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Windows is the operating system from Microsoft. Various versions of Windows make up the majority of operating systems installed on computers around the world. Owing to its popularity among users, the line has been a frequent target for malware, and, especially in consumer editions (even more so in Windows 9x/ME), subject to bugs and security exploits, although some of the latter bugs and exploits can sometimes be attributed to errors or complacency on part of the user. The most popular version of Windows is currently Windows 7, though Windows XP has been popular until recent years, when Microsoft officially retired XP and ceased support for the operating system in April 8, 2014. The recently-released Windows 8 has caused much criticism for its new Metro interface, which replaces the traditional Explorer interface, for it's overly-simplistic design, low level of personalization and for being more touch-screen oriented. Similar criticism was made on other products that were given the Metro treatment, like Office 2013.

Leopold's computer

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Leopold often encounters viruses, errors making his computer to always runs slow. 


AngryGermanKid82's AGK Series

In episode 37, Leopold bought a computer with Windows 7 pre-installed. He expected it would be faster than the old one, but actually not.[1]

TheKewlOne96's AGK Series

In episode 14, Leopold was seen using Windows Vista when making a Downfall parody.[2]

CDiFan237's AGK Series

Leopold uses Windows Vista in his series. In Series 2 Episode 5, Leopold encountered a virus called "Windows Destroyer" and was forced to downgrade his OS to Windows XP.[3] Then Windows 98, and then Windows 3.0. When he tried to scan the virus and remove it, he encountered the 2G1C virus. It ends with Leopold formatting the whole drive and start over finding the real Service Pack update.

RCT3Crashes100's AGK Series

Leopold briefly mentions that the computer in the room he is staying in at the Hotel Adlon has Windows 98 installed on it in episode 5, and gets angry because he can't install Unreal Tournament 2003 on it. He then installs Windows 8 on the machine, and then installs Unreal Tournament 2003. However, RCT3Crashes100 actually really likes Windows 98, and thus this wasn't reflecting the creator's feelings on the OS.

AGKandvideomaker2000's AGK Series

In episode 10, Leopold wanted to upgrade to Windows 8.1, but everytime he does, he downgrades it.[4] He was also seen using Vista. he "upgraded" his system to XP, and then Windows 2000, and then ther is two fictional systems: RG and shit. Leopold got frustrated and beat up Leonard and his father. And then he went out to the street, beating AGKandvideomaker2000 into severe injury, smashing every keyboard in Computer world, and finally got grounded, sued by AGKavm2000, banned from Computer World, and went to Jail.

Angry German Kid Generations's AGK Series

  • The first Episode in TheAGKGenerations' AGK Parodies. Leopold wanted to play Unreal Tournament, does his usual routine, and types "Windows XP". Once he found his "answer", he stumbled across the Microsoft website, reading thoroughly at XP's last words to the users. He then rages at Microsoft and repeated what he said, thus giving him enough rage to leave his room.
  • Later on in Episode 2, he has planned to install Windows 7. Like noob Windows users, 30 minutes later he got the "Windows not Genuine" notification from Windows and didn't know how to fix it.
  • A bit further in Episode 4, he had planned to install Windows 8 but since 8 is simular to 7, he had the same problem, thus letting anger into himself. He leaves again.
  • Possibly coming soon in Episode 23, Leopold may take action against Microsoft or attempt something else. Currently, further information is TBD.