Mr. Tagawa is Leopold Slikk's geometry teacher and is one of the fierce teachers like Mr. Here. He is one of the high curriculum teachers in Sun Tertiary School.

Class history

  • English (1991-1993)
  • Science (1993)
  • Social Studies (1993-94)
  • Math-geometry (1994-present)


  • It is revealed that Mr. Tagawa is secretly Leah Handgraab's father.
  • The name comes from a generated teacher name from the school game, Pocket Academy.


  • Giving extra time on important geometry tests
  • Leopold (sometimes)
  • Printing tests
  • Drinking 7up


  • Leopold calling people vulgar names often like "boomers", "dingus", etc.
  • Big Mac burgers, probably because of mayo and the sauce
  • Mrs. Oto
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