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Lucy is a character who probably appears in Dipsy57_YT's AGK series [1].




Dipsy57_YT's AGK Series

Lucy made a Voice Cameo appearance in Episode 6, When she says, "Have fun with the Brio trains....." And then she appeared again in Episode 17, When Gordon, and Hitler are at Mcdonalds to take Leopold, Leonard, Leorich, Leonidas, Jake, Ronald, Dipsy57, and Kaeru's orders. So they beat the living crap out of them. And then she appeared yet again in Episode 18 where they first started fighting. And then she appeared once again in Episode 37, And Ben made his first appearance in Episode 6 where he shops for Mike and Ike Sour Mega Mix so that he can Leopold and his friends and brothers have Juicy Drop Gummies. and She made a Cameo appearance again in Episode 95, where he stands in the line for the fire alarm to end.



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