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RCT3Crashes100 is a long-standing user from Buckinghamshire, England. He initially joined YouTube in 2007 under the name VauxhallAgila, but he created his RCT3Crashes100 account after he lost the password to VauxhallAgila (Although he managed to get the account back in 2013). He has been making a large variety of videos since 2009 on the RCT3Crashes100 account, and an AGK Series since 2013.

As of 2017, the series is currently on the backburner, as RCT3Crashes100 is currently completing a university degree. The channel remains active, however. On January 6, 2018, a preview of the eighth episode of the series was uploaded to RCT3Crashes100's channel, proving the series to still be in production.

RCT3Crashes100's Angry German Kid is an ongoing series focusing primarily on Leopold Slikk, and his many exploits. Set in and around the capital city of Germany, Berlin, The AGK will encounter a variety of unusual characters, including the mythical Pokemon Arceus, and his allies, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.


Season 1

Episode 1 - Leopold makes a Pokemon fusion
Leopold is playing with his computer, as usual, and decides to make a Pokemon sprite fusion. However, he doesn't make it very well, but he thinks it is amazing, much to the dismay of the internet. Not even the real pokemon sprites like what he made.
Episode 2 - Leopold goes to school
Leopold is sent to school by his mother, and is introduced to Doctor Aufbau, the head of several subjects. Aufbau instructs Leopold to write a history essay. Leopold however decides to start playing on the computer instead, is caught out, and is suspended. What will happen to him?
Episode 3 - Leopold Escapes!
Leopold is detained in his room. With all the doors and windows locked, He decides that the only way out, is to break out! This angers his parents greatly, and Arceus arrives. A manhunt begins, with Arceus leading the pack! Where will Leopold go now?
Episode 4 - Leopold vs Dialga!
Leopold arrives at a U-Bahn station not too far from his home. He donates a sandwich to a hungry 'Man', and sets off on his journey, not knowing that he just gave a sandwich to his father. Later, whilst on the train, Dialga attacks him! Leopold tries to attack, but gets hurt and runs away. Leopold finally gets to Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station), and meets Jake. Leopold must find somewhere to go for the night....But where?
Episode 5 - Leopold meets a Strange Person
Doctor Aufbau has a plan, and gets permission from Principal Gestalt to carry it out.
Leopold manages to get into a hotel for the night by bribing the staff. To his joy, he finds a computer, and uses it. He gets a call on Skype, and ends up meeting someone who doesn't reveal their name. What is this Blue Orb they are talking about? Meanwhile, Dr. Aufbau then reveals his latest creation, a newly-rebuilt MechaGodzilla 2!
Episode 6 - Leopold and the Mysterious Orb
It is revealed that Ultraman Belial has been using the Blue Orb to make Leopold under his control, so he can cause antics and mischief! However, he loses control of Leopold. Leopold feels ill, and eventually transforms into Blue Orb Leopold for the first time. However, when he hears a knock at the door, he turns back to normal, and then meets Tiny Arstron.
Tiny Arstron reveals that Palkia is stomping around the city, and Leopold is scared! Tiny Arstron makes friends with Leopold, and gives him the Arstron device, which looks a lot like a computer mouse! It gives Leopold an HP Bonus.
Finally, he recommends that Leopold uses the Kaiju Airways plane to travel across Berlin to escape from Palkia! Leopold thanks Tiny Arstron, who then has to go home. Suddenly, Doctor Aufbau emerges, piloting MechaGodzilla 2! It's up to Leopold to destroy the rampant Mecha and his pilot, and then head for the airport.
Episode 7 - Leopold Takes Flight!
Leopold gets onboard the Kaiju Airways flight, and meets Ultraman Belial in person, then beats him up after realising that it was Belial who planted the Blue Orb in his room. He then goes and finds Yapool, Vakishim, Dark Zagi and Alien Baltan watching the 2014 Godzilla film, and interrupts them, much to Yapool's disdain. Later, he discovers that Palkia is wrecking Berlin! It's time for Leopold to do battle with the new threat, but how? Will the Blue Orb come in handy this time?
Scrapped Nonsense - Original AGK #5
This is a scrapped episode of the series recovered from an old laptop owned by RCT3Crashes100. It is an alternate version of Episode 5, Leopold meets a strange person. The main difference with this episode is that instead of Ultraman Belial phoning Leopold over Skype, Jack Aufbau appears instead.
Episode 8 - Father and Son
Leopold finds himself at the mercy of his father when Arceus grants him Galactron, a super-powered robot dragon from another dimension! With the stakes being higher than ever before, can Leopold find a way to defeat his father, or find a chance to escape? And, where has Dialga been, anyway?