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Margaretka4356 is a female AGK parodist who started making AGK parodies in September 2012.

She closed her old account in October 2012. Since there is no Internet connection in her computer, there are only 8 parodies in her new channel.


Slikk family

Name Birthdate Birthplace Description
Leopold Slikk November 30, 1997 Mannheim, Germany The main protagonist.
Harold Slikk April 17, 1969 Berlin, Germany Leopold, Leonard and Aerial's father.
Leonard Slikk March 7, 2003 Berlin, Germany Leopold's younger brother.
Aerial Slikk June 23, 1991 Berlin, Germany Leopold's older brother.
Mary Slikk (Née Unova) December 30, 1970 Unknown Leopold, Leonard and Aerial's mother.
Gerald Slikk March 25, 1971 Berlin, Germany Eduard and Stefan's father. Harold's brother.
Emily Slikk (Née Hrdlička) November 27, 1973 Unknown Eduard and Stefan's mother.
Stefan Slikk November 30, 1996 Unknown Leopold's and Leonard's cousin.
Eduard Slikk September 20, 2003 Unknown Leopold's and Leonard's cousin.
Unknown Slikk family member Unknown Unknown One of Harold and Gerald's sisters. She appears on a photo in episode 95, when Leopold went to open the door.

Randolf family

Name Birthdate Birthplace Description
Jake Randolf March 31, 1998 Unknown Leopold's best friend.
Jakub Randolf February 17, 1968 Poland Emilie, William and Jake's father, divorced with Catherine.
Catherine Randolf (Née Miller) June 13, 1973 Unknown Emilie, William and Jake's mother, divorced with Jakub.
Emilie Randolf September 15, 1991 Unknown William's and Jake's sister.
William Randolf December 11, 1993 Unknown Emilie's and Jake's brother.

Ramirez family

Name Birthdate Details
Ronald Ramirez November 29, 1997 One of Leopold's rivals. He appeared from episode 4 to episode 85.

Leopold's teachers (since episode 101)

Name Role
Andrew Suxapingas History and Chemistry teacher.
Michelle Suxapingas Principal. Maths and Physics teacher
Janice Izabitch Geography and IT teacher.
Harold Imadick English and German teacher.
Jack Luxray Biology teacher.


These are episodes made by Margaretka4356:

Season 1

Intro song Outro song
None. These episodes don't have an intro. Various songs.
Title Description
1 AGK's video project    Leopold makes a video project, but what does Mrs. Izabitch think about it?
2 AGK's math test    Leopold has a math test. But, as always, he flunks it, and gets his ass beaten by Harold.
3 AGK's new schoolmate Miles Prower is the new pupil in Leopold's class. The two quickly become great friends.
4 AGK goes to McDonald's    Leopold goes to McDonald's. Will he get his order?
5 AGK vs. his principal as a teacher    Leopold's teacher, Mrs. Izabitch is ill, but his principal, Mr. Suxapingas will teach him and Leopold is very, VERY hard on him.
6 AGK's christmas Will Leopold get what he wants?
7 AGK's uncle Gerald, Xenia and their kids came to visit Leopold and Leonard, but Leopold isn't happy with them.
8 AGK's good dream Leopold has a good dream: Jake blew up school, and everything is loading at a lighting-fast pace! But, again, it's all just dream...
9 AGK vs. prank SMS Leopold gets 5 SMS, but they all are pranks.
10 AGK's bad day Leopold's computer can't start, after it, he is late in school (10:25 instead of 9:00), the school lunch is horrible, and he has to take a test in every one of his classes...

Season 2

Intro song Outro song
Japan break industries (faster version) Same as intro.
Title Description
11 AGK watches Tourettes guy Leopold is bored, so he wants to watch Tourettes guy. Harold catches him and beats him up and grounds him for 5 days and prohibits him from using his computer.
12 AGK's birthday It's November 30, Leopold's birthday (also Stefan's birthday). Will Leopold get what he wants?
13 AGK gets RickRoll'd Leopold gets RickRoll'd.
14 AGK wants sausage eggs Leopold wants sausage eggs, he goes to McDonald's, than to KFC, than to Wendy's, than to Taco Bell, and then to a sausage egg restaurant. But will he get his favourite food?
15 AGK's spell test AGK gets spell test. Will he fail? Of course, he does!
16 AGK watches funny videos (?) Leopold wants to try to get a laugh, but, he finds only unfunny jokes and memes.
17 AGK watches HTF Leopold watches HTF, but Mary catches him and grounds him for 8 days.
18 AGK vs. Brainy part 1 Leopold beats up Brainy, but, he will fail.
19 AGK. vs Brainy part 2 Leopold gets beaten up by Brainy!
20 AGK in hospital AGK is injured after episode 20.

Season 3

Intro song Outro song
Sonic 3D Blast Intro (Saturn/PC) Sonic 3D Blast Final Boss (Saturn/PC)
Title Description
21 AGK makes videos on his dad AGK records dad at work, and he makes videos of him.
22 AGK goes camping Slikk family goes camping. Sonic wants to camp with them too, but Harold says no. What can happen, when Slikks camp?
23 AGK gets Trolled Leopold wants to watch videos with his friend Sonic, but they're repeatedly Trolololed.
24 AGK goes to jail Leopold brutally injures his mother. But, Mary survives. Harold, in retaliation, calls the cops on his own son. Ouch. Leopold is convicted and faces a harsh sentence.
25 AGK runs away from jail Leopold doesn't want to stay in jail, so he escapes. Who helped him? Guess.
26 AGK takes Sonic Quiz Leopold takes a quiz about Sonic. Will he at last get a passable grade?
27 AGK's nightmare Leopold plays the Scary Maze game, but he fails repeatedly. He
28 AGK vs. supermarket sale AGK knows it's sale in supermarket (everything costs 1 cent for a while), so he buys 5000 sausage eggs. But, will he get the sale, or not?
29 AGK vs. Bieber Fever of his brother AGK's brother Aerial, gets Bieber Fever; and Harold, Leopold, Leonard and Sonic (who visited Leopold) aren't happy with it.
30 AGK gets detention Leopold gets detention, but he doesn't believe in consequences.

Season 4

Intro song Outro song
Through Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce Guitar solo from Through Fire and the Flames - Dragonforce
Title Description
31 AGK gets busted Leopold is decided to babysit his brother Leonard, but will he babysit him?
32 AGK makes prank calls Leopold prank calls Jessica, Ariel, Terry, Shadow, Silver, and his dad. But, Harold beats him up for this. and gets his grounding time extended...
33-34 AGK vs. virus Silver sends Leopold a virus. Leopold battles it with his new keyboard: The SuperK 2380. Will he win?
35 AGK's uncle strikes again! AGK's uncle Gerald and his aunt Xenia come again. But, Harold is still angry at Xenia for eating his pizza and breaking all My Little Pony DVDs.
36 AGK gets drunk AGK stole 18 cans of Harold's beer. He drank them all and gets drunk. But, his principal, finds him in his house, and... well. You should watch this episode to find out what happens next.
37 Harold's cousin Harold's cousin came to see Harold after 15 years. When she will find out Harold is abusive, she will stop talking with him, and Leopold will be friend with her.
38 AGK's report card AGK gets his report card. But he isn't happy with it, so he makes a copy of it. But will satisfy him or anger him? This is the final episode of Leopold in Grade 8.
39 AGK's summer After Leopold ends up angering his father, he is bored- Harold took away all his games and he can't go to Sausage egg restaurant. But, he can go to Jake. What will he do with him?
40 AGK goes to Sausage eggs eating contest Leopold and Harold signed up to a Sausage Egg Eating Contest. Will Leopold win?

Season 5

Intro song Outro song
7 cili 7 dni- TV NOVA (Czech) Dschinghis Khan - Moskau
Title Description
41-43 AGK vs. Dr. Robotnik Leopold, Sonic and Tails get attacked by Doctor Eggman! This is the first episode of Leopold in Grade 9.
44 AGK's babysitter Who will babysit Leopold? There are three possible persons.
45 AGK's new teacher Leopold makes Mrs. Izabitch mad and after it she goes crazy. So, Mr. Suxapingas hires new teacher. Who it will be? Guess :)
46 AGK pretends to be sick Leopold finds out how to pretend to be sick, and than he pretends he is sick. Which one knows from the start he is NOT sick? Leonard.
47 AGK goes to casino Leopold goes to casino with Harold's ID and Aerial's wallet. And, Leopold gets grounded after his aunt Xenia sees him and tells Harold.
48 AGK plays The Sims 3 AGK plays TS3, but he doesn't know there aren't the same cheats in TS3 as in TS2.
49 AGK watches AVGN Leopold watches Angry Video game Nerd. But, Harold catches him and gets grounded for 10 days.
50 AGK makes videos on his uncle Gerald Leopold is at his uncle Gerald, and because Gerald beaten him up for eating his dinner, he gets revenge on him. So, he records him at work, and makes videos on him.

Season 6

Intro song Outro song
Just for Laughs Season ?? intro (except episode 52, where is Tanz der Vampire song) Just for Laughs Season ?? outro (except episode 52, where is Haunted house song)
Title Description
51 AGK's new school    Leopold blows up his old school, but must go to Hitler's school. Unfortunately, his teacher is teacher from Mr. Suxapingas's school- Mrs. Izabitch.
52 AGK's halloween Leopold must be home and give the candy to people. Will he do it?
53 AGK makes videos on his aunt Xenia Leopold is angry on his aunt, 'cause she grounded him for watching HTF, so he gets revenge on her. So, he records her at work, makes videos on her and makes Xenia very angry.
54 AGK's work Because Leopold smashed 2 computers and 1 keyboard in class, he must work to get money. Hitler finds him 5 jobs. Will he get money at least in one work?
55 AGK vs. new teacher Mrs. Izabitch is ill, and she will never came again to school. She is replaced by new teacher, Amy Nevrheadsecks. Leopold makes fun from her name, and Hitler punishes him- 2 weeks of detention.
56 AGK gets revenge on his cousin Stefan Leopold's cousin, Stefan, makes videos on Leopold, and makes him very angry. What can happen, when Gerald, Xenia, Harold and Mary aren't home?
57 AGK vs. new students in school Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle with Spike, Pinkie Pie and Rarity are new students in Leopold's class. That makes Leopold angry, because Pinkie Pie is next to him.
58 AGK's grandpa again? Leopold knows his grandpa Martin will come to see Aerial. This makes him angry, because grandpa must sleep in his room and he snores very loudly.
59 AGK runs away Because Leopold got an F from History test, Harold beats his ass and makes him grounded until January 1, 2013. So, Leopold runs away. Who will find him and get him home?
60 AGK vs. James part 1 James makes always some tricks on Leopold. Now, Leopold will fight with him. And Jake will be with him, too.

Season 7

Intro song Outro song
NCIS theme song (intro) NCIS theme song (outro)
Title Description
61 AGK vs. James part 2 The fight is not over at all!
62 AGK and the End of the World 2012 Leopold finds out that it's gonna be the end of the world at 21.12.2012, but, when he finds out that it's fake, smashes a keyboard.
63 AGK and the school lottery School makes a lottery- every pupil gets some prize! What will Leopold win?
64 AGK's christmas 2012 Will Leopold get, what he wants?
65 AGK cuts school with his friend Leopold and Gloria don't want to write a test, so they plan to cut school. But, Harold is in school, because he needs to talk with principal Hitler.
66 AGK's second video project Leopold's new teacher, Ms. Nevrheadsecks, gives Leopold and his class a homework- videoproject. But, unfortunately, he can't use the old one from episode 1.
67 AGK's new classmate In Leopold's class are two new girls- but, when he finds out that they are Bieber lovers, he starts to be enemy with them.
68 AGK gets his Youtube account hacked Leopold wants to upload new video of his aunt Emily on Youtube, but, someone hacked his account.
69 AGK babysits his brother and his cousins Leopold's parents must go somewhere, so, Leopold must babysit Leonard. But, Emily with Gerald need to see Martin (Gerald's and Harold's father), that means Leopold must babysit Leonard, Eduard and Stefan. What can happen?
70 AGK's homework Leopold must make his 3 homework - writing a 50-page essay about Germany, 35 math problems and record something interessant in his town. Will he do it?

Season 8

Intro song Outro song
The Exorcist theme same as Intro song
Title Description
71 AGK vs. Chaotix Espio steals Leopold's homework, Vector his bubble-gum and Charmy his cellphone. What can Leopold do?
72 AGK makes a Website Leopold makes stupid websites about Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, Shadow and his dad. Because Harold hates it, beats Leopold.
73 AGK watches "Is it good to Microwave this?" Leopold manages to watch "Is it good to Microwave this?", then tries it at home and then in Knuckles' house, and gets beated by Harold and then by Knuckles.
74 AGK goes to KFC When Leopold can't go to McDonald's, manages to go to KFC. Now, he uses his aunt Emily's car.
75 AGK goes shopping Leopold is supposed to shop in shopping center, but, will he buy everything?
76 AGK vs. William Randolf part 1 Leopold wants to play some games at Jake, but, Jake's brother hates Leopold. So, Leopold plans to fight with him. Contains only trying to play games, William coming and 1st half of battle.
77 AGK vs. William Randolf part 2 The battle is not over yet! William, even when he's older, gets beaten up, begs for mercy and cooks a pizza for Leopold. Then, William and Leopold are friends.
78 AGK gets detention... again! Because our Leopold isn't woking in class again, he gets detention again. Now, he is not busted by his old principal. He is annoyed here by Charmy, then by Espio and then by Vector. Will he get busted again?
79 AGK vs. new janitor In Leopold's school is a new janitor... And everybody is unhappy with him.
80 Leonard's new voice Leonard has got new voice, and now he sounds like Eduard Slikk, and Emily has got a new voice, she is now voiced by Microsoft Mary.

Season 9

Intro song Outro song
Classic Crisis City - Sonic Generations Speed Highway 1 - Sonic Adventure (DX)
Title Description
81 AGK pranks his dad Leopold makes 5 pranks- Fart pillow, Fake MLP DVD, Fake empty fridge, Fake arguing with his mum and "Fake" computer virus. But, the virus is real. At least, Leopold knows how to shut it down.
82 AGK's worst nightmare part 1 Leopold has a terrible nightmare. What is in it?
83 AGK's worst nightmare part 2 The nightmare, part 2, end of it and telling about it to AGK's best friend.
84 AGK plays Syobon Action Leopold gets a mail from his cousin Stefan, where is Syobon Action. But, Leonard cames and annoys him meanwhile playing.
85 AGK vs. the garage sales Leopold goes outside, because there are garage sales. But, there aren't things, which Leopold wants.
86 AGK gets stuck on a rollercoaster with his family Leopold and his family are in Six Flags to have fun, but they get stuck on rollercoaster. What will happen?
87 AGK cheats on his test Leopold has a test and doesn't know any answer. So, he copies down Iggy Koopa's answers. But, because Iggy is stupid, Leopold gets a D, and Iggy too. Then, he is sended to principal Hitler's office, because Ms. Nevrheadsecks thinks it is copied.
88 AGK robs a game store After Leopold's dad stole the money from Leopold's piggy bank (It was Leopold's punishment for cheating in thë test), Leopold can't buy new game- Gears of War: Judgement. So, with help of William and Jake Randolf's he stoles it.
89 AGK goes to dentist Leopold has to go to dentist. He runs away, but, unfortunately, his dad catches him and carries him back.
90 AGK goes to buy clothes Mary has to buy new clothes to Leopold, Stefan and Aerial. Leopold doesn't want to buy clothes and Stefan gives him only stupid ideas.

Season 10

Intro song Outro song
The Cyberman - Doctor Who Leopold's mouth sounds (Leopold's Mundmusik)
Title Description
91 AGK's weird day Leopold has a weird day- Leonard is hyperactive, when he plays UT, someone cames through the window, Harold isn't listening to him.
92 AGK goes chatting Leopold goes chatting with his friends and with his family members. But, it is still lesson and Keitel, who wanted a project why are mathematics important, sends Leopold to principal's office.
93 Interview with Leopold Slikk and Jake Randolf Leopold and Jake are in interview.
94 AGK gets banned from UT forum Leopold gets banned from his favourite UT because he sweared on this forum. He creates more and more accounts and then appears F.B.I.
95 AGK makes a movie Leopold, Jake, William and Emilie are trying to make a movie as a birthday present for Jake's, William's and Emilie's mum. Well, this won't end up well.
96 AGK plays Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Leopold gets a floppy disc from his uncle (Gerald doesn't appear in this episode), and he smashes a keyboard sometimes, and makes his dad angry, because of Leopold's noise he can't play pool game.
97 AGK goes to cinema Harold manages to go along with Leopold and Leonard to cinema. But, because Leopold is angry in there, they must go away. No movie and Slikk family is banned from the cinema.
98 AGK vs. school inspector To Leopold school arrives a school inspector (Inglorious Bastards Hitler). Leopold makes trouble in school along with Randolfs and they all get detention. Harold Slikk and Catherine Randolf are then very angry.
99 AGK goes to Mrs. Izabitch's funeral Leopold's old teacher, Mrs. Izabitch, died 5th July 2013 and she will have funeral. Leopold doesn't want to her funeral, but if he won't go, Harold will extend his grounding time.
100 AGK archives with Harold Harold tells you stories about Leopold. From Grade 1 in school to today.

Season 11

Intro song Outro song
The Final Countdown - Europe Same as Intro song
Title Description
101 AGK gets expelled from Hitler school Leopold makes so much trouble in Hitler's school, so he expelles him. Now, he must go to new school. And that new school is Michelle Suxapingas' high school and Leopold's old principal, Mr. Suxapingas, is Leopold's class teacher.
102 AGK gets a report card from his old school Leopold gets his report card from Hitler's school, but he isn't happy with it. Even Harold and Mary are angry and Mary is also angry from Aerial's life story, what does he write about her and her parents.
103 AGK's summer job Leopold wants to buy Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, but he doesn't have any money. Harold doesn't want to give him anything- because of bad report card. So, he finds Leopold 4 summer jobs... But this won't end up well.
104 AGK goes to restaurant Leopold goes with his father and mother to restaurant. But, there appears grandpa, and grandpa starts talking family stories.
105 AGK makes prank calls with Leonard and Jake Leopold, Leonard and Jake are bored, so they make prank calls. But, they also called to Harold's boss Ryan and they telled him Harold is having sex with one of employees and fires Harold. And Harold beats Leopold's and Leonard's ass.
106 AGK goes back to school Holiday just ended on 23rd of August and Leopold and Leonard must go back to school. And Leopold isn't very happy with it.
107 AGK's sleepless night Leopold is trying to sleep, but something wakes him up every moment.
108 AGK vs. Tunak Tunak Tun part 1 Leopold plans to kill Tunak Tunak Tun. This part contains: Leopold planning, Leopold in school and Leopold going to airport.
109 AGK vs. Tunak Tunak Tun part 2 Leopold plans to kill Tunak Tunak Tun. This part contains: Leopold at airport, Leopold searching Tunak Tunak Tun, Leopold attacking them and Leopold going home. BUT! It was a horrible fail to kill them- They survived, and they only pretended they died. After Leopold finds this out, he smashes a keyboard and is very angry. And, he vent one's anger on Leonard.
110 AGK stole a lunch box Leopold forgot his lunch box with Sausage Eggs at home, so he looks for some lunch box. He finds out Emily Emolga forgot her lunch box in class, so he looks, what is in, then starts to joy, because Emily has got Sausage Eggs and some apples. So, he starts to eat, but, Emily comes back and when she sees Leopold, she beats Leopold up and after a while is he with Emily in principal's office. How will this end?

Season 12

Intro song Outro song
Guitar solo from Heroes of our time - Dragonforce Beginning from intro song
Title Description
111 AGK goes to Taco Bell Leopold wants to order some taco, but he fails again.
112 AGK makes videos on his brother Leopold makes videos on Leonard, but when Leonard sees them, he tells this to Harold and Harold beats Leopold.
113 AGK's test day Leopold has in every lesson one test. But, will he pass at least one?
114 AGK gets stuck in elevator    Leopold gets stuck in the elevator along with Jake, Willy Oshawott, Emily Emolga and Eddie Axew.
115 AGK's third video project Leopold must make another video project... And he isn't very happy with it.
116 AGK's new teacher Mr. Suxapingas, Mr. Imadick and Mrs. Izabitch are in London for 2 weeks, so Leopold gets a new teacher. But... Leopold... is as always angry. But this teacher is... Guess who.
117 AGK vs. Emily's party Leopold must go to Emily Emolga's birthday party. But, he isn't very happy with it and doesn't want to go, but when Harold says he will take all his games including UT if he won't go, Leopold immediately goes to Emolgas' house.
118 AGK's math test Even when Michelle Suxapingas must go to meeting of principals in Berlin, Leopold has to write a test.
119 AGK makes two essays Leopold has to make an essay about Willy Oshawott. This is the first episode, where Leopold gets an A. Then, Leopold has to write an essay about work of his parents. But, now he gets a C, because he has write too much about his dad's work, but almost nothing about his mother's work.
120 AGK goes to video chat room Leopold goes to chat room, where can two people chat with video. What all will happen?

Season 13

Intro song Outro song
Guitars Suck - Bumblefoot Highway to Hell - AC/DC
Title Description
121 AGK's geography test Leopold and his class have got a geography test (because Leopold fell asleep during the lesson). But, he fails and plans what to do to avoid beating by Harold. So, at lunch break, he changes names at his test and Emily Emolga's test (she had a B-). But, Harold finds out after a long while, it isn't his test. And tells Leopold to bring his real test, or else. After he brings the real one, he gets beaten by Harold.
122 AGK goes to McDonald's once more Leopold goes to McDonald's once again and fails once again. Now, Angela Snivy called the cops on him.
123 AGK vs. his teacher's birthday Leopold's teacher's, Mr. Suxapingas's 52nd birthday is coming. So, everybody wants to make a surprise for him... except Leopold, Jake, Willy and Elias. They don't want to surprise him and they change nice surprise to horrible disaster. Then, they are beated by Emily, Eddie and Dennis.
124 AGK travelled to the future Leopold goes along with his class to Professor Markoram's laboratory. Leopold finds a time machine and travels with it to year 2042. He finds out how will he look like and how will his children look like. Then, he travelles to 2015 and finds out, what will be in Grade 11. When Leopold arrives back to 2013, he gets punished by his teacher- 3 weeks of detention.
125 AGK makes videos on his dad once more Because Harold isn't happy that Leopold has detention, he grounds him for 1 month. So, Leopold makes videos with him once more. But now, his videos suck.
126 AGK goes to Burger King with his friend Leopold goes with Willy to Burger King, but he won't get his food.
127 AGK throws a party Leopold is home alone, so he throws a party and invites Angela, Dennis, Emily, Eddie, Elias, Fegelein, Jake, and Willy. But, someone will ruin the party and Leopold is thanks to him in a big trouble.
128 AGK's halloween 2013 Leopold is again supposed to stay at home, now Harold is watching him. After Leopold gives Harold sleeping medications from Amy, he goes trick-or-treating. And Harold doesn't know anything- thanks to robot clone of Leopold made by Fegelein, who gave candy to every kid that came to Slikks' house.
129 AGK looks for a girlfriend After Leopold heard he needs to get a girlfriends, he looks for some. He thinks all girls from his class are ugly, so he goes to dating site. He finds so many girls, but he thinks all are ugly bitches (he has weird taste in girls) and he finds three girlfriends- Emily Snivy, Veronika Minccino and Dawn Hikari. So, he tries to meet them. On Saturday morning, he plans to meet Emily. But, he finds out it's Angela Snivy's sister and runs away. But, Emily finds him and ends with kisses everywhere. So, on Saturday afternoon, he tries to meet Veronika. But, she is a Minccino and Leopold hates Minccinos, and, like with Emily, ends with kisses. So, on Saturday evening, he plans to meet Dawn. But, he finds out Dawn started to love somebody, so she won't come to him. And, Emily appears again and tells Leopold she loves him even when she is a Snivy and he is a human. Harold finds this out and is happy Leopold found a girlfriend. But, next day, Leopold's teacher is interested in Leopold's girlfriend, too. But Leopold throws a tantrum and attacks Mr. Suxapingas.
130 AGK vs. Michelle Suxapingas test Leopold gets a test about his principal- it is her birthday, so she gives a test to every grade.

Season 14

Intro song Outro song
Strike of the Ninja - Dragonforce Same as intro song


AGK shorts

AGK shorts are short episodes- they are around two minutes long with intro, they don't have credits until episode 10 and main character is Leopold. The first one was done June 14, 2012 and was posted on Youtube December 17, 2012.

These are AGK shorts made by Margaretka4356:

Title Description
131 AGK's Thanksgiving Leopold hates Thanksgiving, because Harold always accidentaly throws turkey to trash, and everybody must then eat Harold's burned toasts. Now, Harold, as always, throws turkey to thrash, but even throws mashed potatoes on Leopold and makes confusion in his house.
132 AGK'S 16th birthday It's Leopold's 16th birthday, 30th November 2013. Leopold's dad invites Emily Emolga, Eddie Axew and Dennis Buizel. That makes Leopold angry, because he wanted to have Willy Oshawott and Jake Randolf on his party. Emily eats his cake, so he won't have a birthday cake. And then, whole party is ruined, when Mr. Suxapingas comes- he ruins it for Leopold ruining his birthday surprise.
133 AGK goes to buy Christmas presents Leopold found out it's Christmas coming soon, so he manages to buy Christmas presents. But, after it, he forgots what is for who and everybody, except Willy Oshawott, gets wrong presents.
134 AGK vs. snow storm Leopold goes to school, and during the lessons, the snow storm comes. Leopold and his grade with Mr. Suxapingas is the only grade who is in school and is also only grade, who is stuck in school. So, Mr. Suxapingas tries to call everybody's parents, but no signal. Willy has an idea, but Mr. Suxapingas says no. Leopold tries to get out, but Mr. Suxapingas catches him and tells him he must sleep here. So, Leopold ties Mr. Suxapingas along with Emily Emolga and Dennis Buizel, and calls for help. After a while, everybody, except Emily Emolga, Dennis Buizel and Mr. Suxapingas is rescued by Fegelein.
135 AGK's christmas 2013 It's Christmas! Hurray! But... Leopold gets wrong presents again.
136 AGK and the annoying fly To AGK's classroom went a fly from outside. The buzzing of it annoys him and he destroys whole classroom. After destroying the classroom, he is sended to principal's office and gets detention for 2 weeks from principal Suxapingas.
137 AGK vs. new principal After Ms. Suxapingas resignes and starts being a teacher only again, a new principal is hired. But this doesn't make Leopold happy.
138 AGK tries to prank the new principal Leopold tries to prank new prinicpal Percy Pansage along with Jake Randolf and Willy Oshawott, but failed.
139 AGK's new principal Hitler is back as a principal after Percy Pansage resigned. What will be Leopold's reaction?
Title Description
1 AGK is annoyed by "And then?"    Leopold wants to order in Chinese restaurant, but lady always says only "And Then?" and this annoys him.
2 AGK sleeps in Hitler's office    Leopold has nice dream, but Hitler wakes Leopold up and finds out he forgot to do his homework- answer 999 questions.
3 AGK watches Scary Car commercial Leopold gets a mail from Jake, and when he finds out it's a screamer, he will- as always- smash a keyboard.
4 AGK and the popcorn incident AGK wants to eat some popcorn, but, when he will open the door of microwave, loads of popcorn.
5 AGK watches JFL AGK watches JFL, which sended him, like that Scary Car, Jake. This is one of shorts, where Leopold smashes the keyboard NOT ( the others ones are 4, 8, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21).
6 AGK's homework Leopold has a homework from Maths, and has to solve 50 math problems.
7 AGK gets Trolled... again! Leopold is looking for episode 55 of him, but gets Trolled, and smashes a keyboard and then he gets grounded by his uncle Gerald.
8 AGK sleeps at Jake's house Harold, Mary, Leonard and Aerial aren't home and Leopold manages to sleep at Jake's house.
9 AGK makes a pizza Leopold makes a pizza ;) Yes, he smashed a keyboard. But you need to watch this short if you want to know why.
10 AGK vs. Xenia's radio Leopold finds out Xenia likes JB, and smashes her radio. When he will find out that she has got cassette player and cassettes of JB, he will smash a keyboard. This is the first short with credits.
11 AGK gets beaten Leopold makes Henry angry and Henry called Big Macintosh on him. Big Macintosh beats him up and throws him to someone's locker. Somebody is here with him, when he will speak, Leopold screams and... credits :D (This is one of shorts, where Leopold's room doesn't appear. The others are 18 and 21.)
12 Arguing isn't cool Leopold argues with Gerald, and gets beaten by him.
13 AGK goes to cinema Leopold wants to watch new The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey movie. Will he watch it?
14 AGK beats up Jane Leopold is angry on Jane, the classmate. So, he beats her up and then he gets some punishment from Hitler.
15 AGK mother's birthday-It's 30th of December Mary's birthday, Leopold forgot to buy a present for her, so he manages to run to store. Will he buy something?
16 AGK's New Year Eve Leopold wants to sleep, but Harold, Mary, Aerial, Leonard, Gerald, Xenia, Eduard and Stefan want fireworks. What will Leopold do?
17 AGK gets annoyed by Charmy Charmy Bee teases Leopold with Leopold calling... so, Leopold beats him up and then, he gets beaten up by...? Guess.
18 AGK plays games at Jake Leopold plays Sonic CD at Jake, but, after Game Over, he smashes a controller, and is thrown out from the window.
19 AGK watches TV Leopold is bored, but, he can't play computer games, because his mum cleans Leopold's room. Will he find something funny?
20 Burp contest Jake, William and Leopold are bored, so they will make burp contest. But, someone will stop this contest.
21 AGK buys a game in GameStop Leopold, Jake, William and Emilie are in the GameStop and everybody (except Emilie) want some game. But, it is William's turn to pay the games, and William forgot his wallet at home.


22 AGK watches porn Leopold is at Randolfs and he is watching porn. But, Emilie doesn't like it and after a while she beats Leopold for watching pornography.

Angry German Kid: The Movie

Main article: Angry German Kid: The Movie (Margaretka4356)

Jake Randolf was kidnapped! Leopold must go and rescue him, before someone hurts him!

Leonard Slikk series

Title Description
1 Leonard goes to movie theater Leonard wants to see some movie in movie theater- but will he watch it?
2 Leonard's bad day at school Leonard writes a test and he gets a D. Then, he is beaten by William, because Leonard eats his lunch and then he gets detention for eating William's lunch.

Harold Slikk series

1 Harold is playing games in work, then, he hears his car alarm. Harold thinks, someone wants to stole his car, but nobody wants to stole his car, only Emilie Randolf crashed to his car.
2 Harold is listening to music in work, but, in the best part, computer rips them. So, Harold, will again, as always.
3 Harold is going home from work, and when he drives, he sees Emilie, how she crashes into traffic sign. Then, when he is near home, somebody crashes to him. Who? Guess.
4 Harold smashed 100th computer screen. So, his boss gives him 10 strikes. After them, he will be fired. But, Harold doesn't care- he WILL get fired after them and he attacks the boss. The boss calls the cops on him and Harold goes to jail.
5 Harold is at his friend's house and his friend finds him a job in KFC. But, Harold fails in this work.
6 Harold video chats with his friends, suddenly he starts to videochat with Leopold, who is in his room and is supposed to be in school, so he beats him up and Leopold is grounded for 5 weeks for it.



Title Description
AGK's lucky day Planned as episode 7, 2 weeks after making, scrapped, because Gerald Slikk was planned to be introduced.
AGK gets annoyed by "And then"? Originally planned for episode, but it was scrapped and was made as AGK Short. Previously planned as episode 29.
AGK's lost sister Episode was scrapped, because it looked weird. Planned as episode 32.
AGK gets married How can somebody marry, when he's 15? Planned as episode 34.
AGK's job Previously planned as episode 35, later replaced.
AGK's report card and his summer Episodes 38 and 39 were planned as one episode.
AGK cuts school Renamed and totally re-worked and made as AGK cuts school with his friend. It was planned as episode 65, as it is the reworked episode.
AGK vs. Jake Randolf Beating best friend is the worst idea IN THE WORLD! Planned only on paper as episode 68.
AGK vs. Justin Bieber Planned as episode 71, then scrapped, then planned as episode 75, then again scrapped, because this idea was from other series.
AGK and his lucky day Planned as episode 80, then scrapped. Then was planned as episode 85, again scrapped, and it won't be planned in the future.
AGK goes to Taco Bell Planned as episode 106, then scrapped, later replaced to episode 111.
AGK vs. Tunak Tunak Tun Planned as episode 107, but moved and sliced to 2 parts- episode 108 will be part 1, episode 109 will be part 2.
AGK vs. his cousin's party Planned as episode 117, then scrapped.
AGK makes an essay about his friend Previously was planned as an episode 119. There was planned Leopold will write only about Willy Oshawott, but renamed and totally reworked as AGK makes two essays.
AGK runs away once more Planned as episode 120, then scrapped, now is planned as episode 141.


Episode Description
3 The scene with Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog is replaced with only Shadow for unknown reason.
10 Scene where Leopold gets beaten by Mary is totally scrapped.
14 Scenes where is Leopold home and stoles Harold's car is deleted, because it's useless.
20 Scene where Leopold watches TV is replaced with Leopold listening to the radio.
30 Scene where Leopold argues with Hefty is deleted for unknown reasons.
39 Scene where Leopold watches HTF is replaced with Leopold watching Tourettes guy.
50 Scene where Gerald crashes to his house is deleted, because it was too dangerous.
59 Scene where Leopold buys drugs is deleted for video with drugs.
65 Scene where Hitler goes to toilet is deleted, because it is idea from other series.
66 Scene where Leopold injures his teacher is removed for violence.
76 Scene where Leopold is reading manual of Mortal Kombat is replaced with William talking with Jake.
79 Scene where Hitler speaks with Keitel is replaced with Leopold speaking with Fegelein.
93 Scene where is part of interview, where is Leopold arguing with Harold is deleted and replaced only with Leopold talking.
106 Delete 1: Scene, where is Michelle Suxapingas' message to new student is removed.
106 Delete 2: Scene, where is Jake talking with Leopold is removed.
119 Scene where is Jake talking with Willy is removed.

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