Pablo Sanchez is an alternate version of Ronald Ramirez who appears in Ikesmash97's Angry German Kid Series.


Pablo's first appearance was in Episode #2, The Angry German Kid has a doctor's appointment playing a match of Unreal Tournament along with Leopold Slikk, Harold Slikk and Leopold's teacher.

Pablo next appears in Episode #4, The Angry German kid takes the final exam. He is busy smoking Cocaine in the classroom when he gets angry with Leopold and tells him to be quiet. Leopold gets angry, and beats up Pablo until the teacher makes him stop. Later, Leopold steals a 'barrel' of drugs from Pablo, and takes all of it at once, causing him to temporarily go insane until Harold forces him to listen to Tunak Tunak Tun.

In Episode #8, Leopold goes to Pablo's house, Leopold and Pablo are in class when Leopold decides to start a riot. Although the two start attacking each other in the midst of the chaos, Leopold eventually goes to Pablo's house after he manages to destroy his own house with a Sandwich. Pablo lets him stay, and the two smoke more Cocaine and watch videos on YouTube. Eventually, Pablo's father comes home, and suffers a heart attack. Leopold tries to sneak outside when he hears Harold, who comes in by parachute.

Afraid that he will get beaten for destroying the house, Leopold prepares to fight, only to find out that Harold is not angry because destroying their house got him enough money from the insurance to buy a new one.


  • Pablo, although being the same as Ronald Ramirez, has a different name because ikesmash97 felt like giving him one.
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