The pilot is a three-and-a-half-minute long episode that was used as a pitch towards network executives to air the Video The video was finally released on the Suzy Sack's Channel on YouTube on 05-03-2020. Leopold and jake  tries to defend himself and Jake from the Ethan and Friends.


Episode starts: Leopold is lying and crossed his hands in his garden, resting peacefully, while the Ethan and his firends are taking some lunch and drinks beside and a Meet up, on a stool. Suddenly, a delivery truck arrives and puts something in Oggy's mailbox. Jake goes to his mailbox and takes out his delivered package: a red box of chocolates. (But birthday? Seems like Olivia has sent Belgian chocolates from Belgium, probably from the remastered version.) Jake then goes to the kitchen and opens the box, seeing lots of small chocolates inside. Jake lets out a happy sigh and closes the box, unaware that the cockroaches have discovered the chocolates, laughing on the kitchen stove. Later, Jake develops a military-style tutor and teaches Jake and Leopold to eliminate the Ethan and friends by using a A Leopold's KeyBoard. Oggy then carries the large spray on his back as Jack sits on it while searching for the Ethan with a pair of binoculars. Then Jake Kicks Ethan's Belly and Fell down and get up Upon being found by Jack, the cockroaches happily run to the top of stairways while being chased by Oggy and Jack. Jake eats a banana and Joey throws the peel onto the stairways, causing Leopold, Jake, Oggy, And Jack to slip on the banana skin and fall back to the floor. To make matters worse, the spray lands on the floor headfirst and begins to fly randomly around the house, with Jack and Oggy holding on for dear life. After multiple hits on the walls of Oggy's house, they are thrown outside and fall on the road. A garbage truck then drives in and runs them over.

Oggy was founded After Fighting Jake And Leopold Against Ethan


  • This is the first appearance of Jack.
  • In the Remaster, The Keyboard is very different.
  • This is the only episode where the Ethan laugh are different.
  • It is weird to see how the cockroaches knew that Oggy Founded After Fighting Jake And Leopold Against Ethan
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