Samuel "Sam" Turner Slikk is Leopold's misbehaved, spoiled, and abusive twin brother in YumaSonic2016's AGK series.


Samuel is a bratty, spoiled, immature, rude, disrespectful, sometimes heartless teenager living with the Slikks. He is basically the Leopold of most typical AGK series.

He likes to call Leonidas very deroagatory terms like mentally retarded, disabled, handicapped, severely autistic, etc. He calls Leonard his spoiled brother, Leopold an edgy freak, and Stephanie a virgin ass hoe. Samuel also likes to follow Leopold and do dangerous things with him. Unlike Leopold, Samuel usually fails to get away and ends up getting punished and/or beaten by Leopold, Harold, Stephanie, etc.

Outside family, he often says stuff considered very rude and disrespectful to Leopold's friends. He calls Yūne a spoiled yandere loli, Yūya a delinquent samurai, Koharu a tsundere bitch, Francisco and Kaeru simps, iDubbbzTV a Joe Swanson wannabe, Serena "Kanna Kardashian", Nelson a fake gangster, Emma an emo thot, Pablo a crossdresser, Alexis an annoying girly brat, Melissa a virgin weeb, Andrew a spoiled fag, etc.

Samuel also thinks he's very smart, but gets bad grades all the time, but brags about how much worse Leonidas does at Special Ed.

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