New Year 1998 is a episode that never appeared in every AGK YouTube channel, but it will appear on one soon.


Leopold wakes up suddenly at 3:55 in the morning and goes to school, at 4:30 AM. He has a 3-question test, and a band practice. While Leopold is eating lunch (specifically Burger King) at school , Harold goes to the market with Felix to buy milk (half and half), fish, beef liver, canned corned beef, and hot roasted chicken. Harold and Felix return home and watches Fallout : Eye of Moscow.

Leopold goes home at about 4:54 in the morning by a School EVO bus (environmental clean bus) and returns home. When he is home, he sees what Harold is up to, only to be found cuddling Felix Slikk while feeding him Zest Oyster Crackers. He then goes to his room and plays Battlefield 1942.

Later on, at 5:49 AM, Harold cooks the hot roasted chicken, and beef liver. He deep fry fish, and set up the table.

They wait until 6:57 in the night time when they visit Norman Slikk's secondary house. Lilly Slikk, Harold's sister dropped off Andreia Slikk. Later on they did some fun activities.

Leopold raged on chess, until it got to an argue with Felix and Andreia where they fight over a bottle 3 times in a row.

It is about 11:40 in the night time and the whole guest, (even the host) did a white elephant. White elephant is when the guest sit down on a table with a floral foam and a post-it-note and each note consists of the number and the guest. Each floral foam is with a favorite item. If you are lucky, you may pick a random foam and break the foam with a pen to get the favorite item you wanted

At 11:57, people gather round to see the ball drop occasion happening. When the clock hits 11:59 at the 50 second time, every one counted down to 0. Everyone blowed their party horns loudly and that everyone with soda bottles kept hitting their bottles with the wall.

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