGK Series. He usually likes to prank Leonard but sometimes, he is acting nice with him. He is also nice to Leopold and even on his side, unlike Leopold's other brothers.


UsefulAGKHelper's AGK Series

Leorich Slikk is first seen in episode 1 when he is driving Leonard crazy, resulting on Leonard beating him up and throwing him in the kitchen.[1]

After hearing Leorich's scream, Leopold comes downstairs in the kitchen to protect Leorich from Leonard. After Leopold and Leorich got out of the kitchen, Sonic.exe slowly appears and tries to find Leopold but Leonard refuses to let him know where Leopold is, resulting in a fight. After the fight ended, Leonard gets out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Leopold and Leorich are listing to some music which annoys Leonard as well, forcing him to break the door to turn it off. In Episode 2, Leorich was screaming with Leopold and got beaten up by Leonard again, rendering him unconscious. Leorich woke up and insulted Leonard. Leorich then decided to play with Leonard on Leopold's PS1.

BlueNewton's AGK Series

Leorich makes an apperence in BlueNewton's episode 45's comic edition where he was in the PVMAGKVIDEOS's AGK universe with Sim as his slave being forced to work. But Leorich recognized Leonard when he was his new brother since Sim captured him though their original universe. Leorich was Leonard's twin which they remember those good old days and helped themselves out.

GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK Series

Leorich appears in Episode 55 as the brother which being babysat by Leopold and Leorich from Harold because of his work at office. In Episode 56, Leorich fights Leonard with Leopold to stop revenge from Leonard, who prank him.

In Episode 57 & 58, Leorich appears along with his elder brothers.

In Episode 62, he reacts Leopold and Tailsko kissing along with his elder brothers and father (Harold Slikk).

AGKFan640's AGK Series

In Episode 69, he appears when he suddenly escape the house while his brother, Leopold, was there asking for candies during Trick-or-Treat. So far, this is the only episode where Leorich appears in her AGK Series.

MrSolarSun's AGK Series

In Episode 4, he and Ivy defend Leopold from Leonard and Leonidas for for making a prank that they installed a virus on Leopold's computer.

In Episode 9, he and Ivy try to convince Harold and Karen to give Leopold another chance for staying up late and using his computer while grounded. This fails, and the video ends with Harold beating up Leopold while Mexican music plays in the background.



If you want Leorich Slikk's voice here is the voice:


What Leorich Likes:

  • To prank Leonard (Sometimes)
  • To be Nice to Leonard (Sometimes)
  • To make pranks to people.
  • Playing with Leopold
  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • McDonalds
  • Pizza Hut
  • Baseball
  • Baby Shows
  • Disney Land
  • Video Games
  • Screwing up Leonard's PC.
  • To rickroll people (Sometimes)
  • To send prank messages to people. (Sometimes)
  • Iphone 6
  • Pizza
  • Ivy Slikk. (MrSolarSun's AGK Series)
  • Playing Talking Tom Hero Dash. (Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series)

What Leorich Dislikes/Hates:

  • Being beaten up by Leonard
  • Being insulted.
  • Bullies
  • Sonic.exe.
  • Scary Creatures.
  • Leonard and Leonidas messing with Leopold. (MrSolarSun's AGK Series)



  • Despite the character originally appearing in Useful's AGK Series, Leorich also appeared in Episode 69 of AGKFan640's AGK Series, in a short scene.
  • In few parodies, Leorich appears instead of Leonidas. However, Leorich appears in Privateer Bouncher's series, along with Leonidas. Privateer is the first to include both in a series, along with the original Leopold and Leonard. MrSolarSun would eventually be the second parodist to include both.