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Madrice is the "evil" spirit inside Fabrice Laroche's body created by a black, corrupted version of Fabrice by Nova in Adrenaline21's AGK Series


He appears only in the comic series by Adrenaline21, this used for AGK&Rockman2001's evil counterpart instead of demons for evil counterpart while in the animated series. Adrenaline21 uses the demon version of AGK&Rockman2001 instead of the comic version to differentiate between the two.

In AGK: Finale, Fabrice was kidnapped by Robot God Nova to transform him into his evil counterpart. When Team Girls arrived at the point where he has been, he attacks Vanessa first but gets counter-attacked by Alisa. Then, he knocks both Alisa and Vanessa into the ground until the end of the battle. Before victory was decided, both Alisa and Vanessa finish him off using their own ultimate attacks. After the battle ends, he turns into ashes and the soul of him reverts back to his normal form, back to the 2017th year (2017 World).


1. Get Audacity

2. Record your voice

3. Duplicate Voice

4. Change Pitch to 15.000 for both duplicates

5. Change Pitch to -25.000 for the other one

6. Select both and Mix And Render

7. Set echo to .1 and leave the decay factor to 0.5

Battle Music



AGK vs Fabrice

Angry German Kid: Halloween Special




  • He was originally named Fabrice.exe on July 31, 2015, but since October 10, 2015, at 6:26, Traver renamed him because .exe was getting pretty old, not to mention overrated, and the name would rhyme Fabrice's name. It is also a portrayal of Fabrice's negative feelings as a physical manifestation.