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MrMouser's Angry German Kid Series is a closed AGK series.



Angry German Kid Watches Caillou Joins the Circus in Go!Animate with Bad Words

Leopold starring to watch Caillou who joins the circus, his father, Harold heard Caillou's Daddy swearing, Caillou's father sounds like Penn from Penn and Teller. Harold starring to turn Leopold's Computer off and Leopold gone sad.

Angry German Kid and the 3 weather warnings

Leopold checks the weather and someone saying in Japanese as the Female voice. Later, Leopold heard a Thunderstorm with the Hurricane and Tornado Warning and starring to wait, as the Sun comes back.

Angry German Kid Hates Stompeez

Leopold is having fun to watch Cartoon Network, but then, Stompeez arrived when kids say "Stomp Stomp Stomp, STOMPEEZ!" and Leopold have a big badass tantrum, he turns the volume down, the Kids did not say "Stomp Stomp Stomp, STOMPEEZ!" again and its higher and Leopold gone mad and leaves away.

Angry German Kid Gets Annoying By I.M. Meen

Leopold plays the DOS Game, I.M. Meen. But then, he was annoying by I.M. Meen (in a Peter Berkrot voice) "Hey, Bookworm!". Leopold stop calling "Bookworm". And then kills him until 2015.

Angry German Kid Goes to Dunkin Donuts

Leopold is hungry and he goes to Dunkin Donuts. He orders 90 Donuts, 60 Coffees, 2 Cupcakes and a 1 Zebra Cake. But he can't order, Leopold takes home and leaves.

Angry German Kid watches DeVario Lopez's GoAnimate videos

Leopold starring to watch DeVario Lopez's GoAnimate videos such as Howard the Series, The Collins Family and Mean Big Sister. He starring with Mean Big Sister, start off with Mean Big Sister Destroys the Baby's New Toy, although Leopold gets mad and smashes keyboard when he did not like Baby's crying. His next one was Howard the Series. It was episode 11 (Ivy is Born). And then Leopold mad and leaves.

Angry German Kid Plays Kaizo Mario World

Leopold Slikk plays a Japanese CD-ROM Game. He is hard to that Mario gets died. And Leopold hates it.

Angry German Kid Gets Smashing Keyboard Too Much

Leopold goes to his room, and watches Adults smashes Keyboard on YouTube back in 2006 and 2010. However, Leopold prepares to smash Keyboard for 789 hours. And his hands get spanking.

Angry German Kid Makes a French VHS Opening

Leopold goes to his room, and finds a picture of the French VHS of Wario and Treasure Video Games Nintendo (French as "Wario et Treasure Jeux Video Nintendo"), later. He made a opening contents a Warning screen, A Special Message after the Movie, the Feature Presentation logo, the THX logo, the Formatted screen, and the DreamWorks variant of Wario and Treasure Video Games Nintendo. He finished the French VHS Opening.