Pony video maker is AGKandvideomaker2000's original character that appears in his AGK series, aswell the mascot for the channel. He is a pony that dedicates video making as a living, he considers Leopold Slikk as an annoyance since the keyboard crasher himself usually pokes fun and insults him, aswell try to sabotage his career or tasks. The episodes where video maker appears, he acts more of a supporting character for the shake of a joke or keeping the story going; his mayor role on the series was in episode 23 and 24. However, the character does has videos of his own where he is the main protagonist. He is usually voiced by Robosoft three but at times, AGKandvideomaker2000 himself voices him.


Pony video maker is mostly a mature pony where he likes to hang out with friends and make videos, at times he has his moments where he acts foolish or a bit intolerant. Some people might find weird that he's attached to his butt so dearly; since he has fond memories about it. He's usually chill with people and tries to known them all. His relevance with the Slikk family is mostly decent since he helped them to babysit the Slikk brothers...However, the only Slikk he has an awful relationship is Leopold Slikk himself since he's at times the reason why he responds with violence or with annoyance, his temper is always chill but when it comes about Leopold, that temper always explodes.


  • Major role = Blue
  • Supporting character = Purple
  • Cameo = Green
  • Cameo (off-topic of the episode) = Red
  • Mention = Black

AGKandvideomaker2000's AGK series.

In episode 4, he's one of the customers that Leopold doesn't attend aswell insulting, which results of him punching Leopold on the face

In episode 7, Leopold imposters Pony video maker with the intent of making him look bad, which backfires badly for Leopold

In episode 10, it's mentioned, Leopold attacked pony video maker on the street, breaking one of pony video maker's wings in the progress.

In episode 12, he's one of the people that hates Leopold's downfall parodies. also before the end credits, he mentions that the story will continue next episode aswell wishing he was involved in the story being notified afterwards that he will do on the 2nd part

In episode 13, he's tricked by Hitler into giving Leopold's adress

In episode 16, he's part of Leopold's dream of getting revenge on his father

In episode 18, he experiences how kind of salvage Harold's towards beating up Leopold

In episode 23, he babysits Leopold and his brothers

In episode 24, Leopold causes trouble to Pony video maker's babysitting task

In episode 25, He manages to pick up Leopold and his brothers in time before their parents return home

In episode 29, He warns the viewers to not do what Leopold does in the episode

In episode 34, Pony video maker congratulates Leopold for getting a girlfriend, shipping him and esperanza

In the halloween special, Pony video maker tells Leopold and Jake that he hates halloween

In episode 42, he's one of the people that hates Leopold's rants

In episode 50, Pony video maker beats up Leopold after he insults him and his friend

In episode 62, he's one of the people that hates Leopold's YTP's

In episode 89, he's one of the options of being a mentor for Leopold

In episode 93, He puches Leopold sending him back to his home, starting the main plot of the episode

In episode 94, he's one of the people that hates Leopold's pivot videos

In episode 95, Leopold enters into his studio to start his new life, however, Pony video maker kicks him out making Leopold to continue on his quest of finding a place for his new life

In episode 97, He gets hit by Leopold's keyboard

In episode 100 (Brief and blurry cameo), He's seen flying in Leopold's dream of Drunkass getting carried away by the principal powers and the orders of banning computers

In episode 102, He is always one of those comments complaing about the awful quality of Leopold's videos. Also one of the victims of Leopold's "pranks", he ends up shoving Leopold's camera down his throat with a single punch.

PVMAGKVIDEOS's (2014 (Original version) AGK series

In episode 4, Leopold beats up Pony video maker after refusing to take his order on burger king, ending up in the arrest of Leopold (In the remade series of 2016 (Volume 1) Pony video maker was changed with a regular employee)

In episode 5, Pony video maker says that they need to lock up Leopold after attacking him. In the same episode, Pony video maker stops a criminal that escaped from prison (Both these scenes are omitted on the remade episode of the 2016 series)

In episode 28, Leopold loses against Pony video maker in xbox live (This episode was never remade on the 2016 series)

In the after credits scene of episode 30, where Jaiden can be seen thanking his subscribers and fans, Pony video maker can be seen on the background and asks Jaiden "What are you doing on my room?" (This scene is omitted on the remade episode of the 2016 series, becuase there wasn't nothing to thank for the moment)

Keep this mind that these appearances on PVMAGKVIDEOS's AGK series was only present on the 2014 version, the 2016 remade series omitted these appearances; So in conclusion, these are only canon on the "lost episodes" and not on the remade series which Jaiden is working right now.

Ivan187's AGK series

In episode 25, there's an after credits and outro scene of pony video maker dancing (His cameo is just a little filler and doesn't affect the plot of episode 25)

TaitoDragoKen's AGK Series

Pony video maker is one of Leopold's partners, but he is often very bossy to Leopold and gets into arguments with Leopold.

In Episode 10, Pony video maker appears as a cameo at the park while Leopold, Sebastian, and Alexis walking at the park.

In Episode 12, Pony video maker is seen as a cameo, and appears again to ask Leopold who his girlfriend is and how they are doing.

In Episode 20, Pony video maker sees Haruhi Suzumiya attacking Leopold, and he proceeds to attack Haruhi and saves Leopold's life.

More episode appearances coming soon.

AGKC13 Videos' AGK series

In Episode 6, Pony video maker appears as cameo walking by with Vinyl Scratch. When both see Leopold seriously injured after jumping out of his father's car, they walk back from where they came from.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

In Episode 40, he makes his debut as a Slikker before being kidnapped by Nova. When the corruption begins, he's a member of Dark World Guardians (Missing Slikkers by Leopold's crew).

In Episode 41-47, he appears as a remaining member of Dark World Guardians as Leopold's crew found other Guardians before him because they've been spread widely after kidnapping occured

In Episode 48, he makes his actual appearance and he fights with Team Leopold.

In Episode 59-60, he appears as his normal form along with other Slikkers are thank to Leopold's crew for rescuing their lives.




In Season 3 only, his biodata can be seen as...

Name: The Blue Pony Video Maker

Japanese Translation:

青ポニーのビデオメイカー (Ao Ponii no Bideo Meikaa)

Age: 18 (Season 3)

Birthdate: 15th January 2000

Blood Type: ???

Alignment: Evil (Good, after Nova's defeat)





Height: ??? cm

Weight: ??? kg

As a main character and alternate timeline

Along with the appearences on AGKavm2000's AGK series, Pony video maker has a few videos where he is the main character, mostly involving him on a random situation or activity

There are also Comics that star in an alternate timeline that is not a canon for the videos in which it stars or the AGK timeline, which means that these comics are canonical as themselves

Future of the Pony Video Maker

Is pretty obvious this character isn't going to be reduced into a minor role, since future episodes he appears in on AGKavm2000's AGK series will have him as a supporting character or in the most interesting cases, having a major role.


Screencaps from Episodes


Keep this in mind that the sprites posted here, are only a small part of all the existing sprites of Pony video maker

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