1. REDIRECT Template:Agkseries/testRockyDaRebel (formerly known as

Rockydoes productions) is a AGK parodist since May 2015.

he was born november 15th 2005

he stared in 2013 but changed accounts due to few reasons

He released two episodes in 2015

video editors he used

cute cut pro


sony vegas

flash animation (but hasent done any animations but wants to but he did draw pictures with the program)

adobe after effects

drawings of himself were terrible ages ago but now his chareters look like eddsworld drawings

As of late 2017 he retired due to lack of intrest

Words from RockyDaRebel(Me): "When the years passed by i realised its just the same cliche thing over and over again"


  1. AGK Pilot episode (no edit on the agk vid) 2015 may
  2. AGK goes to gamescams (2015 september (DELETED)
  3. AGK gets molested (2017 needs remaking) (DELETED)
  4. AGK gets revenge on the molester (2017 needs remaking) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  5. AGK finds out his brothers are from diffrent universes (cus there not real) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  6. AGK becomes animated part 1/3 (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  7. AGK becomes animated part 2/3 (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  8. AGK becomes animated part 3/3 (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  9. AGK vs tord (Eddsworld) 2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)
  10. AGK goes to kfc (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)


Season 2:

11. AGK watches eddsworld (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)

12. AGK's sister (2017) (NEVER COMING OUT)


movie: (inbetween season 2

leopold of the dead (2017 or another year i dont fucking know and its a no parter) (NEVER COMING OUT)


(still season 2 episodes)



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