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  • Sup,its me again.

    Do you know,that,next year...Super Mario Galaxy will have its 10th anniversary?

    Plus,i have a SNES Emulator on my PS2,i never played the newer Mario games,i only played the older ones like Super Mario Bros and others...

    Plus,can you ask KingAsylus in SMBHOTS,will Wario and Waluigi ever use the Wario Bike or the Wario Car,or both?

    Plus,tell him to go check out the Nintendo vs Marvel vs Capcom artowrk on DeviantArt made by SneakyLizard,and tell him this message.

    Hello,Asylus,long time no see. So,God of War is getting a reboot,huh? I think it should have sticked to the Greek mythology.

    -By Sergeant22303.

    Just put my name at the end of the message,or tell him that it was i who sent you to tell you the message.

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    • Next year, Super Mario Galaxy is getting it's 10th anniversary. I wish Galaxy 3 comes.

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    • Oh,and can you send the message,please,and,just after you send to message to him,tell that i have sent you to tell him this message,or just put -Sergeant22303 at the bottom of the message.

      Will you do it? Thank you. :)

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    • And ask him will Wario and Waluigi ever drive the Wario Car or Wario Bike,or both,in SMBHOTS....

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    • Link me to Nintendo Vs. Capcom artwork.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • you are admin in most of wikis :p

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  • NewMarioFan65. Why did you delete my things? I'm just asking, you know

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  • Im sorry for being annoying,just,im suprised,i know him too,he has an account on the Death Battle Wiki,his username is TheDigger1.

    Do you reqeust any movesets for him,just asking.

    Also,one more thing,can you send this message from me to KingAsylus91?

    Hello,it's me,Sergeant22303,you know,i lied about that being my last message sometime ago,i will continue to send you messages,and let me ask you...

    What roles Hal and Jeff will have in SMBHOTS?

    Also,what about Steve,will he also appear in SMBHOTS?

    And,did you see Bowser's Kingdom:Tales of a Shell on FanFiction,and also Hal X Jeff on FanFiction too?

    Hal X Jeff is about Hal and Jeff's childhood,while Bowser's Kingdom:Tales of a Shell is set after the events of Bowser's Kingdom:The Movie,and it's about that Hal and Jeff once again disguise themselves as Mario and Luigi and kidnap Peach while getting revenge on Bowser and Steve.


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  • He's mine too...

    My favorite gaming franchises are Mario,Grand Theft Auto,Need For Speed etc.

    And also,you know,why do you like penguins so much?

    Just asking,sorry for bothering...

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  • I remember you,you are the one who said to me that signing up to DeviantArt is simple when i was an AWC,and you know KingAsylus91?

    Tell him on DeviantArt i said 'hi'.

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    • I am SuperMarioFan65. I do draw fan art and i know KingAsylus91.

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    • And,can you ask Alvin-Earthworm on DeviantArt(the creator of SMBZ) and tell him this.

      'Hello,Alvin-Earthworm,i have been watching SMBZ since the very beginning,and when you gave up on the series,i have waited so many years for you to come back,and finally,you rebooted the series,nice job. 'And,are there going to be more villains like Wart,Petey Pirahna,King Bob-omb,Goomboss,Chief Chilly etc?

      I hope so.

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    • Yes.

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    • A FANDOM user
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