Police and the team want to change the plan and kill Q, Unknown arrest people who shoot at the air as terrorists and sell their organs to the countries. Kitana wants to send Q to her head with Q and her soldiers. he has a great hatred for American soldiers after his wife is killed. Leopold wants to kill Q at the market. Kitana's relative Jack-5 has become a bomb to take revenge on his dead son and explodes in the marketplace Q has a small wound Many dead and injured among American soldiers and other people Wesley, Alan and Sonic escape from the scene Two American soldiers are hunted after Leopold kills both of them and they meet with their men where they should meet American soldiers find their place where they hide and raid Leopold and his men escape Mileena hides them. Leopold and his men get rid of Leopold makes a new plan Put a bomb into the piano that will come to Q gets rid of the bombs and attacks the soldiers Leopold and his team are wounded but they succeed in killing the soldiers Q killed Mileena Leopold Q and Mileena's dagger in a single fight Q He will kill.

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