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PrinceStickFigure was a Canadian AGK parodist who has been making parodies since May 2012. He went dormant on March 2013 after episode 16 of his original series. He came back with a rebooted series on September 2015. Overall, he has now been an AGK parodist for four years.

His AGK series revolves around the main protagonist, Leopold Slikk. It follows Leopold on the various misadventures he has.

As of now, he has retired from making AGK videos because he lost interest in Angry German Kid, due to lack of ideas.


The Old Days (2012-2013)

He first joined YouTube on April 15, 2012 His first video was a crappy CD-i YouTube Poop called CD-i Mario and Zelda Get Cannon Pen1s'd, which was meant to be a parody of the Cannon Penis skit from the 27th Ian Is Bored video "Most Epic Vacation Ever" The inspiration really came from the 37th Ian Is Bored video. However, after seeing several AGK series from users like AGK82 and TheKewlOne96, he decided to make his own AGK series. His first episode, simply called AGK Goes To School, was first uploaded on May 24, 2012. It wasn't very popular. But, despite this, he decided to make more episodes of the series, hoping to get more attention. He also started to make a few Downfall parodies starting with Hitler Gets Blamed On The Bus, which was uploaded on July 19, 2012. His most viewed AGK episode from the original series is currently Angry German Kid's Christmas, which was uploaded on December 16, 2012. However, after episode 16 of the original series, he suddenly stopped uploading videos without giving an explanation why.

The Return (2015-Present)

He finally uploaded a new video on April 16, 2015, announcing his return to YouTube. He also announced that he also removed all of his grounded video, and most of his other crappy videos in favor of better, more high quality videos. He also announced a rebooted series in this video. The first episode of the rebooted series was released on September 8, 2015. He didn't upload a new episode of the new series until January 19, 2016, as the episode was stuck in development hell. As the series went on, he announced new characters in the series, such as Ms. Bottleneck, Steve the Cat and Jade the Rabbit. His series has gained more views than the original series, with Episode 3 of that series being the most viewed episode so far. He currently stands at 4K Subscribers and 1.5M Views.


  • Leopold Slikk: The main protagonist of this series. He usually hates go to school by doing fake sick or playing games.
  • Harold Slikk: Leopold's angry fat officer and dad. He's the one who got annoyed by Leopold and goes angry for some bad reasons.
  • Leonard Slikk: Leopold's little brother.
  • Leonidas Slikk: Leopold's big brother.
  • Areal Slikk: Leopold's mom who doesn't beat him of bad reason, instead she gives some warning to him.
  • Jake Randolf: Leopold's friend in reality only who appeared on De Echte Gangster series.
  • Ronald Ramirez: The angry dominican kid in Leopold's school.
  • Kaeru Otoko: The angry japanese kid who likes to watch Frogman Show DVDs and ally to Leopold.
  • Sean Turner: His 1st debut is in the 5th episode of AGK Rebooted Series as Leopold's enemy when he got expelled by school 5 times and moved to Leopold's school. Later, he become an ally to Leopold.
  • Lisa Turner: Sean Turner's mom whose his father had died (possibly) and lives together with his stepdad named David Hopper.
  • Ms. Bottleneck: The main teacher of Leopold's class in this series. In AGK Rebooted episode 10, Her photo can be seen as she has Principal Ashole on her house when Hitler tries to find Leopold.
  • Principal Diknoz: Ms. Bottleneck's husband and school's principal. He usually discuss about the students who have their problem. In PrinceStickFigure's series, his name is Principal Ashole.
  • Steve the Cat: Main deuteragonist of AGK Rebooted series as Johnny Fort Spieler acts in Adrenaline21's AGK Series.
  • Jade Hopper: Steve's new girlfriend after his old girlfriend hasn't love him again.
  • Cassie the Fox: Logan the Deer's friend who being flirted by Angry Sims Kid and sent further into Steve's house but Steve helps her to get the way out.
  • David Hopper: Jade's father.
  • Ruby the Dragon: Jade's friend who has her foster father.
  • Gum the Yoshi: Jade's friend.
  • Logan the Deer: One of Cassie and Leopold's friend.
  • Stephen Quire
  • James: The YouTuber and AGK Parodist of his own series.
  • Shade: The antagonist who wants Leopold killed by his evil inventions but his robot invention has destroyed by Leopold and his plan being failed.
  • Zoey the Doxen: The main antagonist of "AGK vs Zoey the Doxen" Duology episodes (13-14).
  • Adolf Hitler: The culprit of purge with Jigsaw costume who tries to kill Leopold and the one who wants the thing becomes of his.
  • Hermann Fegelein: The Antic Guy who pranks Hitler everytime as he uses fishing rod to Hitler. and being defeated by psychos.
  • Katrina Kliss: Leopold's girlfriend of AGK Rebooted Series.
  • Troy the Dog: The lime green furred dog who appeared with a dark tanned black haired girl as he confronts with Leopold Slikk.



# Title Description Watch
1 AGK goes to school Leopold goes to his least favorite place, which is school. And he gets into trouble, causing him to get expelled.
2 AGK makes a new friend Leopold destroys his school after he got expelled. However, the Police Department finds out, captures him and puts him in a chair of doom. Later, a person named Brian saves him and then Leopold becomes friends with him.
3 AGK goes to the cinemas Leopold wants to see the movie Brave with his brother. So he buys tickets for the film. When they get to the cinemas, People start bugging them.
4 AGK VS Memy9909 Leopold finds a video of him getting grounded. So he gets revenge by having a fight with Memy9909.
5 AGK films his dad at work Leopold is sick of his dad beating him for everything he does. So he decides to film him at work.
6 AGK VS Angry Sims Kid Leopold finds out about Angry Sims Kid. So he decides to go to his house and beat him.
7 AGK's new school Leopold finds out that he is attending a new school and he does not want to go there. The next day, his dad reminds him and gets mad because he wasn't deaf. Then he goes to school and meets his new teacher who is apparently a chao that almost looks like a cowboy. He is then required to write a 250 word essay. But he instead uses 49 words and he later plays games. He later gets sent to the principal's office and he does not know why. When he gets home, his dad gets ticked off that he got suspended on his first day. So he punishes Leopold by beating him up.
8 AGK meets Angry Dominican Kid Leopold is mad that he has to go to school tomorrow. When he gets there, he meets a new student named Ronald Ramirez, who didn't appear to like most things Leopold liked. Then Ronald laughs so hard that both of them got in trouble. After school, Leopold talks about his day to himself and wishes that someone could help him. Then, Fegelein comes along and says to request a fight to Ronald. But when Leopold got to his house, he found Ronald standing there. He then gets really mad. But then Ronald requests Leopold to be his friend.
9 AGK pretends to be sick After realizing he has to go to school, Leopold does not feel like going there. So he decided to pretend to be sick, and his parents fell for it. Then he decides to play Halo on Xbox Live with other people.
10 AGK watches TylerTristar2's Epic Meltdown Leopold comes across a video made by TylerTristar2 and watches it. Little did he know that Tyler did an awful lot of screaming in the video.
11 AGK watches IMichael Leopold got sick of watching that meltdown video by TylerTristar2 and decides not to watch anymore videos with kids in them. But then he comes across a video with two kids named Michael and Leroy.
12 AGK lives with PrinceStickFigure Part 1/3 After Leopold got suspended again, he is forced to live with James for a week. Hitler also plans to kill both of them by building robots.
13 AGK lives with PrinceStickFigure Part 2/3 Fegelein is not happy with Hitler's pla, so he decides to make his own robot for defence for Leopold and James. Leopold gets the BSOD on James's computer and he gets mad at Leopold and they fight each other. And Leopold wins and forces James to fix his computer himself. And Jodl is finished with his robot.
14 AGK lives with PrinceStickFigure Part 3/3 James and Rainbow Dash encounter Koller's robot, then Leopold encounters Jodl's. Hitler plans to get revenge on Rainbow Dash for Killing Koller and Jodl's robots. And Leopold defeats Bonnie once and for all, and Bonnie becomes Darth Bonnie.
15 AGK's christmas Leopold is excited for Christmas. He decided to write a list of things he wants for Christmas this year. But his dad forgot to tell him that he wasn't getting anything for Christmas after he got expelled from Bonnie's High School. After Leopold threw a mental breakdown, his dad changed his mind and said he will get gifts for Christmas. Will Leopold get what he wanted? Find out in this video.
16 AGK gets a job Leopold's PC gets a BSOD and his Xbox explodes, requiring him to buy another one. But he must get a job before he can invest in another Xbox. Will he get the job, or will he get into trouble?


# Title Description Watch
1 AGK's new school year Leopold is starting a new school year and now has to deal with a new teacher and a new classroom. His new teacher, Ms. Bottleneck, assigns a 10 page essay about the new school year to the class. Leopold does a half ass job and decides to play games instead of doing more work, causing him to get suspended and grounded.
2 AGK and the warning call A new evil person named Shade (Though name is not mentioned in the episode) creates a new robot to kill Leopold Slikk. When Leopold's parents go to get groceries, the robot breaks in and tries to kill him. Will Leopold survive and defeat the robot?
3 AGK & friends get in trouble at school Leopold is dragged to school by his dad. Afterwards, he meets 2 new anthropomorphised animal students named Steve and Jade. Leopold, Ronald and Kaeru annoy the two and Stephen tells them to shut up, causing them to get in trouble by Miss Bottleneck. They are then forced to clean the entire classroom after school.
4 AGK starts a YouTube channel After Leopold broke one of the school's windows, he has to pay $500 for a replacement. So he decides to open a YouTube channel. He starts by playing games, but it doesn't go well. Then he tries to do pranks with Jake. It went smoothly for a while, until it went downhill. Finally, he decides to do a smashing video with him smashing his brother's PC. But his dad comes and give him a terrible punishment.
5 AGK escapes from hell Set after the events of the last episode, Leopold must now find a way to escape hell and go back home. With some help from someone else who has been planning to escape as well.
6 AGK VS Angry English Kid Leopold meets a new student who joins his class. That new student being the previously mentioned Sean Turner. Will he become friend in the end, or will they be enemies for a long time? Find out in this episode of AGK Rebooted!
7 AGK VS a Barney error Leopold gets an error on his computer only to find out that it's a Barney Error. Now he must find a way to get rid of it before it screws up his computer.
8 AGK meets Professor Toothy After Leopold goes to the store to buy some M&M's, he meets a talking tooth named Professor Toothy. He then tells Leopold the dangers of sugar and feeds him lamb chops. Leopold gets fed up by this and decides to do something about it.
9 AGK gets a girlfriend Leopold finds a girl that he thinks is hot. So they go on a date together, only to eventually go downhill. But later, he gets help getting them back together.
10 AGK and the Purge Leopold and Jake were playing Super Smash Bros, until Harold kicks Jake out because he thinks he'll kill everyone. Leopold is confused by this, until he watches TV and a EAS message pops up from nowhere announcing the purge, a night where any and all crime, including murder, is legal. Leopold is worried by this and stays home. Meanwhile, Hitler, as well as a group of 4 other people are hunting him down. Will he survive purge night? Find out.
11 AGK: Sim's return After Leopold finds out that his dad destroyed his PC after Purge night, Leopold goes out to clear a few things. But then, he meets an enemy he hasn't seen in a few years. And now he must fight him once again with a bit of help from his friends and allies.
12 AGK: Computer Quest Leopold is sick of having no computer after his dad destroyed his old one. So he decides to take matters into his own hands and go on a quest to find a new computer. Will he succeed in his quest? Find out.
13 AGK And Friends VS Zoey the Doxen Part 1 While Leopold is faking sick to play on his new PC the Ruby got him in the last episode, Jade and her friends encounter a new enemy at school. A Doxen named Zoey who also has a cat trio to help her along the way. Zoey and her trio make Jade very upset and she, Jake, and Ronald fight them.
14 AGK And Friends VS Zoey the Doxen Part 2 Leopold goes to school and meets Zoey the Doxen and her cat trio. He then gets Zoey expelled and she then captures Leopold, Steve, and all their friends and lock them up in a cage. Meanwhile, Jade starts to snap out of depression and practice to fight better. Will they succeed in fighting Zoey and her cat trio, or will they suffer from her? Find out!
15 AGK Plays 7 GRAND DAD Steve the Cat gives Leopold a mysterious NES cartridge. He doesn't know what it is until he starts playing it. Will he enjoy it, or will he get angry over it as always? Find out.
16 AGK Meets SwagMaster And Chris Leopold gets captured by Shade's new bounty hunter. A grey arctic fox named Axel. He is sent to a cage to see his old friend Logan and meet SwagMaster and Chris from SMG4's Guards 'N Retards series. They end up getting thrown in with them and they escape together.
17 AGK and Steve's Love Problem AGK Goes To Steve's House Because it is Valentine's Day, And Jade Get Out Of The Car, and Also Goes To Steve's House. May She Love Him? Find Out!
18 AGK Gets A Nintendo Switch Leopold wants to get a Nintendo Switch, but they are sold out everywhere except for one store. But after he buys it, he gets a surprise from an old enemy.

Adrenaline21's AGK Series

In Adrenaline21's AGK Series, he's from 2014 World, who goes into 2017 World to meet Leopold Slikk and his friends. Also, he introduces Steve and Jade on the beach to him. Leopold mocks Steve and Jade as 's pet cat and pet rabbit, as he disagrees to mockery. Leopold feels sorry about mockery about Steve and Jade, so joins into Leopold's crew of his World Tour Adventure.

He reappears again in season 3 as Missing AGK Parodists to be found but his mind has switched, and he wants Jade, Steve, Judy and Nick got killed by him, because of Jade and Steve's emotional feeling, he's weakened and defeated, then turn into ashes for good.

Only PSF's Leopold to be appeared on AGK: FM~The Movie~ because of so many characters from A21, GBL and IP101's AGK Universe.



  • His real name is James. He has decided not to reveal his last name.
  • He was formally a GoAnimate user like OfficerPoop247, but he retired from it because he started to hate grounded videos and the site in general.
  • The gaming platforms that he likes to play on the most are his PC and his PlayStation 4. He also likes to occasionally play on his Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, 3DS, and a few other consoles.
  • His sense of humor was inspired by several funny videos he saw on YouTube.
  • He is also active on his DeviantART account.
  • Like Atarster and a few other AGK parodists, he is one of the few who is 18 or older. As of October 2016.
  • He enjoys watching Action, Sci-Fi, and Comedy movies. His favourite movies include Star Wars, The Lord Of The Rings, Terminator, Toy Story, The Matrix and many others.
  • He has never received any copyright strikes on his account. However, he has gotten copyright claims on some videos. Almost all of them are from Constantin Film (The company who made the movie Downfall), either from his Downfall parodies, or episodes in his series where Hitler makes an appearance.
  • All of his original characters were made in Paint.NET.
  • He use to use Bandicam for gameplays recorded on his PC, but now he uses NVIDIA Shadowplay to record gameplay footage of PC games. It is used in Episodes 9 and 10 of the rebooted series in Garry's Mod for some scenes, and Episode 11 for Team Fortress 2 gameplay.
  • His main computer is actually a gaming PC running an AMD FX 6300 at 3.5GHz, 8GB of RAM, and a GeForce GTX 950. He has plans to show it off later in a video. He uses it for both games, web browsing, and making videos.
  • He is not a fan of his original series because of how mediocre the editing was in most episodes of that series. Despite this, he still decided to keep his original episodes up, and he also used footage from it in episode 11 of the rebooted series
  • He is included in Adrenaline21's AGK Season 2 and 3 also some of his episodes from AGK Rebooted are taken by Adrenaline21 in AGK: Remastered Show.