Mr. Fuxface is Leopold´s 8th grade teacher on AGKandvideomaker2000´s (new) series, his first cameo has been in AGK ep 1.


This character is really calm down and tries to be a good teacher but can´t due to Leopold´s actions trought out the series. Fuxface also has the voice of Microsoft Sam.


Ep 1: Angry german kid gets suspended

Ep 11: Angry german kid plays Einhander

Ep 15: Angry german kid takes the stupid quiz

Ep 18: Angry german kid cuts school

Ep 22: Angry german kid has a lockdown drill

Ep 28: Angry german kid stays late at school

Ep 30: Angry german kid goes to detention

Ep 33: Angry german kid pulls the fire alarm

Ep 34: Angry german kid falls on love 

Ep 38: Angry german kid vs stephen quire

Ep 48: Angry german kid´s essay

Ep 57: Angry german kid vs Angry sims kid

Ep 58: Angry german kid skips school

Ep 63: Angry german kid plays Happy wheels

Ep 65: Angry german kid goes to omegle

Ep 69: Angry german kid´s new teacher

Ep 71: Angry german kid starts a foodfight at school

Ep 73: Angry german kid starts a fight on school

Ep 74: Angry german kid takes the stupid quiz...again

Ep 81: Angry german kid does a spelling test

Ep 87: AGK ignites a riot at school (AKA AGK's new school year)

Ep 100: AGK's school bans computers

About his appeareances

Sometimes this character will be an antagonist on the school episodes and sometimes he will be a support character to help the plot to move out or just for the shake of a joke


AGKandvideomaker2000 said to a friend on skype the future of Fuxface and he said that he won´t be an antagonist anymore and less of a support character due to Leopold passing to 9th grade, this character might appear on future school episodes but not that much. He is replaced as Leopold's teacher by Mr. Diesel, a Goanimate voice actor who started working in the school after Leopold blew up the Goanimate Headquarters and since the previous 9th grade teacher was fired for doing drugs in the school.

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