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The Heisei Mechagodzilla, or Super Mechagodzilla is a powerful robot built by man to defend against serious threats such as Godzilla. It appears in some AGK Parodies and fulfils roughly the same aim.


Mechagodzilla is effectively a walking weapons platform, capable of deploying a variety of beam weapons and missiles to attack. MechaGodzilla also boasts extreme strength, being able to take many attacks with little damage, if any at all.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Mechagodzilla first appears at the end of Episode 5, Leopold meets a strange person!, under one of its alternate names, MechaGodzilla 2. Doctor Aufbau had been constructing the mecha underneath Leopold's school, after getting permission from Principal Gestalt to do so. Aufbau finished working on the mecha, and powered it on, with MechaGodzilla 2 sounding off its deafening roar.

In Episode 6, Doctor Aufbau pilots the Mecha and makes Leopold fight him. Leopold defeats MechaGodzilla 2, and Doctor Aufbau dies after MechaGodzilla 2 explodes.


  • Technically, Mechagodzilla's name in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series is incorrect - 'Mechagodzilla 2' (note the lack of Camel case) should refer to the rebuilt Showa Mechagodzilla. However, this name was used in the Pipeworks Trilogy of Godzilla fighting games, and is the source of this common misconception among fans.