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이름비밀 (translated to Name Secret, formerly known as Michael Green) is an AGK parodist since November 2013. He joined YouTube in late May 2012.


NOTE: 이름비밀 (Formerly known as Michael Green) has been terminated because he received multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted, so all of his AGK episodes are no longer on YouTube. :(

Season 1

November 2013 - December 2013 (Playlist)

  1. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 1)
  2. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 2)
  3. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 3)
  4. AGK Install Windows Vista & Goes Office
  5. AGK Watches Paramount Television Logo
  6. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 4)
  7. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 5)
  8. AGK Gets iMac G3 & Install Mac OS 9
  9. AGK Goes to Windows 7 Launch Party
  10. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 6)

Season 2

December 2013 - April 2014, Including AGK Shorts (Playlist)

  1. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 7)
  2. AGK Install WIndows 8 Consumer Preview & Goes Office
  3. AGK Gets Trojan Virus (Part 8)
  4. AGK Install Windows 8 & Watches My Little Pony
  5. AGK Gets WIndows 98 Laptop & Gets Virus
  6. AGK Gets WIndows XP Laptop & Gets Virus
  7. AGK Playing Battlefield 3
  8. AGK Goes to Universal Studios Hollywood
  9. AGK Goes to MetroCity Fashion Show
  10. AGK Install Windows 8.1
  11. AGK Watches MTV World Stage
  12. AGK Tries To Get MacBook Pro For Free
  13. AGK's Sister's Comptuer Stops Working
  14. AGK Goes to Prison
  15. AGK gets Intel Macintosh
  16. AGK films an Elevator
  17. AGK and The Young and the Restless
  18. AGK's Sister steals Helium Balloon
  19. AGK's Sister Plays GTA 4
  20. AGK plays Candy Crash Saga
  21. AGK's Sister Install Windows Vista
  22. Katie Slikk Gets Windows Vista
  23. AGK Robs Apple Store
  24. Katie Slikk goes to Best Buy
  25. AGK goes to Wendy's (Removed)
  26. Katie Slikk Installs Windows 7 and Get Grounded
  27. AGK Inflates stuff
  28. AGK Skips School
  29. AGK Buys a New Laptop off on eBay
  30. AGK Hates Paramount Television
  31. AGK Goes To Canada
  32. AGK Goes to the Movies
  33. AGK Jumps Into Computer
  34. AGK Goes to the Shopping Mall
  35. AGK's Dad goes to Leopold's Instagram
  36. AGK Goes to the Wendy's
  37. AGK Robs Walmart
  38. AGK Babysits Katie
  39. AGK goes to Hyundai Department Store
  40. AGK orders a 1984 Macintosh off of eBay

Season 3

April 2014 - (Playlist)

  1. AGK Orders a 1989 Macintosh Portable off of eBay
  2. AGK Buys a new Computer Motherboard off of eBay
  3. AGK installs a Virus on Walmart Computers
  4. AGK Goes to Walmart
  5. AGK Installs Windows 8 on Dad's Computer at Work
  6. AGK Opens Helium Balloon Stand
  7. AGK origins
  8. AGK Watches Universal Television Logo History
  9. AGK Accidentally Goes on Goggle com
  10. AGK Cuts School
  11. AGK goes to Wendy's (Reupload)
  12. AGK destroys London Big Ben and get Grounded
  13. AGK Gets Detention
  14. AGK goes to Apple Store
  15. AGK Opens a Lemonade Stand
  16. AGK Watches BBC Two Idents
  17. AGK Microsoft Windows Commercials
  18. AGK Apple Commercials
  19. AGK Skips School Again!
  20. AGK Gets Revenge on his Dad
  21. AGK cheats on his test
  22. AGK plays Sonic 2 at School
  23. AGK goes to McDonald's
  24. AGK Watches Paramount Logo
  25. AGK's Dad Returns
  26. AGK goes to the Coke Freestyle Machine
  27. AGK watches Michael Green's Videos
  28. AGK buys a new Flat Screen TV off of Amazon

AGK's Dad

  • AGK's Dad hates BND of Doom
  • AGK's Dad watches Scary Logos