Introduced in AGK 94, Melek Serter (Leopold Slikk's Girlfriend) is the current patriarch of the Slikk bloodline and master of the sacred flame. Unlike her husband, she dons an old fashioned style Slikk clan outfit and utilizes more basic traditional Turkish Police techniques. In 1994, Melek embarked on a quest to challenge Warriors from around the world. Leopold and her teammates (Jake Randolf and Ronald Ramirez) learn of his demise just before the final match in AGK 94. Melek apparently challenged Hüsnü Çoban and is beaten badly, it is implied that he allegedly later succumbed to the injuries he sustained before the finals.

However in The AGK 95 it is eventually revealed that Slikk survived, was then brainwashed by Hüsnü's secretary Flame in order to compete as a mid-boss in the semi-final round. He is supposedly defeated by her husband Leopold and her teammates. Upon his second defeat, Melek goes in to self-exile, only to resurface again in (a non-canon event) AGK 98. In AGK 2001, she appears before a distraught Pony Video Maker (Leopold's rival) and tutors him in the traditional methods of the Slikk Turkish Police style, as seen in the Heroes Team's ending.

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