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Sonic Pablo Aoi (ソニック・パブロ青い; Sonikku Paburo Aoi) is a 15 year old gamer boy who likes to be with Sebastian and Alexis.


Born 1 month after Alexis, he was really into Backyardigans, his favorite childhood show was Blue's Clues. Sebastian and Alexis have both helped him out a lot. When he first met Leopold Slikk, he really didn't wanna deal with him, but he slowly got used to him. Pablo was known for being bullied and ridiculed at school, especially after meeting Leopold. Sebastian stood up for him and Alexis every time they were being bullied. He developed anger issues by 5th grade, which was a trait shared with Leopold, but he matured from his anger issues by 7th grade.


Pablo is an energetic, caring, and very curious teenage boy. Pablo loves to be with Sebastian and Alexis. He likes to do his favorite activities like watching anime and cartoons, playing video games, and making videos and art. He really hates it when another guy calls him "cutie" because he knows he's not a girl. He also gets very stressed out during tests and quizzes and reading, a trait shared with Sebastian and Alexis. He gets triggered whenever someone calls him a girl on purpose.


Pablo has royal blue eyes and long royal blue hair, wears a black shirt, a navy blue jacket, navy blue pants, blacks shoes, black and turquoise gloves, and a turquoise scarf.

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Power Abilities

Pablo Sonic's Power Abilities consist of Hypersonic Speed:


Turbo Strike

Shooting Star Cyclone

Super Zoom Attack


Lightning Pablo

Hyper Sonic Pablo

Ultra Hyper Pablo

Turbo Sonic Pablo


Sonic Pablo Aoi.png

Sonic Pablo Aoi 2.png


  • Pablo Aoi's school look consists of black with a red tie instead of all navy blue.




  • Pablo's personality has similarities to Bart Simpson from The Simpsons, Gingka Hagane from Beyblade Metal Fusion, Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto, Josuke Higashikata from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, etc.
  • Pablo's last name Aoi means Blue in Japanese.
  • Pablo's appearance might be similar to Assassination Classroom character Nagisa Shiota, but like Alexis, his hair heavily resembles Hatsune Miku.