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MohdAKsnake creates parodies for one purpose and one purpose only-entertainment.

He aims to provide his subscribers with quality and original parodies. By creating a 100% original storyline with inspirations from other AGK makers such as RobertChamp and TheKewlOne96.

The storyline brings 2 Universe's together though intense adventures which Leopold, an ordinary kid has to go through in order to keep the world at peace. The real Universe in combination with the MohdAKsnake universe, gives you 3 seasons and one premiere of a movie of this story.

He closed his channel in October 2013.[1]

On July 2015 His AGK Trilogy was reuploaded by Phil Sundler (Peter's younger brother).



  • Leopold Slikk - (Aged 16 as of Episode 4-18, born 1st August 1995) The main protagonist of the entire series and the main man of the angry trio. Leopold is just an ordinary kid with an unordinary life. Even though he has a few troubles in life, his friends and family are always there for him.
  • Ronald Ramirez - (Aged 16 born December 10th 1995) Leopold's friend and the brawns of the angry trio.
  • Jake Randolf - (Aged 15 born June 3rd 1996) Leopold's friend and the brains of the angry trio
  • Eliza "Liz" Cicanzia - (Aged 16 born 27th March 1996)Leopold's Girlfriend, also called "Liz" for short. Leopold and Liz met in Frankfurt high, where Leopold was supposed to give Liz a tour of the School as she was a new student from Italy. Liz got expelled from all schools in Italy for playing games out of boredom and since she comes from a rich background, her father decided to send Liz to Germany as they had strict levels of discipline and to keep Liz away from perverts like Roberto the pervert in order to protect her innocence. Liz is upset about the whole thing as she had to leave her original home which held most of her memories with her mother who left the family when Liz was at a tender age. When she met Leopold In Episode 13: New Girl her entire opinion changed as he was different than the perverts in Italy, she decides to form a friendship with Leopold as they were both kind of the same. At one point when Liz wanted to meet Leopold before going home, Liz encounters Roberto who attempts to rape her but Leopold arrives just in time to save Liz. As a result, Liz kissed Leopold and became his girlfriend.
  • Francesco Cicanzia - (Aged 46 born 23rd February 1966) Father of Eliza Cicanzia, friends with Harold Slikk. He was formerly a strict father to Eliza until Francesco realised his guilt and decided to set things straight with Eliza. He even accepts Leopold to be Eliza's boyfriend as Leopold once saved Eliza from Roberto the pervert who was attempting to rape Eliza.
  • Leonard Slikk - (Aged 10 born 1st November 2001) Leopold's younger brother. Leopold rescues Leonard in "Episode 7: Angry German Kid finds his little brother" from the orphanage which was operated by Justin Bieber. Even though Justin Bieber escaped after witnessing Leopold at the orphanage, Leopold is still puzzled of why Justin is still alive even after Leopold saw Cartman crush Justin to death in "Episode 6: Angry German Kid destroys Ark Music Factory" nevertheless Leopold ignores the fact for a while and bought Leonard back to his real family. However Leonards return made Leopolds family life a living hell.
  • Harold Slikk - (Aged 44 born 1st March 1968) - Leopold's father. Whenever Leopold misbehaves, Harold beats up his son severly thinking that Leopold would learn his lesson. Harold still has a few anger issues and he tries to keep a peace in his family even though his brother Gregory's betrayal still scars him.
  • Sasha Slikk -  (Aged 39 born 4th May 1972) Leopold's mother. She was Gregory Slikks Ex girlfriend as Gregory left her with a woman with a name whos beginned with the letter 'E' as mentioned in "Episode 9: Angry German Kid Pranks his teacher".Her occupation is a Doctor and she used to be a former spy to undergo undercover work at Ark Music Factory. Even though she confused Harold with Gregory, Harold named himself Gregory in order to get married with Sasha. The entire truth is revealed on Episode 7 as Leopolds shocking facebook discovery led to him finding out his fathers real identity.
  • Hermann Fegelein - (Aged 28 born 5th October 1983) Leopold's beloved uncle. Fegelein ensures the safety for his dear nephew Leopold with the help of Himmler. He destroyed Ark Music Factory with Leopold and his main duties are to commit antics on Hitler to make him fall back with his plans to kill Leopold.
  • Traudl Junge - (Aged 22 born 16 March 1990) Fegelein's Girlfriend and future wife. She will support her boyfriend Fegelein no matter what the conflicts which come in between her and Fegelein.
  • MohdAKSnake - Leader of the Guardian Trio and the creator of the MohdAKsnake Universe. He takes the form of Naked Snake/Big Boss/Punished Snake from the MGS series. Alongside with the other members of the Guardian Trio, he protects the Universe from any evil processes and such.
  • Umar - MohdAKSnakes best friend and fully trusted ally. Also the Brains and the brawn of the Guardian Trio. Umar aids Mo in protecting the MohdAKsnake universe from dark flaws and evil processes and takes the form of Altair Ibn L'ahd upon entering the base in the original Universe which takes a person to the MohdAKsnake Universe.
  • GAMMA-One - The abbreviation of Guerilla Arsenal Mankind medalist android- One, this is the final form of ALPHA-One. The One Man Army of the Guardian Trio. He is a creation of MohdAKsnake with a few attributes of the InFamous protagonist Cole MacGrath. His main duties are to ensure that the humanity of Planet Earth is stable and to ensure the safety of Leopold Slikk.
  • The Guardian Trio

    834U7Y - A female android of whose creator is unknown. She also carries the same duties as GAMMA-One and also GAMMA-Ones Girlfriend.
  • Master - (Aged 44 born 1st January 1968) Leopold's mentor with a mother type figure. She was found by Fegelein in a dangerous alleyway fending off gang rape group who was attempting to molest an underaged teenage girl going inside a bus. The gang carried deadly weaponary and fought dangerously but nethertheless, Master fought back. Impressed by her tactics in self defense, Fegelein immediately hired Master to train Leopold to become the perfect Soldier as Master is a highly trained Veteran. Her name at this time in unknown and so are her whereabouts. Master has always been a mother type figure for Leopold whenever Leopold spoke to her about his deepest personal feelings and all, after all she gave Leopold advice on how to treat females after Leopold told her about Liz.  


  • Adolf Hitler - Still angry that Leopold swore at him when Leopold was working at burger king. His fury led him to the planning of the assassination of Leopold. Even though Himmlers and Fegeleins attempt to change Hitlers diet to Dog excretions, their efforts has been futile as Hitler still wants revenge.
  • Goebbels - Also known as "Skeletor" and he is one of Hitlers most trusted henchman. Not much is known about him and the records of his families history fortolds that he posesses Skeletors power. He is ordered by Hitler to kill Leopold.
  • Alfred Jodl - One of Hitler's most distrusted henchmen because of his boldness and habits of objecting. He is the main guardian of the Golden Keyboard. However in episode 17, he made the decision of teaming up with the Slikks to stop Hitlers feud.
  • Britany Nolife - Leopolds fake mum. She mothered Leopold terribly for 15-16 years. Once Leopold discovered her true identity, he killed Britany and went to find his real parents. Also she is a serial child molester. Also she is the sister of Casey Anthony (Also DEAD).
  • Chris Crocker - He raped Britany and framed Eminem. He was killed by Leopold in Episode 6.
  • Justin Bieber- Former worker of Ark Music factory. After being crushed by Cartman in Episode 6, his ressurection in Episode 7 is unknown.
  • Mr. Asslixdixit - Leopolds teacher and principal but fired in Episode 17: New Girl. OFSTED reports that he is one of the worst teachers of the planet. With the fact being spread out in the UK he learns German and teaches the average rich kids in Germany. His signature punishment for misbehaving students is "I shall telephone your parents about this" and it takes him 2 hours to explain the process of Osmosis. It is known by a fact that he may be a pedofile. Leopold and his gang commenced an antic to get him fired in Episode 17.
  • Stephen Quire - Leopolds rival and untrusted ally. After the events of Episode 9, nothing was heard about him.
  • Gregory Slikk - Much is not known about him, rumours are that he has disowned himself from the Slikk family and he is the eldest brother of Harold and Fegelein. Another rumour has been that Fegelein stuck a knife up his ass by accident which Fegelein regrets and didnt get a chance to apologise as he was only 2 back then.

Episodes and date of setting

Season 1

Episode 1 - Angry German Kid plays The Impossible Quiz (30th July 2011)
The start of the series, Leopold plays the impossible quiz with the intention of completing it however fails miserably.
Episode 2 - Angry German Kid finds his real parents|
Part 1 (31st July 2011)
Leopold is upset of how his life is treating him and upset about the fact that his "Mother" pulverised him for saying "Rebecca Black Friday sucks". Calmed down, Leopold says "Justin gay Bieber" in front of his "mother" and his mother then beat him up. The next day, Leopold decides to listen to a few Chris Brown tracks however his mother is still pissed of with the Rihanna beat up incident and pulverises Leopold and deletes every single Chris Brown track on his computer. After a week of intense treatment, Leopold decides to watch the music video of Eminem Superman and his mother misunderstood Leopold thinking that he was watching pornography and asked Leopold is the guy Marshall Mathers on the video. Leopold exaggerates that he wasnt watching porn and reluctanly agrees that Marshall Mathers was the guy in the video. His mother tells Leopold that Marshall Mathers raped her and he is not allowed to watch Eminems music videos or listen to his music. Pissed off with the lie, Leopold screams to his mother that Why does she hate Leopold so much and his mother says "I am not your fucking biological mum". After stating the truth, the mother decides to go "Shopping" and leaves. Leopold swore to kill that woman who faked to be his mother and find his real parents.
Part 2 (31st July 2011)
Uncertain with the oath that Leopold made which could be fulfilled. His computer speaks to him and explains everything. The "shopping" which the fraud woman has mentioned is actually her raping children. Leopold plans out everything with the help of his computer, Leopold swears to kill Britany not just for himself but for the children of Hamburg. Leopold meets his friend Jake Randalf for the weapon known as the Ion painter. After obtaining the Ion painter, Leopold knocks out Britany and drags her to the garden all tied up (may not show that on the video) and demands the truth. Kanye West interrupts the conversation and Leopold smashes his skull and tells him to get lost. After hearing the truth, Leopold penetrates Britany with the Ion Painter and sets off to search for his real parents. Upon arriving at Frankfurt, his real father is unconvinced and is later convinced after hearing the story and carrying out quickie DNA tests. Leopold hears that his mother is proclaimed dead and mourns for his loss.
Episode 3 - Angry German Kid gets an iPhone (1st August 2011)
In this episode, Fred throws Leopolds phone in a pond and Leopold wants to get a new phone with the ability to use the AVGN app so he decides to get an iPhone. Knowing the cost, Leopold finds a job at burger king. However, Leopolds first customer who is Adolf Hitler is served without respect as Leopold told him to get lost as Hitler scolded Jodl for saying if he can eat the burger in order to save Hitlers life. Hitler gets his burger and is dissatisfied. The second customer turned out to be the most angriest and fattiest ranters known as Normsbarstool. Leopold tells him to lose weight and come back later and Norm later curses Leopold and complains to the customer service just like what Hitler did. Leopolds supervisor sends Leopold to Lord Sugar to decide if he is to be sacked and Leopold faces the fact he has been fired and lost his pay due to smashing Lord Sugars keyboard. Later at home, Leopold receives a lecture about working at a placement from his computer which made Leopold even more angry. Leopolds dad later calls Leopold to give Leopold his birthday present. The iPhone 4! A happy Leopold discovers about his uncle known as the "Ghost" and the occasion known as birthdays and later dances.
Episode 4 - Back to school (6th September 2011)
About Leopold seeing the Coppercab gangnam style video early... lets just say that the time in the real universe is more forward than the time in the MohdAKSnake Universe) : Leopold is sent back to school by his father on account of laziness. Leopold is then ended up in school only to discover that his teacher and Principal is a pig of a person and a Paedophile.
Episode 5 - Angry German Kid destroys Ark Music factory (4th October 2011)
Leopold receives shocking and phenomenal news that his mother is alive and well. However from her undercover work at Ark Music Factory, she insists Leopold and his Uncle Fegelein to destroy Ark Music Factory. Fegelein steals the AK 47's from the bunker and sets off to America with his nephew to destroy the factory. After destroying the factory, the Ark Music Factory leader, Kessler is not dead. Leopold and Fegelein try to fend for their lives by trying to kill Kessler but he is vunerable to bullet fire. Before Leopolds life flashed between his eyes, a strange thunder came and summoned "Cole MacGrath" who kills Kessler. Leopold and Fegelein returns back to Germany after a long day.
Episode 6 - Angry German Kid finds his little brother (1st November 2011)
Discovering that the "Gregory Slikk" on facebook turned out not to be his father, Leopold demands an explanation from his father for his true identity. His father reveals that he is "Harold Slikk" and Gregory was his brother. Leopolds mother also confesses that Harold has another son who has been kidnapped and sent to an orphanage. Despite that the operators may deadly, Leopold sets off to retrieve his brother. Upon arriving at the orphanage, Leopold is stunned to see Justin Bieber all alive and well after witnessing him being crush by Cartman. Justin Bieber mysteriously dissapears and Leopold decides to go back home with his brother.
Episode 7 - Angry German Kid watches Green0rreds videos (2nd November 2011)
Leopold is angry with the fact that people in his school states that Vice city is better than San Andreas. He finds a channel on Youtube which upload voting videos on trivial things such as Vice city vs San Andreas a lá Green0rred. Leopold enjoys voting on his videos until he encounters a video called "Xbox 360 VS PS3" and confirms that Xbox 360 is better. Upon hearing that Leonard becomes furious and starts to insult the 360. Leopold furiously beats up Leonard and later Harold encounters Leopold and scolds Leopold saying that Leonard is his little brother. Leopold exclaims the fact that Leonard stated something bad about the 360. An angry Harold exclaims that the 360 VS PS3 argument is futile and states that the Wii is better. Leonard agrees and Leopold disagrees and later gets beaten up by his dad.
Episode 8 - Season Finale - Christmas Special (20-25th December 2011)
Leopold spends his first christmas with his real family but didnt go as quite planned...

Season 2

Episode 9 - Angry German Kid Pranks his Teacher (10th January 2012)
Leopold is furious that his MW3 CD turned out to be a copy of the Tunak Tunak Tun video. Leopold then decides to tell his uncle to steal the items that he wanted for christmas. By luck, Fegelein visits the house to introduce the family to his new Girlfriend Traudl. Leopold then grabs a chance to tell Fegelein of what he desires. Fegelein agrees as long Leopold tests his new antic on his teacher and record the process. At school, Leopold discovers that his teachers name is Mr.Asslixdixit and is humoured. Leopold then suffers of the 2 hour boredom of learning about osmosis and gets his recess break. Leopold needs to divert a distress call in order to pull his teacher out of the classroom and go in and activate the prank. Leopold thought of a solution which is to furiate his rival Stephen Quire. After successfully furiating Stephen, Leopold is then chased after by a naked and furiated Stephen which came to Mr. Asslixdixit's attention who accused Stephen for attempted rape. Leopold successfully activates the prank and runs off to the bathroom to avoid suspision. Leopold then records the pranks function taking place and is humoured at the same time. Leopold sends the footage to his uncle and his teacher scolds him and suspends him for 2 months. Leopold is then beaten up by his father and as a result of his suspension, Leopold is grounded for a month without any sausage eggs and his deal with Fegelein is called off. Leopold starts crying and later receives a text from Fegelein stating that he will be repaied for his deeds eventually.
Episode 10~12 - Trilogy
Episode 10 - New Friends New Faces (23rd March 2012)
Hitler orders Goebbels to kill Leopold and Goebbels happily agrees and states that he has a brilliant plan which will involve the death of the entire Slikk family. Hitler gives him a potion which will make him more powerful and Goebbels has become Skeletor. Upon hearing the plans, Fegelein sets foot out of the bunker to save his family until unexpectedly GAMMA-One appears and offers to help.
Episode 11 - An unusual expectancy (23rd March 2012)
The GAMMA-Army arrives at the jungle where the 2 victims of BlackWarGreymons attack are seeking for help. After seeing the injured Micky, everybody is furiated and 2funnyversionIV, Danny, NXTurbo007, TheMultiroleman, MrLuigi98 tries to fight head on with BlackWarGreymon but fails just after TheDrApocalypse tries to explain to them they needed a forcefield. Upon hearing that, Aegis devises a plan with Kewl and he agrees. The 2 survivors decides to pay Blackwargreymon a visit and Kewl shoots the Jokers knee with the arrow which stuns him. Blackwargreymon seeks revenge but fails to do so as Aegis has deployed his ultimate forcefield. Kewl, Aegis and Blackwargreymon has a battle. Kewl and Aegis wins the battle but Kewl nearly had his life on the line but still succeeded. Blackwargreymon and Joker starts to glow and unexpectedely turn into WarGreymon and Batman respectively. Kewl and Aegis are confused and it took time for them to understand the situation clearly, Wargreymon was Ilyaas8 and Batman was Joshpreet, Aegis then explains the functions of Goebbels special hypnotism and Kewl is convinced and forgives Ilyaas and Josh. Then Aegis receives the healing powers and heals everybody on site. Everybody decides to team up together, go into a dark cave and retrieve the golden keyboard together as a huge team.
Episode 12 - World War 2.0000000000001 (Midnight 24th March 2012)
The GAMMA Army travels to Madagascar to stop Goebbels schemes of destroying the Solar System with the aid of MohdAKsnake's assistant Umar. The army meet Micky, TheDrapocalypse, Ilyaas, Josh and 834U7Y along the way. Together they fought with the elite soldiers of the Nazis with a hint of epicness, comedy, sorrow and heartwarming moments.
Episode 13 - New Girl (26-30th March 2012)
Leopold is asked by his teacher to give the new foreign student from Italy a tour of the school. Leopold is told that he would be rewarded Windows 7 on his school PC so long he does things right. However when Leopold first saw the girl, he had strong feelings towards her. Also outside of school, Fegelein pay's a Female battle Major elite Veteran to train Leopold in order to prepare for danger whenever GAMMA-One is too busy and doesnt arrive to help.
Episode 14 - Brotherly "love" (6th April 2012)
Harold and Sasha goes on holiday for the weekend trusting Leopold to look after Leonard during the time. However if Leopold fails to fulfill his duty then Harold would give him a severe punishment. So whatever Leonard asks for, is Leopolds command. Little does Leopold know that Leonard is trying to humiliate him in the worst way possible.
Episode 15 - The Dark Cap of FridayBabyProblems (7th April 2012)
Leonard is up and running again and the kids decide to play on the kinect, however Jake discovers something anomalous of the cap and calls Leopold and Ronald to aid him. By the time Leopold and Ronald arrived, the dark cap turned into its true form.
Episode 16 - An unexpected Alliance (7th April 2012)
Leopold and friends are about to get defeated by the dark cap spirit until an unknown person gets involved in the action. Little do they know that the Unknown Hero is one of the most powerful beings of the MohdAKsnake Universe.
Episode 17 - First Date (9th April 2012)
Leopold and Liz are very excited for their date. However Asslixdixit has less concerns for their happiness. Leopold, Liz, Jake and Ronald form a plan for an Antic to get rid of Asslixdixit once and for all. Meanwhile Hitler is planning his apocalyptic plan to kill Leopold once and for all. However fires one general in the process who then seeks for the Slikks care.
Episode 18 - Season Finale - Hitler Invades Frankfurt (10th April 2012)|
Jodl offers a home to the Slikks in Hamburg to hide out in during Hitler's attack on Frankfurt. However Harold is thinking about something....

Season 3

Episodes 19~21
MohdAKsnake decided to retire now, so in future episodes Hitler actually turns out to be Gregory Slikk, Fegelein and Traudl gets married, Harold and Fegelein tries to knock some sense into Hitler but Hitler unleashed harm on them. Leopold decides to end all this with the help with his golden keyboard, succeeds and knocks some sense into Hitler. After realising his mistake, Hitler reunites with his family.
Episode 22~23
Leopold then returns to school with a new Principal, Miss Sabre who turns out to be better than Asslixdixit. Then #211212 is born, Leopold and 834U7Y investigate this matter but ends up getting ambushed by the experiment itself. However they are saved with the help from the guardian trio, Miss Sabre and her brother Zero. Then MohdAKsnake transports Leopold into the Brotherhood of the Snake temple where Leopold met all his friends, GAMMA proposes to 834U7Y to spends his eternity with her. Leopold then returns home only to see his brother, mom and dad slaughtered, Liz, Francesco and Hitler consoles Leopold for his loss. However in the asylum in the edge of the universe, MohdAKsnake realises that the dark source is missing and since Roberto was the only person to witness everything, MohdAKsnake interrogates him.
Episode 24
After interrogating Roberto, MohdAKsnake decides to track the location of the dark source. Meanwhile Leopold is drunk and Fegelein arrives from his honeymoon to help Leopold get back on his feet. MohdAKsnake manages to locate the dark source, the location was none other than the White House in the USA. With the help of new friends, Leopold travels to the US to infiltrate the White house. Upon arriving, the ally team are ambushed by hordes and hordes of enemies while Leopolds team moves on and are suprised to see Asslixdixit there who is actually involved with the dark source, Leopold and his friends kill Asslixdixit. Leopold and his friends move onto the Presedential office only to see Justin Bieber there, Leopold then engages into a battle with Justin Bieber and are in for a suprise. #211212 disguised himself as Bieber just so he can get damage inflicted on the dark source to make him immune to mortal powers. Leopold and the  allies return to the Brotherhood temple and tells Snake everything.
Episode 25
Master is consoling Leopold over his loss while MohdAKSnake decides its time to find who the time paradox duplicate is as that person created #211212 in the first place. MohdAKsnake gives GAMMA his new upgrades and then finds out the location of the time paradox duplicate on the very date of 21/12/12 where its rumoured that the paradox master plans to unleash #211212 into the core of the Earth and destroy it causing a Major paradox which involves the deletion of the Universe. Leopold, Liz and Snake decides to take a steady approach, Leopold and Liz moves into the Gym where the paradox master is located but however are shocked to see that the Paradox master is none other than Master, Leopolds mentor. Who also turned out to be Liz's mother. Master does not explain her actions and she claimed that she only did it for her own good. Master is about to kill Leopold and Liz for interfering with her plans but Snake disarms her and lectures her. Master apparently was Snake's former assistant who created Kessler and Snake states that he only hired her just so he could cure her cancer and by the time she left the premises he found a cure. Liz is extremely shocked that her mother kept a lot of things hidden. Snake requests master to leave the children alone then Master retreats with #211212 as she believes that she wants to be left alone. Snake decides its time to welcome Liz and Leopold into the brotherhood and conducts a ceremony. Snake gives Leopold his Bandana and also transfers the golden keyboard into his soul to give a rising to a new set of guardians: The golden Guardians.

Movie: The Time Paradox Duplicate

Leopold and his friends conduct a funeral for Leonard, Sasha and Harold. After the funeral, Leopold and his friends go home to prepare for the very battle which determines the fate of the Universe. However at night, the house is surrounded by an Army of cyborgs and Hitler manages to push them away and get Leopold and his friends to safety by calling Speer to arrange Air transport. Snake arrives and teleports Leopold and his friends to the base located in the real Universe. Snake is working on a project with Fegelein of a device which allows an Admin of a Universe to add any event to the true flow of time for the sake of Leopold and Liz's relationship as they feel that they wont meet in the true flow of time. Fegelein on the other hand is working on an Android Ninja named SLIKK-One to aid in battles. Few weeks later on New years day 2013, Snake locates the time period and location of Master, the funeral of Olof Slikk (Leopolds grandfather). Leopold, Ronald, Jake, SLIKK-One, GAMMA-One, Snake, Umar, Fegelein and Hitler travels back in time to end the paradox once and for all.

Upon arriving Leopold and his friends engages in a battle with the cyborgs while Leopold goes after Master and GAMMA goes after #211212. Leopold is about to get stabbed by #211212 but Liz gets in the way and gets stabbed herself. Furiated, Leopold thrashes #211212 but GAMMA takes over and Snake takes Liz who then tells Leopold to go after Master. Upon meeting Master, Leopold realises that Masters intentions were actually noble but unorthodox. She herself wanted to stop the paradox in the way time wanted to, getting killed by a close companion exactly on the day of Olof's funeral of how the paradox started and how Master convinced young Hitler to leave his family and rebuild the Nazi's. Master gave young Master a list of tasks to complete then Master killed herself. This process was kept in loop until Snake met young Master who was diagnosed with Leukemia. Snake offered her a job and in return offered her a cure once its finalised, however each step Master took progressed the full effect of the paradox to take place. After building Kessler, Master realised that she had to go away from this Universe and so she decided to go on a journey speaking to men of great wisdom and it also resulted in her leaving her own Daughter Liz and her Husband Francesco.

Master then learned of what time really wanted and with the knowledge she gained working for Snake, she made a plan of her own to save the Universe. Master didnt want the death of Leopolds family as she only told #211212 to give Leopold such pain that he would get emotional and get angry later on just so Leopold can get more motivated to gain more strength and hopes for GAMMA's success in fighting #211212. Leopold and Master engaged in a final battle to the death and same for GAMMA and #211212, Leopold defeats Master and GAMMA destroys #211212 for real. Master tells Leopold and Liz how much she admires and loves them, Liz gets emotional and Master hands Leopold her favourite weapon to end her once and for all, with great difficulty Leopold pulls the trigger to end all of it. Everybody congratulates Leopold and Leopold then wakes up with his brother trying to wake him up, Leopold gets happy and sees that his mother and father are alive. Leopold then remembers Liz and becomes dead worried thinking that he might not have met Liz ever. Leopold goes outside and meets Jake and Ronald who are proud of the success of defeating Master to restore the true time flow, Leopold asks about Liz and Jake states that he doesnt know any Liz (in a sarcastic way) which then made Leopold scream and run towards Liz's home. Upon arriving,

Leopold see's Liz who pretends she doesnt know Leopold, seeing Leopolds emotions as his hopes went down. Liz states that she was only kidding and kisses Leopold. Leopold even meets Master of the true time flow who's name was Lorna Cicanzia and she treated Leopold like her own even though she was not the same Master who trained Leopold. Fegelein stands there enjoying the sight of celebration and Snake approaches him, Fegelein and Snake have a final conversation based on time and the changes of certain events. The changes included that Danny wasnt destined to die by Fegelein's hands, Britanny Nolife was destined to serve a prison sentence while her unborn child is subject to professional foster care, Goebbels strand of Skeletors DNA was destined to be destroyed after having a spiked juice as the effects of whisky and orange juice results in the deletion of an evil DNA strand. Also the Universe of MohdAKsnake was destined to flow without singers like Justin Bieber, record label Ark Music factory etc.

After the events of the battles in Olof Slikks funeral, Snake had to speak with young Master to follow a different path as well as giving her the cure to Leukemia, Snake also advised the path she should actually take like go to Italy, get married, get a child, go to Germany 16 years later and treat her Daughters boyfriend like her own son.

Snake then spoke to young Hitler and convinced him to stay for the will of Olof Slikk, just so Hitler will realise his guilt and stick with his family, that also went successful plus Snake had to use the Timeline invention to ensure that these entries in the true flow of Time is stabilised with the flow.

After the conversation with Fegelein, Snake bids farewell and trusts the safety of his Universe lie in the hands of Leopold and his children who are the Universe's Golden guardians.


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