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Potato Brimley AKA Potato the Annoying Girl is the main antagonist of TheDrapocalypse's AGK series.


Potato Brimley is the daughter of Wilford and Brittany Brimley. She lives in a ghetto city known as Kamiak and is very socially inept. The fact her neighborhood is such a crappy hell hole is her excuse for needing tasty snacks such as peanut butter bars, however due to her Diabeetus (A serious form of Diabetes) she is unable to eat that stuff all the time. No one knows exactly why she is socially inept, but it may stem from the fact that her father is verbally abusive towards her to where she is afraid of him.


Potato first appeared in the very first video TheDrapocalypse made, AGK dinner. One month after Leopold defeated Adolf Hitler, Potato and her family went and had a family dinner at the Slikk residence in order to make ammends for what Potato did to annoy Leopold. During the dinner, Potato steals a Sausage Egg from Leopold, making Wilford get up and smack her in the back of the head, causing her to vomit the mashed up Sausage egg all over Mrs. Slikk. Wilford then yells about how she has diabeetus and how it means she can only eat two sausage eggs a day. Potato starts crying over how she cannot survive without tasty snacks. Leopold is then finally fed up with sitting next to her, goes and stabs her with the Pencil he stole from Hitler multiple times because his parents took his keyboard away so he wouldn't use it to beat her up.

Potato's next appearance was AGK meets Potato the Annoying Girl. Her desire for food including peanut butter bars throughout the series has turned her from an annoying and desperate but harmless girl to an abusive, creul, strict, evil, rude, selfish, disrespectful, honerery, and mean bully. In this episode, a Sausage Egg Shortage occurred on Pen Island and Leopold began eating Peanut Butter Bars at school as an alternative. Hitler found out about this, and told Potato about Leopold and the Peanut Butter Bars. Later it was revealed that Hitler told Potato about Leopold just to get her to stop venturing into his bunker and bug him for food. She kept asking Leopold for Peanut Butter Bars over and over again until Leopold faked a heart attack. His girlfriend Gerda explained that the so-called “heart attack” was caused by stress as it was against Leopold's religion to give Peanut Butter Bars to people and his parents beat him and called him a stupid dumbass over it. Potato takes this ruse very seriously and informs Principal Madwoman who calls Child Protective services. This results in Leopold's parents having to clear they're names. As Punishment, Leopold is forced to give her peanut butter bars for the rest of the semester everyday and come home with a written confession signed by Mr. Spielhousen (His Teacher). This goes on for a week until Leopold finally snaps and beats Potato unconscious with his keyboard and gets suspended for a week. Some point after, Potato breaks into Leopold's house and steals a whole box of Peanut Butter Bars. Leopold takes a Newspaper Smoke Bomb he acquired from the legendary DiabloJas and looks down into a skylight on the roof. Potato is seen having a seizure on her bed and then her parents come along. She then tells the story about Leopold, having eavesdropped on the conversation learns that she has diabeetus and was now going into diabetic shock from eating too much Peanut Butter Bars. Leopold then uses the bomb and the inside of Potato's house is engulfed in smoke. Potato is then subsequently sent to the hospital where she recovers.


AGK meets Potato the annoying girl.wmv

Potato is then seen again in the second episode of Season 3, AGK gets annoyed by Potato the annoying girl again. She asks Leopold for a Peanut Butter Bars, to which Leopold responds by telling her he would give her one after first period. However, this is a big lie and Potato catches on to it. Potato then finds Leopold in his Spanish Class with Sr. Garcia and angrily harasses Leopold for Peanut Butter Bars. She even goes as far as to defy Mr. Garcia who tells Potato to stop harassing Leopold. Potato's defiance results in Mr. Garcia dragging Potato kicking and protesting to Principal Madwoman's Office. Principal Madwoman lets Potato off with a warning and tells Potato not to get sent to her office again. Potato then sits next to Leopold in Mr. Speilhousen's class where her cravings cause her to disrupt the class in many ways such as constantly ask Leopold for Peanut Butter Bars, Poke him repeatedly, Go through his bag, and even call her classmates “Cock-Eating Cunts”, yell the N-Word at Mr. Spielhousen, and start complaining about Peanut Butter Bar Withdrawal (Which Doesn't Exist.) Potato then snaps and puts her hands around Leopold's neck in a frustrated rage, only for Leopold to stab her with his pencil and beat her up with his keyboard. She is then sent to Principal Madwoman's office all bloodied and crying. An angry Principal Madwoman suspends Potato for a month and calls Wilford Brimley, her father at work to pick her up, causing Potato to panic and start screaming. The screaming is so uncontrollable she has to be placed in a facility called “The Scream Room” a place for people with issues like Potato. Since the faculty failed to tell her why she was being placed there, Potato becomes so disturbed she starts hitting the walls with her hands, feet, and head to where they are bleeding and ends up pissing herself.

When Wilford takes her home, they argue which results in Potato calling Wilford a prick. Enraged, Wilford forces Potato to get a job at McDonalds. At some point before the episode AGK goes to McDonalds (Ultimate Epic Version) she dropped a Root Beer that was supposed to be for Mickey Lazlo (Created by Shwabo1000) in fry oil causing it to taste like shit. In the actual episode, Potato refuses Leopold service for what happened at school and calls him names like “Fucktard” and “Semen Puking Asshole Dickhead”. Leopold reports this and Potato is fired not only for being rude to Leopold, but for other mishaps like mixing up orders and dropping sodas in fry oil. At home, Wilford finds out and gets very angry. He even blames Potato for causing the family financial issues as he was suspended from work for smashing a computer because he was angry about hearing from Principal Madwoman telling him about Potato's behavior. Potato later goes upstairs crying in tears and swears revenge on Leopold. Potato appears again in AGK and Mickey Lazlo Toilet Paper Potato's House in which she catches Mickey and Leopold and tells her parents who are trying to have sex. Wilford gets mad because he was wanting to eat Brittany's pussy and that he did not see either Leopold or Mickey outside and threatens to call her Grandpa Gonzo. Potato says no, as Grandpa Gonzo does not need to get involved due to the fact that last time Wilford called for Gonzo, he got violently angry and threw a Cherry Bomb in the Toilet.


  • She is one of the Original Characters to be related with real life person (Wilford Brimley) the other is Jamie Fegelein.