MichaelsiCast (pronounced Michael's Eye Cast) is a former AGK parodist whose series revolves around the main protagonist: Leopold Slikk. It follows Leopold in his adventures.

Mike is an American videographer, gamer and occasionally electronic dance music artist of Italian ancestry. He was born in and currently resides in the eastern region of Pennsylvania. Although a native English speaker, he also speaks Italian at an upper-intermediate level, and has learned such other languages as Spanish, Norwegian and French.

In February 2020, Mike revealed on YouTube that he has high-functioning autism, though it is not obvious by any means.

This series originally ran for 51 episodes from August 21, 2010 until July 25, 2011.

After April 2012, Mike made 3 new episodes, Episodes 52, 53, and 54, but then he stopped until September 17, 2015, when he decided to resume his series with Angry German Kid Goes to a New School, though episodes were not released at consistent frequency.

For the most part, MichaelsiCast's series is more friendly for younger demographics than other series. However, the series became more inappropriate in 2015, with use of suggestive themes, and eventually foul language.

While Mike retired from his AGK series for the final time in 2018, he still acknowledges it and occasionally references it in other videos.


Leopold's House - Of course, many actions in this series happen.

Schools (Ralph Matisse High School, Michelle Gaar High School, and Leopold's current school) - At school, Leopold is usually given assignments, doesn't behave, yells at his teacher, gets detention, gets very bad grades, and is suspended more often than not.


Leopold Slikk - He is the main protagonist in the series.

Ashley - Leopold's girlfriend. She first appeared in episode 59.

Alexander Slikk - This is the confirmed name of Leopold's dad in this series. He is abusive, but up until episode 58, he did not appear to be as abusive as Harold Slikk. After that, he was eventually sentenced to life in prison. He was voiced by Mac Alex and Microsoft Mike in early episodes.

Vicky Slikk - This is the confirmed name of Leopold's mom in this series. She was formerly voiced by Mac Victoria, and has been voiced by Microsoft Mary since episode 59. She was also voiced by Microsoft Mary in episode 30.

Leonidas and Leonard Slikk - Leopold's older and younger brothers. They are mentioned more often than they appear.

Michelle Gaar - Leopold's previous teacher until he blew up her school. She was voiced by Mac Vicki.

Michael and Leroy - They are recurring characters in the series, brothers-in-law as of 2019, and they both are the hosts of their show iMichael.

"Ms. Ballsax" - While that apparently isn't her real name, she is Leopold's new teacher. She was voiced by Mac Susan in her first appearance, and is now voiced by Microsoft Mary. Ms. Gaar's spirit later reveals that she and "Ms. Ballsax" are cousins. She also has two children, Leroy and Marina, the latter being Michael's wife.

Ralph Matisse - Leopold's old teacher until he was expelled. He was voiced by Mac Ralph. After Leopold blew his school up, he was killed. His spirit appears in a later episode.



Title Description
1 Angry German Kid Writes An Essay Leopold writes an essay on the Nintendo GameCube. Will he pass?
2 Angry German Kid Makes A YouTube Video Leopold makes an annoying YouTube video of himself, and gets negative feedback.
3 Angry German Kid Tries to Rejoin YouTube After getting his account suspended in the last episode, Leopold keeps making new accounts, but people still hate his videos and that results in more suspensions.
4 Angry German Kid Moves Away Leopold got arrested in the last episode. With him now out of jail, he decides to move to a town where it's not illegal to be stupid. But will people still like his videos?
5 Angry German Kid Gets Suspended From School Leopold doesn't want to go to school but his mom is making him go. At school, he has to do a 10-page essay about the school year. Suddenly he gets suspended for 10 days for a couple of reasons. What'll happen to him when he gets home?

*Mr. Matisse, the principal and Leopold's mom are not voiced in this episode.

6 Angry German Kid Plays Super Mario Bros A day after Leopold got suspended, he realized that his mother locked him out of his computer. But that exact same day, Leopold's mom went out to the store, and Leopold has a chance to crack the password. After cracking the password, he decides to play Super Mario Bros. How far can he go in the game?
7 Angry German Kid's YouTube Account Gets Hacked Someone hacked Leopold's YouTube account and got his subscribers to unsubscribe.
8 Angry German Kid Has A Good Dream Leopold has a dream where he is ungrounded and his games load fast. How will he respond to it being a dream?

*Leopold's mom is not voiced in this episode.

9 Angry German Kid Goes to McDonald's Leopold tries to order sausage eggs, pizza and Coke from McDonald's.
10 Angry German Kid Gets Expelled From School Leopold's suspension and grounding time are now over. But the day he comes back, he yells refusals to do his work, gets detention and then gets expelled. What will happen to him when he gets home?
11 Angry German Kid Works at McDonald's Leopold works at McDonald's and insults the customers.
12 Angry German Kid Goes To Taco Bell Leopold tries to order spaghetti tacos from Taco Bell, then gets caught stealing his parents' car. What will happen to him when he gets home?
13 Angry German Kid Is Stuck In An Elevator Leopold is stuck in an elevator.
14 Angry German Kid Takes A Math Test Leopold takes a math test. Will he pass or will he fail?
15 Angry German Kid Plays Pac The Man X Leopold has stolen MichaelsiCast's computer and plays one of his computer games: Pac The Man X.

*This is the last episode to use the Angry German Kid video taken from

Title Description
16 Angry German Kid Gets A Job As A DJ Leopold gets a job as the DJ at the roller rink, but every time he tries to play music, it turns off.

*This is the first episode to use a much higher quality version of the Angry German Kid video.

17 Angry German Kid Takes A Spelling Test Leopold takes a spelling test. Will he pass or will he fail?
18 Angry German Kid Gets RickRoll'D Leopold wants to watch videos on YouTube, but he keeps getting RickRoll'D instead.
19 Angry German Kid Cuts Off His Hand Leopold bakes a pizza, and when he is slicing the pizza, guess what happens?
20 Angry German Kid Cuts School Leopold doesn't want to go to school because he has a big test, after school detention, and he doesn't want to deal with a bully at lunch. He has a plan to cut class. Unfortunately, his parents eventually catch him ditching school. What happens?
21 Angry German Kid's Report Card Today is report card day. Can you guess what Leopold's grades area?
22 Angry German Kid Has A Fire Drill At School Leopold just got to school and is waiting for his iMovie project to load. When the principal announces that the school is going to have a fire drill, Leopold gets scared as always.

*The principal is voiced by a young Michael in this episode.

23 Angry German Kid Takes the T.O.E. Leopold didn't study for the Test of Epicness. Will he pass and go to the 10th grade, or will he fail and repeat the 9th grade?

*The principal is voiced by a young Michael in this episode.

24 Angry German Kid Has A Lockdown Leopold's school has a lockdown. Can he stay calm?

*The principal is voiced by a young Michael in this episode.

25 Angry German Kid Gets Revenge On The School Leopold blows up the school he got expelled from. Will he get away with it, or will he get sent to jail? Find out in the next episode. *Originally titled "Angry German Kid Blows Up His Old School"
26 Angry German Kid Goes To Prison Leopold gets sentenced to life in prison for blowing up the school he got expelled from.
27 Angry German Kid Breaks Out Of Prison Leopold hates prison so he comes up with a plan to escape. Will he successfully carry it out?
28 Angry German Kid Gets Detention Leopold gets detention for many reasons. Luckily, nobody is watching him in detention so he can play games. Unfortunately, Ms. Gaar catches him.
29 Angry German Kid Goes To Burger King Leopold tries to order food at Burger King.

Microsoft Sam voices the drive-thru guy.

Title Description
30 Angry German Kid's Halloween Leopold tries to play Unreal Tournament, but is interrupted by the trick-or-treaters.

*This is the first instance where Microsoft Mary plays Vicky Slikk. Microsoft Mike plays Alexander Slikk in this episode.

31 Angry German Kid Watches iMichael Leopold watches one of MichaelsiCast's videos, and then microwaves Marshmallow Peeps, with hilarious results!
32 Angry German Kid Films His Dad At Work Leopold posts videos of his dad getting angry during work.

*Last appearance of Alexander Slikk until episode 58.

33 Angry German Kid Orders Sausage Eggs Leopold tries to order sausage eggs for lunch.
34 Angry German Kid Tries to Find A Good Restaurant Leopold tries to find a good fast food restaurant on the Internet.
35 Angry German Kid Takes the Stupid Quiz Leopold takes the Stupid Quiz at school.
36 Angry German Kid Retakes the Stupid Quiz Leopold retakes the Stupid Quiz.
37 Angry German Kid Watches the Talking Puppy Leopold watches another cool video that MichaelsiCast sent him, but the video turns out to be a screamer.
38 Angry German Kid Gets Revenge on Michael After being pranked with the Talking Puppy video, Leopold wants to get revenge on MichaelsiCast.
39 Angry German Kid's Thanksgiving On Thanksgiving Day, Leopold bakes a turkey, with hilarious results!
40 Angry German Kid Gets Revenge on Michael...Again? Leopold has plan B on trying to get revenge on MichaelsiCast.
41 Angry German Kid's Christmas Leopold starts writing down his Christmas list, but will he get the presents he wants?


Title Description
42 Angry German Kid and the End of the World Leopold falls for the end of the world.
43 Angry German Kid And The Prank Emails Leopold tries to sleep, but is interrupted by prank emails.
44 Angry German Kid Cyber Bullies Michael Leopold cyber bullies MichaelsiCast.
45 Angry German Kid Goes On A Field Trip Leopold goes on a field trip to the museum!
46 AGK/iMichael: Interview with Leopold Slikk This counts as episode 46 of the series, and episode 53 of iMichael. Michael and Leroy interview Leopold.
47 Angry German Kid's Easter Leopold still believes in the Easter Bunny. So immature...
48 Angry German Kid Goes To Summer School For so many reasons, Leopold has to go to summer school!
49 Angry German Kid Gets Busted Leopold tries to go on the computer, but unfortunately, his mom catches him.
50 Angry German Kid Gets Commentates on MichaelsiCast Leopold does a commentary on MichaelsiCast.
51 Angry German Kid Gets Impostered Somebody is impostering Leopold on YouTube.

*In the original upload, Leopold had seen Bad Teacher instead of Zookeeper. One of the imposter's videos said "I'M GOING TO JUMP IN A VOLCANO AND KILL MYSELF!" which Mike changed to "I'M GOING TO RUN AWAY AND I'M NEVER COMING BACK!" due to receiving a comment reprimanding him for a suicide joke.


Title Description
52 Angry German Kid Goes to Hot Topic Leopold tries to buy the Epic Purple Shirt from Hot Topic, but he doesn't have enough money.
53 Angry German Kid Goes to Sonic Drive-In Leopold tries to order food from Sonic Drive-In.
54 Angry German Kid Gets Blocked From iMichael Wiki Leopold discovers that MichaelsiCast has made an iMichael wiki, and tries to vandalize it. What will happen when he finds out about this?
55 Angry German Kid Goes to A New School Leopold makes it to 11th grade, in a new school. How will he act?
56 Angry German Kid Goes to Pizza Hut Leopold tries to order a sausage egg pizza from Pizza Hut.

*This is the last AGK episode until episode 73 to use Mac voices.

57 Angry German Kid Goes on eBay Leopold tries to order a 3DS XL on eBay, but someone keeps trying to outbid him.
58 Angry German Kid's New Computer Leopold gets the Blue Screen of Death and tries to get the money for a new computer.

*From this episode on, most characters are voiced using Speakonia voices.

59 Angry German Kid And His Girlfriend Leopold has a way of coping with his dad's beatings.
60 Angry German Kid Tries to Cook Sausage Eggs Leopold tries to cook his own sausage eggs for him to eat. How will it turn out?
61 Angry German Kid Craps His Pants Leopold craps his pants in class and is punished for it.
62 Angry German Kid Goes to Dairy Queen Leopold goes to Dairy Queen.
63 Angry German Kid and the Final Exam Leopold takes his final exam for the year.
64 Angry German Kid and the Thunderstorm Leopold can't sleep during an overnight thunderstorm.
65 Angry German Kid Accidentally Goes to Leopold accidentally goes to instead of Google.
66 Angry German Kid's Birthday How will Leopold's birthday turn out?
67 Angry German Kid Goes to the Park Leopold finally goes outside and gets off the computer for once...or does he?
68 Angry German Kid's Girlfriend Gives Birth Leopold's girlfriend, Ashley, gives birth to their baby, whom Leopold did NOT want.
69 Angry German Kid Gets Kidnapped ... ... ...
70 Angry German Kid Gets Kidnapped (Part 2) Just before Leopold has a chance to escape, he flashes back to the wild events that never happened.
71 Angry German Kid Escapes What will become of Leopold and his dad now?
72 Angry German Kid's YouTube Account Gets Terminated Leopold gets terminated from YouTube for probably the 50th time in six years, and eventually gets himself banned.
73 Angry German Kid Gets Interrogated Leopold gets interrogated, suddenly remembering a law forbidding stupidity where he once lived.

*As the police in this episode are the same from the older episodes, they are voiced by Mac voices.

74 Angry German Kid Encounters Spirits Leopold escapes from interrogation.
75 Angry German Kid in the Forest of Spirits Can Leopold get out of trouble now?
76 Angry German Kid and the Power Outage While a substitute is filling in for Ms. Ballsax, Leopold freaks out over a power outage.
77 Angry German Kid Watches the K-fee Commercials Leopold watches a certain commercial, and stumbles upon more of them.
78 Angry German Kid Interviews MichaelsiCast 2017 MichaelsiCast is back with Leroy (from the old series iMichael) to interview Leopold.
79 Angry German Kid Goes to Church's Chicken Leopold tries to order from Church's Chicken, but the drive-thru employee won't put up with him.
80 Angry German Kid's Valentine's Day Leopold and Ashley enjoy Valentine's Day together.
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