MegaEpicgir series is a AGK series. In 2012, MegaEpicgir has moved to his other YouTube channel EpicAGK. The series follows Leopold and his adventures.


Season 1

  • AGK Ep.1 AGK Watches Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.2 AGK Robs The Bank
  • AGK Ep.3 AGK Goes To Jail
  • AGK Ep.4 AGK Goes To The Best Website Ever
  • AGK Ep.5 AGK Kills Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.6 AGK Has A Nightmare
  • AGK Ep.7 AGK's Birthday
  • AGK Ep.8 The Ultimate Enemy
  • AGK Ep.9 AGK New Begining
  • AGK Ep.10 AGK Gets A Virus

Season 2

  • AGK Ep.11 The New Enemy
  • AGK Ep.12 AGK watches Spongebob
  • AGK Ep.13 AGK and The Babysitter
  • AGK Ep.14 AGK goes to School
  • AGK Ep.15 AGK The Return of Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.16 AGKs Revenge On The Principle
  • AGK Ep.17 AGK Get Annoyed By Bieber's New Minnions
  • AGK Ep.18 AGK Plays Slender
  • AGK Ep.19 AGK Kills Bieber Again Part 1
  • AGK Ep.20 AGK Kills Bieber Again Part 2

Season 3

  • AGK Ep.21 AGK And The End of The World
  • AGK Ep.22 AGK Watches Spoofs of Himself
  • AGK Ep.23 AGK Make His Own Gangnam Style Parody


Home, Justin Bieber's Lair, School


Justin Bieber/cyborg Bieber, The Virus, Virus Minion and Adolf Hitler


Jake Randolf, Future Leopold and Adolf hitler (temporairly)


Principal, Harold slikk and AGK's mom


Agk ep1 agk watches justin bieber

Agk ep1 agk watches justin bieber


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