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MegaEpicgir series is a AGK series. In 2012, MegaEpicgir has moved to his other YouTube channel EpicAGK. The series follows Leopold and his adventures.


Season 1

  • AGK Ep.1 AGK Watches Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.2 AGK Robs The Bank
  • AGK Ep.3 AGK Goes To Jail
  • AGK Ep.4 AGK Goes To The Best Website Ever
  • AGK Ep.5 AGK Kills Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.6 AGK Has A Nightmare
  • AGK Ep.7 AGK's Birthday
  • AGK Ep.8 The Ultimate Enemy
  • AGK Ep.9 AGK New Begining
  • AGK Ep.10 AGK Gets A Virus

Season 2

  • AGK Ep.11 The New Enemy
  • AGK Ep.12 AGK watches Spongebob
  • AGK Ep.13 AGK and The Babysitter
  • AGK Ep.14 AGK goes to School
  • AGK Ep.15 AGK The Return of Justin Bieber
  • AGK Ep.16 AGKs Revenge On The Principle
  • AGK Ep.17 AGK Get Annoyed By Bieber's New Minnions
  • AGK Ep.18 AGK Plays Slender
  • AGK Ep.19 AGK Kills Bieber Again Part 1
  • AGK Ep.20 AGK Kills Bieber Again Part 2

Season 3

  • AGK Ep.21 AGK And The End of The World
  • AGK Ep.22 AGK Watches Spoofs of Himself
  • AGK Ep.23 AGK Make His Own Gangnam Style Parody


Home, Justin Bieber's Lair, School


Justin Bieber/cyborg Bieber, The Virus, Virus Minion and Adolf Hitler


Jake Randolf, Future Leopold and Adolf hitler (temporairly)


Principal, Harold slikk and AGK's mom