Norman Slikk (born January 3, 1980,) is Leopold and the boys' youngest uncles and the eleventh youngest of the Slikk family. His first appearance is when Leopold and the boys recieve most of the presents from him. In previous years, he and Harold did good pranks with Joel Slikk, and was roomates together for 6 years. Overall, Harold has 3 brothers, Norman, Timothy, Joel, and Roland Slikk and 4 Sisters, Leona, Leora, Lilly, and Andreas, who were roommates to Harold altogether. Some are parts of the Slikk Clan of the Slikk Family.

The Slikk Clan consists of the youth aged Slikk family members. In the AGK world, he likes to play Fallout 2 , Halo, Apex 1, Need-for-Speed Hot Stake, NBA Live 2000, and SlenderMan: The Grudge. He also likes to drink BUZZ COLA. In the AGK world, Norman possibly has a girlfriend, which doesn't please Leopold with, because his girlfriend listens to Justin Bieber and Troy Sivan.

Along with Leopold, he is the oldest.

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In 1995 Homecoming, he goes to a concert for his college homecoming and meets his girlfriend is seen today.

In Felix's Arrival, he facetimes Leopold during the new year to see how Felix, is sick, doing good in an incubator, the following day of Felix's birth.

In Leopold's Cousin's 4th Birthday, it is revealed he has "ebulliophobia" after Leopold blows bubbles at him with Sofie as well.

In New Year 1998, he stopped Andreia from drinking the rest of Felix's bottle.

In Norman and Eumier's BIG DAY, he met a basketball player for their college's team, named Ian Arsen. Norman and his roommate watched a basketball game for their team.

In Norman's Graduation, Leopold goes to his graduation.

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