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Pauladrian360 is a Filipino AGK parodist who made videos on March 01, 2008. He made AGK series, but it received low views, likely due to lack of tagging. He is also known for creating his character, Captain PS. 2 years later he stopped making videos due to conflict. However he return making AGK series once again with good video-editing software.  He is also a music composer using FLstudio. 

However the first video was in bad quality due to first time making later became in a better quality. In his return his video is now in HD.

Even though he is not well known, he made well-plotted AGK videos like AngryGermanKid82 and TheKewlOne96.

He recently announced his retirement on making AGK parodies, but he will still be composing musics and make game reviews.[1]

He had his AGK videos made private but later unprivate them. However he privated his videos for a second time with various reasons.

In May 2016, he stepped down as an admin giving his position to KurwaAntics.

As of January 2018, due to the return of the Angry German Kid on youtube (under the name Hercules Beatz), he made his video's back to public once again and announced that he might be returning making AGK parody in the future, however he stated that he will no longer continue the AGK in the Future due to the years passed. [2] He also announced that his series is now available to download in mediafire. However in 2020 his AGK videos were reverted back to private, and all his episodes were removed from mediafire. [3]

Animations History

  • Episode 1 - 4: It just picture of characters talking to each other.
  • Episode 5 - 10: You can see Leopold walking but the voice acting in other character doesn't exist only subtitles.
  • Episode 11 - 14: Adds the voice acting using Text to Speech Program.
  • Episode 15 - 19: Adds more actions and quality was slightly increased.
  • Episode 20: Used of Photoshop and No more MS Paint background.
  • Episode 21 - 23: Quality is now in HD and animations got improve compare to its predecessor.
  • Episode 24 - 26: Series is feel more like your watching Animated Series.


  • Germany - place where Leopold lives.
  • Alnwick Castle - a place where Evil Leopold lives.
  • Raccoon City - a place where Leopold fought Samara. The place where Leon is.
  • Haven City - a place where Leopold and his friends sent by the Seven Hells. A place where Jak lives.
  • Kagutsuchi - a place where Leopold and Captain PS visits. Also a place where he met Carl Clover.
  • Elysium - a place where Megaman Volnutt stuck in 14 years.
  • Spargus - a desert place where Fegelein lives.

List of pauladrian360 AGK Characters 


Main Characters

  • Leopold Slikk/Angry German Kid - the main protagonist of the series. In the first four episode "Richter Belmont" he appears as an antagonist but at the end of Episode 4 his storyline were unknown from either his curse was removed, he died at the end despite he still alive in Episode 5 or considered to be non-canon. In Episode 10 - The Exorcist" he became a superhero as the Hurricane German Kid (parody of professional wrester "The Hurricane") to fight against the Exorcist this was also use in Episode 13 - Hitler's Domination.
  • Richter Belmont (from Castlevania) - the second protagonist of the series. In first four episode he was the main protagonist. he was voiced by pauladrian360 in Episode "Richter Belmont" then later voiced by "Speakonia"
  • Angry Video Game Nerd - A retro game reviewer and one of Leopold's friend and ally. he was voiced by pauladrian360 in Episode "Richter Belmont"
  • Marc Clark (from Amazing Spiez) - one of Leopold's neighbor and friend. In Episode 13 - Hitler's Domination he was a superhero known as "Fire Storm Marc". Unlike Amazing Spiez Marc has no fear in this series which in  Amazing Spiez he has a Fear of Heights.
  • The Irate Gamer - A negative reviewer with selfish attitude but a friend of Leopold.
  • Cyclops (from X-men)- One of Leopold's Teammate who assists him to fight Samara Morgan (Sadako Yamamura in Japan) in Episode 7 - Invasion of Samara Morgan.
  • Dylan Kirrin (from Famous 5 on the case) - One of Leopold's ally who fought Samara Morgan in Episode 7. He was also a member of Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D) in this series.
  • Tony Clark (from Amazing Spiez) - Marc's younger brother who assist Leopold and his friends to fight Hitler in Episode 13 - Hitler's Domination.

Angry German Kid LOL

  • Weegee - Richter's teammate in the first Episode. He talks in this series and he was a good guy. He was voiced by pauladrian360 in the Episode "Richter Belmont"
  • Chris Redfield (from Resident Evil) - one of Leopold's teammate who fought Samara's in Raccoon City.
  • Leon S. Kennedy (from Resident Evil) - one of Leopold's teammate who worked from Raccoon Police Department and assist Leopold to his mission to fight against Samara Morgan.
  • Harry Potter - one of Leopold's teammate who fought against Samara Morgan.
  • Solid Snake (from Metal Gear) - one of Leopold's teammate who fought Samara's in Raccoon City.
  • Angry Toaster Man - An Expert Bomber and Father of Leopold. He gave him a toaster bomb to Sabotage Samara's Hideout. This character isn't Harold Slikk who is also Leopold's Father in other series. 
  • Chris Jerichoa professional wresler who face Leopold in Wrestling. He also face The Exorcist but he was defeated.
  • Pepsiman - a clumsy superhero who teamed up with Leopold against the Exorcist but he was defeated.
  • Eric Lecarde (from Castlevania) - a Vampire Killer just like Richter who teamed up Leopold against the Exorcist but he was defeated.This version of Eric Lecarde is from Castlevania Judgement.
  • Marvin The Paranoid Android (from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) - Big head stubby like robot who teamed up with Leopold against the Exorcist but he was defeated.
  • King Leonidas (from 300) - The Leader of Sparta who assist Leopold but he was defeated despite being a Spartan. 
  • Zohan Dvir (from You don't mess with the Zohan) - a member of Israeli Defense Forces who help Leopold to fight against Hitler.

Angry German Kid In the Future

  • Jake Randolf - Leopold's best friend most of the series. However this version of Jake is different;
    • he lives in the future instead of present.
    • he uses Sig's weapon the peace maker instead of present gun.
  • Jak and Daxter (from Jak and Daxter) - A wastelander who assist Leopold to take out the seven hells.
  • Captain PS

    Captain PS (real name Peter Sundler) - A Playstation character made by pauladrian360 with a few attributes to Jak(he has few attributes to Leon in his first appearance). Unlike Captain N and Captain S (of PBC web series), his appearance were different instead of Marty McFly-esque stylish look and he is based on;
    • Leon Kennedy - Hairstyle.
    • Jak - Belt with shoulder guards ,scarf and boots.
    • Ratchet - Shirt (it's black and white instead of orange and green) 
    • He also has a playstation logo on his chest and pants and wear a wrap around sunglasses.
    • In this series he was a member of PS team and worked as a bartender he is also a friend of Jak.
    • The name Peter Sundler is a pun of PS abbreviate.
  • Ratchet and Clank (from Ratchet and Clank) - one of Peter's teammate who assist Leopold to fight the Katara's
  • Jomy Marquis Shin (from Toward the Terra) - one of Peter's friend in a bar who helps Leopold fight Randy and return them to Shiroe.
  • Shiroe Seki Ray (from Toward the Terra) - Jake's friend who saved Leopold from the Katara's and became closer friend to Leopold by saving him. He was later kidnapped by Katara's.
  • Hermann Fegelein - a leader of Fegel Alliance who aid Leopold and Captain PS in fight against Hitlesis.
  • Jamie Fegelein - Hermann's sister and love interest of Peter. She's an expert in engineering.
  • Sly Cooper (from Sly Series) - he is one of Captain PS team who became one of Leopold's team.
  • Carl Clover (from Blazblue) - A vigilante who helped Leopold and Peter in Kagutsuchi. He later became part of the team.
  • General Alister Azimuth (from Ratchet and Clank) - Peter's trusted friend. He gave Leopold an Armor to protect himself against the Seven Hells.
  • Litchi Faye-Ling (from Blazblue) - The owner of Faye-Ling Clinic who help Leopold, Captain PS and Carl to escape against the Iron Tager.
  • Taokaka (from Blazblue) - A member of Kaka Clan who joined the Team AGK to protect Carl.
  • Megaman Volnutt (from Megaman Legends) - A digger who was trapped in Elysium 14 years ago and help Leopold and Captain PS to retrieve the Time Emblem.
  • Wolfram von Bielefeld (from Kyo Kara Maoh) - A boy who was brainwashed by Satan (Devil Bores) but was saved by Leopold and Captain PS.


Angry German Kid LOL

  • Evil Leopold/Evil Angry German Kid - he is the main antagonist in the Episode "Richter Belmont" before he was protagonist.
  • Samara Morgan/Sadako Yamamura (from The Ring) - Leader of Samara's and Leopold's worst nightmare. She was responsible for the Invasion in Raccoon City. Her appearance was a combination of Samara/Sadako and Nemesis from Resident Evil 3. 
  • The Exorcist (from The Exorcist) - Leopold second worst nightmare, she threat Leopold when he play Scary Maze Game. AVGN also fought the Exorcist in the 2 Pilot Episode of AVGN LOL (which is also made by pauladrian360) which AVGN teamed up with Leopold to end the threat.
  • Adolf Hitler - a leader of Nazi Party who wants to dominate the Germany for the second time. He was revived by Albert Wesker the mastermind of the Umbrella Corporation and became the Tyrant Hitler.

Angry German Kid In The Future

  • The Seven Hells - Leopolds next target and responsible for sending Leopold and his friends to the future. These members of Seven Hells are;
    • Eriol Hiiragizawa/Clow Reed (from Cardcaptor Sakura) - The Leader of Seven Hells.
    • Creepy Katara - Leopold's second target she was responsible for crashing his computer and Shiroe's kidnapped.
    • Satan - one of member of Seven Hells.
    • Fred Figglehorn - first Leopold's target. He also has a robotic army called Figglebots. He was defeated by Leopold with help of Jake.
    • Baron Praxis (from Jak and Daxter) - Leader of Krimson Guards who is now a member of Seven Hells.
    • Albert Wesker (from Resident Evil) -  Mastermind of the Umbrella Corporation who is responsible reviving Hitler. However his storyline were unknown about how he went from the past to revive Hitler even though he was from the Future.
    • Doctrine Dark (from Street Fighter EX series) - one of member of Seven Hells.
  • Haven Trolls - are gangsters from the Future, These members are;
    • Turkish Spiderman (aka The Evil Spiderman) - one of Haven Trolls who trying to beat Carl Clover.
    • Randy - a man who ambush Leopold in Dead Town and a member of Haven Trolls but he failed thanks for the help of Ren. He also face Jomy Marquis Shin but failed due to Jomy's psychic power. Not to be confused to Randy Randolf who was the father of Jake. He later return in Episode "Let's go to Kagutsuchi" along w/ Evil Spiderman.
    • Michael one of the goons.
    • Jimmy - one of the goons.
  • Sector Seven - is an organization that works with the Seven Hells. These members are;
    • Kokonoe (from Blazblue) - A member of Sector Seven and friend of Eriol who planned to kill Leopold and Captain PS and steal the Time Emblem.
    • Iron Tager (from Blazblue) - Kokonoe's assistant who's trying to kill Leopold and Captain PS and steal the Time Emblem.
  • Hitlesis - Another Hitler Experiment created by Wesker.

Other Characters

  • Death (from Castlevania) - one of Evil Leopold servant in the first Episode. he was voiced by pauladrian360
  • Maria Renard (from Castlevania) - Richter's partner who was kidnapped by Evil Leopold.
  • Annette Renard (from Castlevania) - Richter's fiancee who was kidnapped by Evil Leopold.
  • Max Baldry - Leopold's teammate who piloting the Helicopter in the Episode "Invasion of Samara Morgan". He also appeared in Episode "Attack of the Figglebots".
  • Maxwell "Max" Kirrin (from Famous 5 on the case) - Dylan's Cousin who appears in Episode "Attack of the Figglebots"
  • Crash Bandicoot - Leopold's marsupial friend. He also appeared in Episode "Attack of the Figglebots" along with Max Baldry, Max Kirrin, Dylan, Eric, Tony and Marvin the.Paranoid Android.
  • Barry Burton (from Resident Evil) - a member of S.T.A.R.S who challenged Leopold in a food eating contest in the Episode "The Exorcist". His food was Jill Sandwich while Leopold's food was Sausage Eggs.
  • Brett (from Team Galaxy) - he is one of the team who got killed by Samara's.
  • Michael Jackson - The King of Pop who kills Samara Morgan. This episode was uploaded after Michael Jackson died with Tribute.
  • Torn (from Jak and Daxter) - he is one of Jak's teammate who give Leopold an information about Seven Hells. He also gave Leopold a Sausage Eggs.
  • Ashelin (from Jak and Daxter) - one of Jak's teammate.
  • Samos Hagai (from Jak and Daxter) - Jak's Mentor.
  • Keira Hagai (from Jak and Daxter) - Samos daughter.
  • Ren Kannagi (from Kaze no Stigma) - one of Peter's worker who help Leopold against Randy.
  • Damien Thorn (from The Omen) - he is along with Ren who help Leopold against Randy.
  • Dilandau Albatou (from Vision of Escaflowne) - A leader of Dragonslayers. However he didn't appear in any AGK Series he only appear as a cameo. In Episode 7 he can be seen in the Intro and Cyclops flashback. In Episode 18 his picture can be seen in Jak's Headquarters.
  • Miki (from Haunted the trapped soul) - the main Antagonist from the point and click game Haunted the trapped Soul. Appears also at the end of the episode.
  • Bridget (from Guilty Gear) - One of Leopold's Chatmate in Episode "Leopold Search for a date" when he admit he's a male.
  • Ciel Phantomhive (from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji) - Earl of Phantomhive who chat Leopold in the first Spin off Episode "Leopold search for a date".
  • Alois Tancy (from Black Butler II/Kuroshitsuji II) - Earl of Trancy who chat Leopold in the first Spin off Episode "Leopold search for a date".
  • Haninozuka "Honey" Mitsukuni (from Ouran High School Host Club) - An underage high school student from Ouran High. Leopold didn't chat him due to his appearance. He was obviously 17 years old but he was only 4 years old in his appearance because he was born in leap year February 29.
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (from Baka and Test) - A high school student who wears a female dress which appears in the first Spin off Episode "Leopold search for a date".Leopold didn't chat him because of his name.
  • Poison (from Final Fight and Street Fighter) - A transexual who chat Leopold in the first Spin off Episode "Leopold search for a date".
  • Ezio Auditore (from Assassin's Creed) - An assassin who appeared in "AGK In the Future Christmas Special". He was joined by Captain PS to drink in Christmas.
  • Commander Shepard (from Mass Effect) - A spectre who appeared in "AGK In the Future Christmas Special". He was joined by Captain PS to drink in Christmas.
  • Bang Shishigami (from Blazblue) - A vigilante who appeared in "AGK In the Future Christmas Special". He was joined by Captain PS to drink in Christmas.
  • Khalisah Al-Jilani (from Mass Effect) - A news reporter in Citadel where she interviews Leopold and Captain PS.

Character Plans for the Future

  • N/A


Pilot episode (AVGN LOL)

first pauladrian360 series made.

Title Description
1 Angry Video Game Nerd vs The Exorcist AVGN get threated by the Exorcist. 

Note: The Title was mistaken to Angry Video Game Nerd vs The Grudge.

2 The Revenge of The Exorcist Sequel to AVGN vs The Exorcist The Nerd fight The Exorcist with help of Super Mecha Death Christ. 

AGK LOL Series (2009)

First Leopold was trying to take over the world but after he was defeated he is now trying to save his home and became a superhero known as Hurricane German Kid.

Title Description
1 Richter Belmont part 1 The Evil Angry German Kid is trying to destroy the world. It's up to Richter Belmont to Save Annette and Maria Renard with his Friends Weegee(Luigi) and Angry Video Game Nerd.

Note: The only series where all voice done by pauladrian360.

2 Richter Belmont part 2 The Three Heroes Richter Belmont , Weegee and Angry Video Game Nerd finally reach the Alnwick Castle(the place where they have a shooting in Harry Potter Series) But The heroes still need to find the Angry German Kid.
3 Richter Belmont part 3 Richter Belmont, Weegee and Angry Video Game Nerd finally reach the top of the castle and beat one of Evil Angry German Kid's Army. this is a Beginning of a Battle between Richter Belmont and The Evil Angry German Kid.
4 Richter Belmont part 4 The Evil Angry German Kid uses his powers to make the world Corrupted.It is up to Richter to fight the Evil Angry German Kid and save the world, his fiancee and his partner.

Note: This is the last series where pauladrian360 uses his voice.

5 Tunak Tunak Tun Nightmare Leopold is listening to his favorite music Moskau. Marc Clark visited Leopold to hear Marc's favorite music Tunak Tunak Tun but it turns out Leopold hated that music since he was in 70's.Marc gave his flashdisk to Leopold and he says there is no Tunak Tunak Tun but it turns out there is then the picture of The Exorcist appears in AGK's Computer which cause his computer crashed.

Note: This episode is absent in Youtube HD.

6 Sausage Eggs Eating Contest The Angry German Kid Goes to his neighborhood the Irate gamer to join to the Sausage Eggs Eating Contest but it turns out Irate Gamer doesn't like the contest so Leopold force him to join the Contest.
7 Invasion of Samara Morgan part 1 Samara Morgan Invaded the Raccoon City so it's up to Leopold to save the City with help of his firends.
8. Invasion of Samara Morgan part 2 Leopold finally reaches the hideout and face Samara Morgan for good.

Note: This video was reuploaded due to the third party content.

9 The Exorcist part 1 Leopold plays Scary Maze game but it turns out he was treated by the Exorcist it's up to Leopold to Save his computer with help of AVGN.
10 The Exorcist part 2 Leopold became a superhero as the Hurricane German Kid and finally face the Exorcist.
11 Unreal Tournament is Jericho part 1 Leopold is playing his Unreal Tournament but later Chris Jericho Trolled him. So it's up to Leopold to face Chris Jericho in Steel Cage Match.

Note: First AGK Series use Text to Speech.

12 Unreal Tournament is Jericho part 2 The fight between Leopold and Jericho. But in the end he got a message from Hitler that he will destroy his homeland.
13 Hitler's Domination part 1 Leopold ask Marc, Richter and AVGN to help him fight against Hitler.
14 Hitler's Domination part 2 Leopold finally face Hitler but it turns out he was revived by Wesker and became the Tyrant Hitler. It's up to Leopold to face him.

Note: This was the last AGK LOL Series.
This episode was removed on YouTube due to violating the guidelines.

Angry German Kid in the Future Season 1 (2010)

Leopold and his friends needs to go back in their own time with help of his friends from the Future. First he must face the evil organization called the Seven Hells. Unlike the LOL Series this series contains more Action than a Comedy and also have a storyline.

Title Description
15 Welcome to the Future Leopold's friends visited Leopold in his house for his birthday. Then he show his new game called "Jak II" but it turns out there is a mysterious organization known as a Seven Hells show on his computer which cause Leopold and his friends sent in future city known as Haven City then he met Jak. 

Note: This is the first time Jake appear in the series.

16 Attack of the Figglebots Leopold and his friends went on a mission to find the mysterious person who was sent out in this world but it turns out it was their friends in the past then later encountered Fred's minions known as the Figglebots.

Note: This episode is absent in Youtube HD.

17 Fred Figglehorn and his Figglebots Fred and his Figglebots invaded the City. It's up to Leopold to fight Fred for good with Help of Jake and his new weapon called the Morph Keyboard(combination of Morph Gun and his Keyboard).
18 Fred's Battles and Dark Leopold Leopold finally face Fred but Leopold accidentally hit the Dark Eco after he defeated Fred causing Leopold to become Dark AGK.
19 Creepy Katara After Leopold defeated Fred, Leopold decided to play the game called Jak X but his computer get crashed by Creepy Katara then later Torn ask that a boy named Shiroe has a mod for his Morph Keyboard.

Note: This is a first AGK series which was split up in 2 parts instead of continuing in next episode like the LOL Series.

20 Meet Randy During the stay at Shiroe's apartment Shiroe gave Leopold a task to find the Sacred site in dead town for a mod but later he was ambushed by mysterious person known as Randy but he was saved by Ren and Damien. Later he met Captain PS a friend of Jak and Jomy to help them return to Shiroe.

Note: This is the last AGK Series to use Windows Movie Maker.

Angry German Kid in the Future Season 2 (2013 - Present)

Leopold's adventure in the Future continues and the return of pauladrian360 since his 2 years hiatus.

21 Praxis and His Krimzon Guards Leopold finally face Katara and his next Target was Baron Praxis 

Note: The first series uploaded in HD.

22 Let's face the Baron Leopold, Captain PS and Jak face the Baron then the Clow Reed decided to change their plan not only he will destroy Haven City but the whole world as well

Note: This is the return of pauladrian360 voicing the character since Richter Belmont Episode.

23 Let's go to Kagutsuchi Leopold and Captain PS went on the 13th Hierarchial City of Kagutsuchi to find the mysterious artifact known as the time emblem and met a vigilante named Carl Clover.

Note: This is the first AGK made with sony vegas as well as Vocaloid for text to speech.

24 Leopold and the Iron Tager The Seven Hells contact his friend from Kagutsuchi to distract the two(Leopold and Captain PS) from obtaining a Time Emblem.

Note: The intro was drastically changed compared to its predecessor. It utilized the cartoon like animation. Also this was the first AGK used the original soundtrack by pauladrian360.

25 Leopold in Elysium Leopold and Captain PS finally arrive in Elysium. There he met a digger Megaman Volnutt and help them to find the 5th Time Emblem.

Note: This is the first AGK series where 2 voice played by 1 character in that case Satan(Devil Bores).

26 The Fegel Alliance Wesker created another experiment known as Hitlesis to Eliminate Leopold and Captain PS. Meanwhile the team met Hermann Fegelein of Fegel Alliance and his sister Jamie.

Note: The Episode 14 of AGK LOL was used as flashback, and the first series to include 2 action scene. Also this was the first AGK Episode to use voice clips from other Unterganger in that case Staedty86.

Leopold and Peter Show (2013)

A non-canon AGK series Starring Leopold Slikk and Peter Sundler (Captain PS)

Episode Description
1. Haunted The Trapped Soul Leopold and Peter plays Haunted the Trapped Soul. 

LOL HD (2013)

The returning of Angry German Kid LOL Series in HD with new Episodes.

Episode Description
1 Leopold Search for a date Leopold get his life bored so he decide to search a date in a website but it turns out the person he date are traps.

Note: This is the first AGK series to have a shotacon.

Special Episode

Short AGK Series

Title Description
Angry German Kid LOL Christmas Special Richter, Marc and AVGN explains about how Leopold changed.
Angry German Kid in the Future Christmas Special Captain PS got a PS4 and Leopold got a gift from Santa.

Note: This was the Last AGK where Captain PS voiced by pauladrian360 due to conflict.

List of soundtrack created by pauladrian360

Volume 1

pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Volume 1 Album Cover

pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Volume 2 Album Cover

Volume 2




Early Youtube

His YouTube account was created in March 2008. His first video is named "The Sparta Remix" which is considered by him to be bad, as he was only a beginner. His first series was the AVGN LOL where The Nerd fights the Exorcist.

AGK Parodies

After the first season of his first AGK series, titled Angry German Kid LOL,  he made a new AGK series titled Angry German Kid in the Future which focused on the storyline, but it didn't last long, as he didn't have a good PC.


During his retirement, he composed several music using a music program know as "FLStudio". However, he doesn't have an idea of having titles on it until he decides to change it after his return making his AGK series.

Downfall Parodies

In February 10, 2014 he created his own first Hitler Parody.

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  • pauladrian360 is one of YouTuber who has created their own music the other being BlackJaguarGX64 (who also his friend).
  • His Wikia account has been blocked in August - November 2013.
  • He is one of the AGK makers to use Cyberlink PowerDirector. The other was TheAGKMisadventures.
  • He is one of the AGK Maker to not use "AGK plays" "AGK goes" and "AGK watches" as a title of the Episode the other being TheAGKMisadventures (even though he used AGK plays in the first Episode).
  • His Episode "Sausage Eggs Eating Contest" is the only episode where he get more dislikes than like this was due to Irate Gamer.
  • His part 2 Episode of "Invasion of Samara Morgan" is the only Episode where reuploaded due to copyright claim. However the rest of his AGK with copyright wasn't reuploaded yet.
  • His Episode 7 sets in Resident Evil universe.
  • His Season 2 sets in Jak and Daxter universe.
    • This is also the series where Leopold wear a futuristic clothes.
      • Also his clothes are based on Jak.
  • However in Episode 23 he wears an armor resembles to Ratchet.
  • This is the first series were the characters are include from Marathon Media Group which is;
    • Marc and Tony Clark from Amazing Spiez.
    • Dylan and Max Kirrin from Famous 5 on the case.
    • Brett from Team Galaxy.
  • In Episode "Hitler's Domaination" one of Hitler's General refered as:
    • Keitel - Nazi1
    • Jodl - Nazi2
    • Burgdorf - Nazi Secretary
      • However pauladrian360 explained that he wasn't familiar with other general's name until 2013.
  • In this Series his Father was the Angry Toaster Guy instead of Harold Slikk. Angry Toaster Guy also appears in Jeeves476 AGK Series.
  • In this Series Jake Randolf is from the future.
  • After the "Richter Belmont" Episode it is unknown that Leopold Curse was remove or either it considered Non-Canon.
  • Angry German Kid in the Future (Season 2) was actually the only AGK series appear in Science Fiction.
  • Captain PS was his first fictional character made by pauladrian360.
    • The reason why he chose to named him Captain PS is because the name Captain P or Captain S(Sony) would refer to the other name of the console/hardware; Captain P can be refer to a PC and Captain S can be refer to Sega and might also get confused to the character created by the PBCProductions of the same name.
      • He would later strip down his Captain PS title in 2014 and only refers to by his real name Peter Sundler.
  • In the second part of the episode "Hitler's Domination" there was an obvious error where Zohan said "We disarm those bombs" however the bunker ended up getting explode.
  • After Episode 20 until Episode 23 The music in the intro is the Level 3 theme of Emmett Graves in Playstation Allstars Battle Royale.
    • Later the intro was used the theme from Spiderman Unlimited.

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