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Logan the Deer is one of PrinceStickFigure's original characters in his AGK series Unlike Steve the Cat, Jade the Rabbit, or some of the other characters, he was allies with Leopold Slikk when they first met in Episode 9 of PSF's Rebooted series. He is a very fun guy and is in love with Cassie the Fox. He was formerly voiced by Speakonia voice Microsoft Mike, but he is now voiced by Travrinity.


Logan was born with his mom and dad, who loved him a lot. He met Andy Jackson when he was in preschool. He and Andy later met Steve the Cat during the second grade at elementary school. He was the only child in his family until his younger brother Alex the White Rabbit, was born 6 years later. He loved playing with his brother when he wasn't hanging around with his friends. He went to the same high school that Sean Turner used to go to before he got expelled from it. He was later transferred to another high school and graduated. One day, a cute girl named Katrina Kliss moved in a few houses apart. They met and he asked if he could go on a date with her one day and she said yes. They ate at a restaurant where they talked about their interests and their future plans. Unfortunately, only a year in their relationship, Logan accidentally broke Katrina's dad's very valuable vase and he got banned from seeing her ever again. He did however, meet Leopold Slikk later and confronted him. He allowed Leopold to keep Katrina as his girlfriend, but he did meet Cassie the Fox from his friend Steve and fell in love with her and they moved into a new apartment together. Logan later met Steve's girlfriend Jade the Rabbit along with her friends Ruby and Gum. Logan likes to play video games and use his computer. He currently lives with his girlfriend Cassie the Fox.


He first appeared in Episode 9 of PSF's Rebooted series. Where he met Leopold crying after Katrina's dad banned him from seeing Katrina. He and Leopold went to confront him and Leopold got back with her.

He appeared again in Episode 16, where he helped Leopold, SwagMaster, and Chris escape from Shade.



Baseball Bat: Logan's primary weapon. First demonstrated in AGK Rebooted episode 16 in his fight against Axel. It was not until it was last seen again in Steve and Friends episode 11 when he used it to fend off against a swarm of Deathsquitoes from Valheim.


  • His favourite fruit is the pear [1]
  • The VA who plays Logan created a Youtube channel dedicated to him [2]
  • According to PSF on Discord, Logan's baseball bat, which was seen in episode 16 of PSF's AGK Rebooted series, once belonged to his father, who was a former baseball player [3]
    • Apparently his bat's appearance changed. When it was first seen, it was made of wood. And since SAF, it was seen as a metal bat.