“Hello, class. My name is Mr. Stevenson. I will be your teacher for your 10th Grade year.”
Mr. Stevenson

Mr. Stevenson is Leopold's teacher for his new school in AngryGermanKid82's Angry German Kid Series, and Mrs. Sukscox's replacement after Leopold blew up his old school in episode 64.


  • In episode 67, Leopold meets Stevenson and he tells him to do his writing. Leopold finishes it stupidly, and Mr. Stevenson sends him to Principal Lixadik's office.
  • In episode 70, Mr. Stevenson didn't like Leopold's essay and sleeping in his class, and sends him to Lixadik's office.
  • In episode 72, Mr. Stevenson and Lixadik were watching a funny movie until the Terminator Robot Principal Diknoz comes into the room, only to be kicked out by Lixadik and Stevenson.
  • Mr. Stevenson is much nicer than Mrs. Sukscox, but still scolds Leopold.
  • Stevenson's name is the only name in all AGK parodies not having puns with/or bad words.
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