Principal Madwoman is the Principal at Sherwood Highschool in TheDrapocalypse's AGK series.


Season One

Principal Madwoman is first seen when Leopold Slikk beats up Potato Brimley after he was supposed to give her a Peanut Butter Bar. Principal Madwoman suspends Leopold for a week. She is seen when Potato is getting arrested and comments on how he should be arrested for beating up Potato.

Season Three

Principal Madwoman is seen once again in AGK gets annoyed by Potato the Annoying Girl Again. This time Potato Brimley gets sent to the office for disrupting Sr. Garcia's class while annoying Leopold for a Peanut Butter Bar. Principal Madwoman gives Potato a warning and tells her not to come back that day. Potato ends up going insane, yells the N-Word at Mr. Speilhousen, her teacher, calls her classmates cock-eating cunts and puts her hands around Leopold's neck. This results in Leopold severely beating her to where she's bleeding. This time however, Principal Madwoman does not care how Leopold injured Potato, due to that fact this was self defense. Principal Madwoman suspends Potato for a month and informs her father Wilford Brimley that he will have to go and pick her up.

Principal Madwoman comes around once more when she calls for Leopold to come to her office in AGK takes the Stupid Quiz (Super Mega Ultra Epic Version). She tells Leopold that someone hacked into her computer and changed the answers on The Stupid Quiz to make him get an F. She tells Leopold she will go and talk to the Super Intendant to see if Leopold can retake the quiz. She then gives Leopold a CD with Ambient Noise Music and tells Leopold to meditate to it, so he feels better.

Principal Madwoman will appear in future Season 3 episodes


  • Unlike most principals in AGK Parodies, Principal Madwoman seems to be more sympathetic towards Leopold, as shown when she gives him a CD of Ambient noise to help him rest after getting angry at the Stupid Quiz. She also allows him to go home after the chaos caused by Potato.
  • She has heterochromia iridum.
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