Principal Timothy Diknoz (born March 15, 1967) is the principal of Leopold's school in AngryGermanKid82's AGK Series. Leopold has been sent to Diknoz's office countless times by his teacher, Mrs. Sukscox for playing games or causing trouble. He Is Portrayed By Dan Richter

Leopold sometimes laughes at his name because it pronounces d*ck nose.

But after AngryGermanKid82, he appears once again in NeinCatAGK's Angry German Kid Series in Episode 2 but he was be killed by Alexander Romanov. Now Diknoz appears in various parodies.


AngryGermanKid82's AGK Series

  • In Episode 52, Leopold drives Mrs. Sukscox crazy by playing games in lessons, After this, She begs Diknoz to expel Leopold. After Mrs Sukscox leaves, Hitler takes over for the remainder of the episode. Hitler, Who eventually got sick of Leopold's behaviour, decides to quit his job, and plans to kill Leopold by lying to Diknoz.
  • In Episode 56, Leopold skips class then Mrs. Sukscox tells Diknoz that he is not been in his class for two hours, then Diknoz told her that he was informed by a security guard who gave him the video of Leopold leaving the school. Mrs. Sukscox tells him that he should give his parents a call, but no one was at Leopold's house except Leopold. Diknoz was successful in calling Harold, Leopold's dad while he was in work, and tells him his son was caught skipping class. Enraged, Harold rushes home to beat up Leopold and bring him to his office, which resulted in Leopold's suspension from school for 7 weeks.
  • In Episode 64, on Leopold's last day of school, he tells Leopold about the unacceptable behavior, then gives Leopold a choice, restart from 8th grade or go to summer school. Leopold decides to go to summer school, and Diknoz lets him go to Summer School. After school, Leopold plants a WTF bomb disguised as a escape button key, then later, the school is blown up, killing Diknoz and Sukscox. In Episode 67, he is replaced by the new principal Lixadik.
  • In Episode 71, Hitler creates Terminator robots of Diknoz and Sukscox to get revenge on Leopold.
  • In Episode 72, Sukscox and Diknoz arrive at Jake Randolf's house where he fights Jake and was about to finish him off but he was trashed by Leonidas. In the epilogue, Diknoz informs Hitler about Fegelein ruining their plans.

NeinCatAGK's AGK Series

  • In Episode 2 of NeinCatAGK's Angry German Kid series, he just fixed his Melty Blood Actress Again but Romanov joined to use his PC and then he just used C4 to destroy Diknoz's office.

TheAGKMisadventures' AGK Series

  • In Episode 3 of AGKMisadventures (A.K.A Cornish Gibs) Principal Diknoz was called Mr. Winckel. He was a principal teacher and he saw Leopold's work and it was a 3 lined paper and then he walked to Leopold's desk and saw him playing TF2 (Team fortress 2) and then was mad and expelled Leopold.

TheGKProducer's AGK series

  • Principal Diknoz was called Mr. Deepthroat. He was the assistant principal, administrator, and a 10th grade homeroom teacher for Leopold and friends (except for Fredrik) with other 9th, 10th and 11th graders.


  • He appears in AGKandvideomaker2000's videos as Principal Drunkass.
  • He appears in some of TTCTransitFan1999's videos of the Marlee gets grounded series.
  • In Atarster's AGK Series, he appears in Episode 75 as Leopold's principal
  • He will not appear in carrotkiller101's agk series, cause he prefers Jasper until the school blows up and he still wont appear in this series after Jasper's death in a future episode he gets replaced by another principal witch will not be Diknoz instead it will be Brian Griffin.
  • He appears in Episode 7 of UsefulVideos's old AGK series. Leopold gets late at school and Ms. Teacher sends him to the principal, and the principal sends Leopold home because Leopold screams at him about he gets late at School.
  • He also appeared on GeneBernardinoLawl's AGK series. The more info is on here.
  • In Privateer Bouncher's series, he appears to be gay, which Harold mocks him about.
  • In Shiyamasaleem's AGK series, he is first appeared in season 1
  • He also appear in Crazy Ukrainian Kid goes to school
  • In YumaSonic2016's AGK series, he appears as "Mr. Fuxlohleez." Unlike most AGK series, he punishes Stephen more often than Leopold Slikk.



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