Adrenaline21: Hey, guys. Which the 1st scary logo can be shown on my laptop?

Leopold: Perhaps, Digital Experience.

Adrenaline21: Leopold chooses Digital Experience as the 1st logo and do you agree with him?

Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru: Yeah!

(*Digital Experience*)


(*Warp Speed Turner*).

(*Gorgon Video*)

(*Viacom BND of Doom*)

Adrenaline21: Whoa!

Leopold: Raaaargh! I don't want to look that logo again because scary!

(*ANTV 2003-Nightmare mode*)

(*Indosiar 2000-Nightmare mode*)

(*OZ Films Manufacturing*)

(*PS1-Fearful Harmony*)

(*Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom*)

*Leopold, Ronald, Spencer and Kaeru are screaming*.

Adrenaline21: Hahah...

Johnny: Sorry, Adrenaline21 Don't laugh at them.

Adrenaline21: Gah, I know it. All of them react the scary logos as horrible and can someone say something after watching scary logos for minutes.

Leopold: Hey, Adrenaline21. How about to make baumkuchen?

Adrenaline21: Good.

(*Viacom Sonic.exe of Doom plays after credits*)

Leopold: This thing will be my fucking nightmare!

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