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Ryder White's Squad are a bilingual military/police group that is commanded by Ryder White. The squad's missions are to stop crimes and save someone's lives. Their motto team motto is "It's no job to save lives it's a passion." However Ryder's personal Motto is "fuck off, we're full"


The squad consists of six people, who are very well trained; the Elite soldiers.

  • Ryder White - Colonel; Leader of the squad, he gives the commands and sometimes join the squad to carry out orders for the squad.
  • Larra - Lieutenant; larra is very skilled in Combat, He is also very intelligent. Larra is the brains. Larra's job is to find clues and uncover whatever mystery there is on their job. His job is also the same as the rest, "shoot the villains who shoot you, or to arrest the villans.
  • Martos - Sergeant; the point man of the group his job is to take point, break the doors down and investigate unknown areas, he is equipped with the shotgun incase he is caught in close quarters combat.
  • Yellow toad - Corporal; the grunt basically, his job is to stick close to his team, shoot or arrest any hostiles and cover his allies as they are either investigating or breaking locks. He's hardly ever on any jobs with his team.
  • Rosso - Private; The equipment man, his job is to hold the equipment and the camera to get footage of any bust they do, his job is also to cut into any squad member's video feed when ever the squad splits up. he is equipped with a standard issue side arm just in case.


They battle terrorists and common criminals, but as of recently they will have to survive from a zombie onslaught and battle supernatural creatures.

  • Terrorist organizations
  • Lawbreakers
  • Supernatural demons
  • Pissed off Germans