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Ruby the Dragon is one of PrinceStickFigure's original characters in his AGK series. She is Jade the Rabbit's childhood friend and she enjoys hanging around with her and Gum the Yoshi. She didn't know much about Leopold Slikk until episode 10 of the rebooted series, where she goes with Jade and two other people to kill him on purge night. She is currently voiced by text to speech voice Kayla.


She was born into her original family with a loving mom and a mediocre father. Her father actually abused her while he was drunk, which unfortunately happened a lot because he was an alcoholic. He actually ended up getting arrested while she was 2 years old after he murdered her mom, sexually abused Ruby, and threw her into a forest where she would never be heard from again. She was almost pronounced dead 4 hours after the incident, but suddenly, she was found naked and near death underneath a bush by Rick Vargas, who was driving a truck down the forest her dad threw her into. He immediately took her to a hospital. The doctors said that she would die from her wounds, but Rick took a risk and he and his wife Jodie Vargas took care of her. One month later, she fully recovered and was adopted by Rick and Jodie as her foster parents. A few years later, she started kindergarten and met Jade the Rabbit, who found the fact that she was a dragon really cool, and have been hanging around with each other since. Later, she went to middle school and met Gum the Yoshi. However, when high school started, only her and Gum went to the same school together, while Jade went to a different one. although they were still able to get in contact with each other online and would sometimes hang out with her in person, and she also met Gum's friend Cassie the Fox. She would later see Leopold, Jake, and Ronald. She knew Ronald well and hated him, but she didn't hate Jake Randolf and she didn't see Leopold often. Much to her surprise, Jade was transferred over to the school along with her new boyfriend Steve the Cat. She also fought a bear with Jade who was attacking Rick. She was nervous at first, but Jade gave her momentum and she learned how to fight from her. She started to learn more about Leopold during purge night and they actually ended up not becoming enemies after Jade started liking him a bit. She likes to hang out with her friends Jade and Gum and play games. She is a bit shy, but isn't afraid of challenges when she sees one. She lives with her foster dad Rick Vargas and her foster mom Jodie Vargas.


She first made her debut in Episode 6 of PSF's rebooted series. However, this role didn't last long.

But, she played a major role in Episode 10 of the series, where she bumps into Jade on purge night and helps her and two other purgers kill Leopold.

She makes a small appearance in episode 12, when she helps Leopold get a new computer.

She also makes a small appearance in Episode 13.

In Episode 14, she is captured with Steve, Gum, Leopold, Jake, and Ronald. She later writes a later to Jade and get her bird friend to send it to her. She also breaks everyone free and they fight Zoey and Seena. As well as Tessa later on. But they end up getting defeated. Jade saves them from getting killed by Zoey however.


Fire breathing: Due to being born a dragon, she has the ability to breathe fire. Her fire is hot enough to melt steel, as demonstrated in episode 14 where she spits a ball of concentrated fire to break the lock in the cage she and her friends were held captive in by Zoey and the Cat Trio

Flight: Due to being born a dragon, her wings give her the ability to fly. In battle, she can fly to attack the enemy from behind, like in episode 14. The downside of this ability is that she cannot pick up objects heavier than her own weight in mid-flight. Example: Ruby carrying Jade.