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Here's a link to his channel.

MrSolarSun is an Ohioan AGK parodist who has just recently started his own AGK Series in December 2019.


He originally started making AGK videos in 2016 back when he was called Pingasman25. But those were just stolen videos from other AGK parodists. After a YouTuber called DarthVaderFTWLittleBillFTL got terminated, he decided to cancel his old AGK Series, which is the dumbest reason to cancel a Series. After getting two copyright strike from AGKandvideomaker2000, he deleted all of his old AGK videos to prevent getting more copyright strikes from the future. His old AGK videos still remain lost to this day. After that, he then tried to give Atarster his own AGK butterfly intro. But Atarster rejected it, which resulted in the video getting deleted. He originally planned to reboot his AGK Series in March 2018, but it remained on hiatus until May 2019, where he uploaded a video of Leopold freaking out over a trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog with Sonic's old design. After being on hiatus again for nearly seven months, he finally uploaded the first episode of his new AGK Series.

Conflicts with AGKandvideomaker2000

The relationship between MrSolarSun and AGKandvideomaker2000 got off to a very rocky start after latter gave the former two copyright strikes back in 2016. On September 11-12, 2020. MrSolarSun called out AGKandvideomaker2000 over his pages being deleted. This was done because he kept making too many pages that are irrelevant to AGK. Because of his scummy, cocky attitude in his recent message AGKVM's wall (which is now deleted and can be found in MrSolarSun's deleted user contributions), he has got banned from the wiki and was labeled troll for a while. Sometime after AGKandvideomaker2000 got terminated again, MrSolarSun apologized to him. AGKandvideomaker2000 forgave him, and MrSolarSun is no longer banned from the wiki.


Main Characters

Leopold Slikk - The Angry German Kid

Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend

Ronald Ramirez - The Angry Dominican Kid

Kaeru Otoko - The Angry Japanese Kid

Supporting/Recurring/Minor Characters

Dimitri France - The Angry French Kid

Harold Slikk - Leopold's father

Karen Slikk - Leopold's mother

Leonard Slikk - Leopold's annoying brother

Leonidas Slikk - Leopold's dimwitted brother

Leorich Slikk - Leopold's nice brother

Ivy Slikk - Leopold's nice sister

Alex Denman - MrSolarSun's self insert character

Sunset Shimmer - The leader of the Rainbooms

Sci-Twi - A former student of Crystal Prep Academy

Rainbow Dash - Loyal captain of all of Canterlot High's sports teams

Applejack - An honest cowgirl

Pinkie Pie - An hyperactive party thrower

Rarity - A lady into fashion and generosity

Fluttershy - A sweet, shy, and kind girl who loves animals and is also an animal rescue center volunteer

Spike - Sci-Twi's pet dog

Herbert The Pervert - Leopold's creepy neighbor

Stephen Quire - Freakout Kid

Roger Sims - A bully from school who likes to taunt Leopold and others

Rodney Ramirez - Ronald's little brother

Principal Celestia - Principal of Canterlot High

Vice Principal Luna - Vice Principal of Canterlot High

Timothy Diknoz - Canterlot High's School Counselor

Cranky Doodle Donkey - One of the teachers at Canterlot High

Ms. Fukov - Another one of the teachers at Canterlot High

Hermann Fegelein - The Master of Antics and Hitler's worst enemy

Wilhelm Keitel - Hitler's serious chief

Alfred Jodl - A bald officer who always objects to Hitler's plans

Hans Krebs - A fish obsessed map pointer

Wilhelm Burgdorf - An officer who drinks a lot and can sometimes be seen drunk

Otto Günsche - Hitler's informer who tells him the news

Major Villains

Oishi.exe -  A demonic teenage girl

Emperor Palpatine - Emperor of the Galactic Empire and Lord of the Sith

Darth Vader - Palpatine's apprentice and former Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker

Adolf Hitler - Leader of the Nazi Party and main character of the Downfall Parodies

Minor Villains

Tabbu - Leader of the Subspace Army

Master Hand - A hand-like entity

Crazy Hand - Same as Master Hand, except crazier.

Grand Admiral Thrawn - Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy

Jeffy - A puppet character from SuperMarioLogan

Kool-Aid Killer - Kool-Aid Man's evil clone

Upcoming Characters


"Oh yeah!" - Leopold Slikk

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Flash Sentry - One of Alex's friends and love interest for Sunset and Sci-Twi

Sean Slikk - Leopold's Cousin from England

Mario - The owner of Ristorante Italiano Di Mario and head of the Canterlot Mafia

Luigi - Mario's Brother

Wario - One of Mario's henchmen

Waluigi - Wario's Brother and another one of Mario's henchmen

Perry the Platypus - A secret agent who is also a Platypus

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz - An incompetent and forgetful evil scientist intent on conquering Ohio




Title Description Video
Pilot Episode Angry German Kid Watches The Sonic Movie Trailer Leopold Slikk watches the Trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog.
1 The Warning Call Part 1/2 Leopold gets pranked again, so he decides to get revenge on Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine. But this would eventually turn into a mistake.
2 The Warning Call Part 2/2 After getting pranked by Leopold, Emperor Palpatine sends a Stormtrooper and Scout Trooper to Earth to terminate him.
3 AGK Watches R.K. The Dark Times Leopold discovers a video that gives him a warning about the mysterious Oishi.EXE.



Title Description Video
4 AGK Goes To School Leopold has to go to School, which is Canterlot High. He is happy that he gets to see his friends again, but he still wants to go home.
5 AGK Plays Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters Leopold is bored, so he decides to play an 80s arcade game called Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters.
6 AGK VS. Jeffy Jeffy tricks Leopold into thinking that Patrick Stewart is in Canterlot High's gymnasium. Now Leopold must fight Jeffy in order to free his friends.
7 AGK Goes To Burger Shot When Leopold discovers that Burger Shot is selling Sausage Eggs that are called "Scotch Eggs" he goes there to get some. Only to get into an argument with Hitler from the Downfall Parodies.
8 AGK And Friends Get In Trouble In School Leopold's suspension is over, which means he has to go back to School. But he and his friends would do something that would get them in trouble.
9 AGK Stays Up Late Leopold doesn't wanna go to sleep, so he decides to stay up past his bedtime.
10 AGK Goes To Ronald's House Leopold decides to go to Ronald's house for a visit. But once he gets there, he has to deal with Ronald's annoying little brother Rodney, Alex also coming over for a visit, and the infamous Kool-Aid Killer sent by Hitler for revenge after Leopold got him fired from Burger Shot.
11 AGK VS. Angry French Kid Leopold meets a new student who joins his class. That new student being the previously mentioned Dimitri France/Angry French Kid. Will he become friends with him in the end, or will they be enemies for a long time?

2021 & Beyond

# Title Description Video
12 AGK Plays Can your Pet? Emperor Palpatine sends Leopold a flash game that looks cute at first. Until Leopold discovers a dark truth about the game he's playing.
13 AGK Cuts/Skips School Leopold doesn't want to go to school today. Because he has to take a big test and attend a weather assembly. He then decides to cut/skip school. Will his plan succeed?
14 AGK's Babysitter 1/3 TBA Coming Soon
15 AGK's Babysitter 2/3 TBA Coming Soon
16 AGK's Babysitter 3/3 TBA Coming Soon
17 AGK Plays Galaga 88 TBA Coming Soon
18 AGK And The Quest For Sausage Eggs TBA Coming Soon
19 AGK And Friends Go To Detention TBA Coming Soon
20 AGK Throws A Party TBA Coming Soon
21 AGK Gets Revenge On His Dad TBA Coming Soon
22 AGK VS. Doofenshmirtz TBA Coming Soon
23 AGK Takes The Stupid Quiz TBA Coming Soon
24 AGK Goes To Alex's House TBA Coming Soon
25 AGK And Friends Get A Job TBA Coming Soon
26 The Return Of Harold Slikk TBA Coming Soon
27 AGK's Cousin Moves In TBA Coming Soon
28 A Trip To The Beach TBA Coming Soon
29 AGK's Girlfriend TBA Coming Soon
30 AGK's New Favorite Show TBA Coming Soon


Comparison with other AGK Parodists

MSS YS2016 AGK82 PVMAGK AGKavm2000 A21 GBL
Series is based on My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, SMG4, and Grand Theft Auto Series is based on Spongebob Squarepants, Soul Eater, Regular Show, and more Series is most likely original Series is based on Danganronpa, Fallout, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Series is based on Ed'Edd'N'Eddy Series is based on Kingdom Hearts, Rockman Zero and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series is based on We Bare Bears, Mighty Magiswords, and Dragon Ball Super
Leopold's best friends are Jake Randolf, Ronald Ramirez, and Kaeru Otoko Leopold's best friends are Jake Randolf, Sebastian Taito, and Alexis Kizumi Leopold's only best friend is Jake Randolf Leopold's only best friend so far is Jake Randolf Same as AGK82 Leopold's best friends are Johnny Fort Spieler and Jack Randolf Leopold's best friends are Jake Randolf, 40T10, and Hoppus
First made parodies in 2016, is now a true Parodist since 2019 Parodist Since 2016 Parodist from 2009-2013 Parodist since 2010 Parodist since 2011 Parodist since 2017 Parodist Since 2016
Main Antagonists are Oishi.exe, Adolf Hitler, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Terminator, Weegee, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Mrs. Sukscox and Mr. Diknoz Main Antagonist is Dark Leopold Main Antagonist so far is Adolf Hitler Main Antagonists are Adolf Hitler, Togsy, Justin Bieber, Nova, Exo, Alvaro De Vance, and Valkyria Main Antagonists are Barry from We Bare Bears, The Rest is Unknown Right Now
Leopold so far has no Girlfriend Leopold's Girlfriend is Serena Hiiragi Leopold Never Had a Girlfriend in This Series It's unknown if Leopold Has a Girlfriend in This Series Leopold's Girlfriend is Esperanza Leopold's Girlfriend is Caulifla from Dragon Ball Super (Cauliflo, in his AGK Series) Leopold's Girlfriend is Tailsko, the Female Version of Tails from Sonic The Hedgehog
Unknown Leopold's Team is Called The Defenders of Germany N/A N/A N/A Unknown Leopold's Team is Called The Germans


  1. MrSolarSun is a big fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, Transformers, Ed Edd n Eddy, SpongeBob SquarePants, Marvel, DC, Winnie The Pooh, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.
  2. MrSolarSun's first name was Pingasman25, then Animator Prime, then Hatsune Miku Is Cute, then MrRobotFan17, then Animator Prime The Robot Warrior, then Alex Denman Productions, and then finally the name we're all familiar with, MrSolarSun.
  3. Probably the reason why it took MrSolarSun so long to make his Angry German Kid Series is because he started making Pooh's Adventures movies in 2018. The same year his AGK Series was announced.
  4. Cansin13, Atarster, AGKandvideomaker2000, Videoman1443, and PrinceStickFigure are what inspired him to make AGK videos.
  5. He also has Miraheze account and is a member of the Reception Wiki community.
  6. He is one of the few AGK Parodists who's series takes place in a different country instead of Germany.
    • It's possible that he may be the first AGK Parodist who's series takes place in the United States.
  7. He is one of the few parodists who is over the age of 18.