"Damn it, Leopold isn't anywhere to be seen in the Fernsehturm. I'd better go about tearing up Berlin until I find him, Otherwise Arceus won't give me a raise". - Palkia talks about its plans to search and destroy Berlin to find Leopold Slikk.


Palkia is a dual-type Water/Dragon Pokemon, and the supposed creator of space. It appears in RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series as an ally of Arceus, and it is female.


RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid Series

Appearing in the middle of Berlin, Palkia destroys the Fernsethurm to look for Leopold. Noticing this, Leopold transforms into his Blue Orb Leopold form, and attacks, jumping out of the Kaiju Airways plane he was in. One powerful blast from his Blue Orb Keyboard wipes out Palkia, but he is injured by Palkia's Spacial Rend before he can do this.


  • Palkia mispronounces Arceus' name as Arshus.


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