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Ratchet is a Lombax that is native to the planet Fastoon, and was later sent to Veldin. Ratchet is 5 feet tall, and, as of Ratchet: Deadlocked, weighed 97.5 lbs. (44.3 kg.). Ratchet was the son of Kaden, who was killed by Emperor Tachyon shortly after Ratchet's birth. Ratchet's Friends Are: Leopold, Noah and Dante. Android Thing: iPhone

Appearance in Angry German Kid Series

Pauladrian360 Angry German Kid Series

Ratchet appears in his series. He is one of Captain PS team who assist Leopold to face Katara. He refered him as "The Cat Guy" before Leopold met him.

NajibTheChamp Angry German Kid Series

Ratchet was set to appear in his show.

Atarster's AGK Series

Ratchet is Noah's favorite video game character, and he is the best friend of him, so he is also friends with Lara Croft, Dante, and Leopold Slikk. Ratchet appears in some episodes for Atarster's AGK Series. Ratchet is voiced by Microsoft Mike. Ratchet is currently voiced by Atarster since Episode 67: AGK, Noah, Ratchet, and Dante's Excellent Adventure Part 1/4.


The 3rd Sprite Is Old And The Last Is New.


  • In pauladrian360's Angry German Kid Series, Ratchet shared the same voice with Marc and Jomy.
  • Both Ratchet and Jak appear as a cameo in their perspective game.
    • They are also rival in Playstation Allstars Battle Royale.

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