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Here is my episode list

NOTE: the ones in bold are future episodes and i will plan more agk episodes in the future!

  1. Agk goes to school
  2. Agk makes dinner for his family
  3. Agk goes to his dad's office
  4. Agk goes to disneyland part 1/4
  5. Agk goes to Disneyland part 2/4 (Cancelled)
  6. Agk goes to Disneyland part 3/4 (Cancelled)
  7. Agk goes to Disneyland part 4/4 (Cancelled)
  8. Agk plays Team Fortress 2
  9. Agk finds about RadioactiveChicken 2000
  10. Agk plays Wally Bear and the NO! Gang
  11. Agk and his friends go to the Arcade
  12. Agk werid Dream
  13. Agk Gym class
  14. Agk robs a Bank
  15. Agk goes to Jail
  16. Agk escapes Jail
  17. Agk meets his Cousin's
  18. Agk makes a song
  19. Agk gets revenge on the Internet
  20. Agk gets annoyed by Minions
  21. Agk babysits Leonard
  22. Agk destroys things
  23. Agk's adventure part 1/3
  24. Agk's adventure part 2/3
  25. Agk's adventure part 3/3 (End of season 1)
  26. Agk plays Goat Simulator
  27. Agk finds a secret place 1/2
  28. Agk finds a secret place 2/2
  29. Agk vs his bully
  30. Agk gets hacked
  31. Agk goes to his Grandfather's House
  32. Agk has a sleepover at Jake's House
  33. Agk serves Community service
  34. Agk vists the Useless web
  35. Agk and the pranks
  36. Agk and Leonard's birthday party
  37. Agk goes to the Sausage Egg Factory
  38. Agk gets a tutor
  39. Agk tries Roblox
  40. Agk tries 20 year old Crystal Pepsi


Leopold Silkk -a 14 year old kid crazy and mean kid who hates alot of things like Justin bieber, school, and his brothers

Harold Silkk -a 46 year old father who sucks at his job and always punishes his son but rarely do's it to leonidas and leonard

Mary Silkk -a 45 year old mother who trys to make leopold better but ends up failing but she loves leonard as hes nice most of the time

Leonard Silkk -a 6 year old kid who likes baby stuff but hates games like Gta 5,Call of duty,Counter strike,etc

Stephen Quire -one of leopold's enemies which he hates alot

Jake Randolf -one of leopold's best friends who has the same age and grade as leopold also unlike leopold's family his family is rich as they own a mansion and a sports car