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Message from MouseVideoMakerAGK70 (About the Retire):
"Well, Right now my brother just deleted all my things. Now i just have AVG and Google Chrome. And he even deleted Mozilla. And the most important thing, He deleted Sony Vegas from my computer. I lost everything. I didn't liked that.

So i guess my job ends here.

I was a good Video Maker in the AGK Meme.

I'm happy with the friends i made.

This is MouseVideoMakerAGK70. Bye!"

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The Slikk family


  • Jake Randolf - One of the best Leopold's friends
  • Angry Sims Kid (AKA Simon Slikk) - The Leopold's old brother
  • Kaeru Otoko - Jake's brother
  • Metal Leopold - The most awesome Leopold's friend (Not on the Series anymore. Being replaced by Mouse Video Maker)
  • Mouse Video Maker - The most awesome Leopold's friend and likes to make videos
  • Adolf Hitler - Leopold's allie
  • Sonic The Hedgehog - Leopold's best allie
  • Yoshi - Leopold's helper

Episode List

Note: Upcoming episodes are in italic and planned episodes are in bold.


  1. AGK goes to School
  2. AGK meets Metal Leopold
  3. AGK vs. Corruptus
  4. AGK plays Sonic.exe
  5. AGK vs. Sonic.exe (Part 1/2)
  6. AGK vs. Sonic.exe (Part 2/2)
  7. AGK's old brother
  8. AGK vs. M. Bison
  9. AGK vs. Boris & Ms. Martin
  10. AGK plays Abandoned: Discovery Island
  11. AGK vs. PN Mickey
  12. AGK plays Five Nights at Freddy's
  13. AGK plays Five Nights at the AGK Studio
  14. AGK skips School
  15. AGK meets Kaeru Otoko
  16. AGK plays Official Five Nights at Treasure Island (Five Nights at Treasure Island Remastered 3.0)
  17. AGK downloads a fake NES emulator
  18. AGK gets a Virus
  19. AGK and the Mouse Video Maker


Season 1

  1. AGK gets a Virus
  2. AGK goes to School
  3. AGK and the Mouse Video Maker
  4. AGK skips School
  5. AGK gets another Virus
  6. AGK plays Abandoned: Discovery Island
  7. AGK vs. PN Mickey
  8. AGK plays AGK.exe
  9. AGK vs. AGK.exe (Part 1/2)
  10. AGK vs. AGK.exe (Part 2/2)
  11. AGK pretends to be sick
  12. AGK and his Grandpa

Season 2

  1. AGK explodes School
  2. AGK meets AJK
  3. AGK and the New School
  4. AGK goes away
  5. AGK vs. True Mickey (Part 1/2)
  6. AGK vs. True Mickey (Part 2/2)

Season 3

  1. AGK watches Don't hug me i'm scared
  2. AGK meets Dark Mouse Video Maker
  3. AGK & Dark MVM vs. Corruptus

Season 4

  1. AGK plays The Impossible Quiz
  2. AGK watches Greatest Freakout Ever

More episodes coming soon...


  • FNaF. So it's gonna be in his series
  • FNaTI. So it's gonna be in his series
  • Being good on the AGK community
  • The Atarster's AGK series


  • The BSOD
  • Barry abusing Leopold in other AGK series


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