Rocko is the Australian wallaby who lives in O-Town, USA from Rocko's Modern Life, and he is one of Heffer and Filburt's friends. Rocko works at Kind-a-lot-o-Comics store selling comic books. In Atarster's AGK Series Episode 25: AGK & Rocko, Rocko and Leopold took a trip to New York for a few days. They found a hotel to sleep, and they went out to eat at Olive Garden, after dinner they went to sleep. Later that night, King Kong grabs Rocko, and Leopold rushes to the top of the building, and Rocko and Leopold decided to fight with King Kong. He also appeared in Episode 47: AGK VS. King Kong Again, so he teams up with Leopold to finish off with King Kong with Captain America and Fox McCloud. 

Rocko as he appears from Atarster's AGK Series.

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