Ms. Skateeta (or Scat-eater when Leopold insults her) is Leopold's 9th grade homeroom teacher who is very strict around her class. She also is Leopold's huge enemy as he antagonized the school multiple times. She is voiced by Princess (VoiceForge)


When little Ann was 9 and in 3rd grade, she had always wanted to be a teacher at a local school. She was working at an elementary school as 4th grade teacher for the time span of 2007 and 2012. Before Ms. Skateeta's hatred for Leopold, throughout half of the 2011-2012 school year, she (and sometimes her class too) had been antagonized by Leopold many times. He even once spanked her butt as a "prank". Her last day was June 3rd, 2012, when she wanted to move to a high school because of Leopold. She was shocked when she saw Leopold again in TheGKProducer's AGK series.


In Season 1, Episode 1, Leopold and Ms. Skateeta were both shocked when they've been face-to-face with each other.


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