New Hero Is A Suzy Sack's The AGK Show. Leopold and jake tries to defend himself and Jake from the Ethan and Friends.


Episode starts: Leopold is lying and crossed his hands in his garden, resting peacefully, And Then Ethan Tries To Stop Leopold, Jake Grabs A Gun, And Shoots Them Down, Jake Tries To Shoot Him, But He Was Failed, He Got Run Over By A Truck.

To Be Finished, Please Don't Take This Down.

Oggy was founded After Fighting Jake And Leopold Against Ethan


  • This is the first appearance of Jack.
  • In the Remaster, The Keyboard is very different.
  • This is the only episode where the Ethan laugh are different.
  • It is weird to see how the cockroaches knew that Oggy Founded After Fighting Jake And Leopold Against Ethan
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